Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dr. Chee's Freedom Walkers now under investigation will not face prosecution. You can count on it.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you know, a number of people who marched for freedom with Dr. Chee's SDP, at the last WTO/IMF meeting last year in Singapore are being investigated by the police for possible criminal offenses such as inciting violence and other preposterously false accusations. I can confidently predict that none of them will be charged with any offence. This whole exercise by the Singapore police, working at the behest of Lee and his governing ruling party is intended to intimidate any possible political protesters against their tyranny. They are hoping that this intimidation of these brave and admirable young men and women, who have dared to stand up for their rights, would make them think twice about ever going against Lee's rule, thereby stifling any possible threat to them.

Lee as you know, in his cowardly fashion, uses the Singapore Police Force, as an instrument of supression of the people's aspirations, to suppress political opposition to him. Therefore the Singapore Police Force, instead of upholding the Constitution and the Rule of Law, is used by Lee as a political weapon. The Police Force in Singapore are quite happy to carry out this dirty work for Lee.

Here what we see is a number of educated spirited idealistic young men and women who feel that they are being denied their fundamental rights by this Lee dictatorship. Unlike almost the entire population, these proud and honorable men and women decided that they, unlike the majority, who are afraid, are going to do something about it.

What they did was to peacefully march on the streets and distribute leaflets to the public alerting them to their plight in having to live in a dictatorship. Not in any country in the world, except perhaps Burma which is ruled by a military junta, would such an activity be considered criminal. Indeed, by all accounts, we would all say that what these young men and women did was an honorable act, a civic duty in asking people not to live as slaves. An act for which they should be commended. These men and women should be admired and honored for their actions which was a civic duty and a public responsibility.

Not in Singapore! Lee's cowardly regime which lives in fear of it's own citizens are threatened by the acts of these men and women. I say cowardly, because only a cowardly regime, would be so afraid of a handful of peaceful marchers, so much so as to initiate a criminal investigation!

And you may want to ask, criminal investigation for what? What criminal act did these men and women do? I understand that one of the accusations against them is that they incited violence! How much more ridiculous can this Lee administration be? How can a few peaceful marchers incite violence, by doing nothing more than marching and distributing leaflets?

I think by now, most of us know the disgusting cowardly modus operandi of this cowardly administration. The whole idea is intimidation. To instill fear in these men and women hoping that they will not, in the future, dare to exercise their fundamental rights and live in fear as the other ordinary Singaporeans who live as slaves in fear and submission. The Police demand of them to come to police stations where they are subjected to criminal interrogation and statements taken from them. They are made to do this a few times. During these investigations the police will threaten them with all sorts of punishment if ever they questioned the government again. While this police harassment goes on, the parents and the families of these men and women will perhaps dissuade them from taking part in political activity. In this manner, through fear, Lee and his banana republic hope that these courageous men and women will be sufficiently intimidated and will give up any future idea to oppose the tyrants. Once these people have been sufficiently harassed, the police will write, to them, as is their style, that this time they have decided not to prosecute, warning them not to do it again. End of chapter. This is how this cowardly regime in Singapore works.

I know this from personal knowledge. This is exactly what they did to me when I was in Singapore, as a treasurer for JB Jeyaretnam's donations, which he had received from the public. The investigation against me was an alleged offence under the House to House Street Collections Act, an entirely meritless accusation. I resisted any accusation and challenged them to charge me. At the end, the result was as predicted. When they saw that I was refusing to submit, they decided not to file any charges and give me a warning instead. The written warning was duly deposited into garbage, where it belonged.

This is what I will tell my courageous friends who marched for freedom. Do not give in. Do not confess to anything. Write your statements the way you want, explaining in full the justifications for what you did and be proud of it. At the end, these Lee's bully boys will dare not do anything. They are hoping that you will be thoroughly intimidated. Do not be afraid of these bullies. Instead, this episode should strengthen your resolve to increase the support for these political actions among other Singaporeans.

Stand your ground Singaporeans. Justice is on your side. You will prevail.

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