Friday, June 15, 2007

Singaporeans have no say on how their country is run.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Do Singaporeans realize that they have absolutely no say on how their country is run? On the one hand, the government is quite happy to impose all sorts of taxes and levies on their citizens. Income tax, road tax, parking fees, gst, HDB taxes, assessments, penalties, all sorts of road pricing taxes, and every other tax you can possibly imagine.

After taking all this money from the citizens, the Lee Administration do whatever they want with it, change any law, tax or levy anytime they want, use that money to trade around the world, and all this is done by them without giving you any account of it.

Let us take the trading around the world done with taxpayers money. The Singapore government linked companies trade around the world with tax payers money. They buy hotels in London, telecoms companies in Australia, office premises in India, and for that matter they do anything they want. Does it not strike any citizen of Singapore to ask, what right does the government have to do all this trading without the people's consent? Since it is the people's money, don't the people have a say in how that money is used? Doesn't the government have a duty to explain the accounts of these transactions to the people? How do the people know whether the government has in fact any money of theirs left? And the most important question is whether the money is being illegally stolen by Lee and his Ministers?

This state of affairs shows that the average Singaporean has no say whatsoever on how his country is run. He has no control over what laws will be enacted, amended or repealed and what new laws will be enacted. He has no control on what he has to pay in taxes and charges, now or tomorrow, what new acts will be criminalized, how punishing will the laws become, and whether or not life will become altogether intolerable.

Furthermore, since Lee controls the administration of Justice and the police, one cannot assume that he will not have him arrested on trumped up charges and criminalized thorough his corrupt judiciary.

In other words, no matter whether you are businessman, student or office worker, Singaporeans live lives completely at the mercy of Lee and his dictates. This is not a safe and secure life because Lee decides what happens to you next.

Think about it.

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