Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lee Kuan Yew appears to have shot himself in the foot. This time, once too often!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I say, Lee Kuan Yew appears to have shot himself in the foot. This time, regrettably for him, once too often!

You are all familiar, I am sure, of the routine silly nonsensical and very often arrogant remarks he makes about himself and Singaporeans. You will recall that JB Jeyaretnam calls him the "hatchet man". In fact JB Jeyaretnam's book on his political cases with Lee is called "The Hatchet Man of Singapore". Apparently Lee once said in Parliament during a debate that he carries a bag which contains a hatchet. If any opposition member dared to question him, he will challenge him to go to a cul de sac. You know what it is, a street which is closed at one end. Lee will choose a cul de sac, obviously to prevent his victim from escaping. There, in the cul de sac, he will draw his hatchet from his bag and finish his victim off. Hence, JB Jeyaretnam calling him "the hatchet man".

Lee has of course said this during Parliamentary debates metaphorically or figuratively. There was no real danger that he would commit cold blooded murder, but he did provide amusement.

Subsequently, he went on to call Singaporeans "digits" who are to be pushed around at his pleasure. This of course must have offended any red blooded Singaporean, if such a species still exists!

Then you recall, a few days ago, he had made a remark in Tatarstan, some remote unknown autonomous region of Russia that his main concern was political succession. For a moment one would have mistaken him for Fidel Castro, since only dictators worry about such things as political succession. In democracies, one would have thought that the people decide their leaders through parliamentary elections! Wait a minute, Mr. Lee! This is Singapore. Not the Democratic Republic of North Korea!

But the most idiotic nonsensical self destructive remark that he ever made was a direct quote from Machiavelli. He said, believe it or not, that if he had to choose between his people loving him or fearing him, he would prefer that they feared him! Good heavens! Well if that is what you want, Mr. Lee, you can have it. I am not afraid of you and neither will any Singaporean with one iota of pride left in them. We have decided, instead of fearing you, to hate you instead.

And in making such a stupid remark, Lee has shot himself in the foot. He has alienated even the handful of those who still have any respect for him. Moreover, anyone who has heard or read that you made such a remark, can only think that you must be deranged, or mad or both!

So, those supporters of democracy in Singapore should thank him for uttering such nonsense on quite a regular basis, as he has done. By displaying such arrogance and foolishness, he is furthering the cause of those struggling for freedom and democracy in Singapore and precipitating his downfall, which will come anyway, to arrive even faster.

So my dear Hatchet Man, Lee Kuan Yew, please continue making those silly remarks. Thank you.

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