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Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan disappointed on the embezzlement of funds from St. John's Home! Is it a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's Channel News Asia of June 23, 2007 reads "Latest scandal involving St Johns Home a disappointment: Dr. Balakrishnan". Is this not a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

First of all should we not ask who is the bigger thief, the thief who ran away with Singapore $3.88 million belonging to the charity St. Johns Home or is it Dr. Balakrishnan himself?

According to the official figures, the Prime Minister, the son of Lee Kuan Yew officially earns a salary, which Lee Kuan Yew himself decided he and his son should receive, is approximately US 3 million a year each. This is, as you know, about 3 times the salary of the President of the United States and more than the combined salaries of the heads of state of UK, France and Germany. This astonishing and disturbing fact is known publicly. Also the Lee Administration, as decided by the dictators Lee Kuan Yew and his son, have decreed that all their Ministers and their senior judges and civil servants should equally be paid mind boggling astronomical salaries of US$2.5 million each year. Among the lucky recipients of this ill gotten salary is Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, a Cabinet Minister who is paid, as I have said, US$2.5 million each year.

For anybody who knows of this theft of Singaporean's money by Lee and his ministerial gangsters, nobody will say that this is in fact a legitimate legal salary. Any politician who pays themselves such unacceptable sums of money can only be termed corrupted politicians or theives. Just because this Lee dictatorship conveniently calls this a salary, does not make it one. It is nothing less than unmitigated theft of the people's money.

Therefore Dr. Balakrishnan is a thief who steals from his people millions of dollars each year, before their very eyes. As mentioned, Dr. Balakrishnan's official salary is US$2.5 million per year. He has been working as a collaborator of this dictatorship for about a decade. At the rate of US$2.5 million per year, he must already have illegally accumulated about US$250 million or perhaps even more, money which he has illegally taken from the people of Singapore.

In the present case of St. Johns Home, we are told that the person responsible had absconded with Singapore $3.88 million. Knowing these facts, should we not be asking who the bigger thief is? Is it Dr. Balakrishnan who has been consistently, year after year, stealing US$2.5 million of money belonging to Singaporeans or is it this officer from St. John Home who had gotten away, mind you only once, with a sum of Singapore $3.88 million.

By any reckoning, the bigger thief is Dr. Balarkishnan himself, compared to this man from St. John Home, who is only small fry. Compared to the St. John Home thief, Dr. Balakrishnan is the professional master thief, with him, only an amateur.

It is even more disgusting to read what he says on the theft from St. John Home. He says "Young people need to remind themselves to do good for the less fortunate". Great words from a person who himself has no concern at all for the less fortunate. Perhaps someone should ask him first of all, how much good he himself has done for the less fortunate. Perhaps he should set the good example first, by returning the millions he has stolen from the poor of Singapore, and he should be asked if he would be prepared to work free of charge for the next 10 years to compensate for money he has stolen to date.

He then goes on to say, among other silly remarks, that he is very "disappointed" to hear of the theft from St. John Home. Perhaps the poor in Singapore who have to live on less than $300 per month in abject poverty should tell him that they are the ones who are indeed so very disappointed with a thief like him.

This man, Dr. Balakrishnan, who steals every day from the Singapore public, has the cheek to go on to give advice to Singaporeans, advice that they have to be vigilant and so on, blah blah. We should tell Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan thank you, but no thank you. We don't need your advice. We suggest that you first stop stealing from your own people. You first try to stop being a thief. Then you can advice us. Not now.

As to the man from St. John Home who got away with Singapore $3.88 million, I can understand why he stole the money. He may have told himself that if a Minister of State like Dr. Balakrishnan can steal everyday, sums exceeding millions of dollars belonging to him and other Singaporeans, perhaps he too should have a share of the loot. What he did was wrong, but in a country when all the government politicians from Lee Kuan Yew and everyone else is a thief, should we not have a little understanding for this man, who ran away with much less than Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan who continues to steal every minute of the day, before our very eyes?

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Mr Gopalan Nair. There are hundreds of people who have gone through hardship to achieve what they want in life. When u read yr profile....laugh medicine. didn't eat, drank only tea with no milk, didn't have money for laundry, walked to Franfurt, and you have literally mentioned the names of all cities. Are you crazy? you don't have to shout and tell this to the world. You are no longer a Singaporean are out and live happily. Fremont isa nice place. Drive down few miles and spend your evening in gold gate park or go to shiva vishnu temple in walnut creek and do some prayers. there are lots of good things to do in life my friend