Thursday, November 22, 2007

Letter from Johnson

"As we all know Singapore is a socialist state and being one, the government or rather PAP is supreme. Their words alone are the law; when they suggested the minister's pay rise, despite the public's assertions, it was implanted. Moreover with the government being emphatically about competition to improve quality, yet doesn't this apply for the civil service?

Yes to some extend i do agree that Singapore can pave its way to being an exemplary city by taken bold moves such as the pay rise, fact is we are already one as comparative to our ASEAN neighbors, we are much better off economically in terms of land ratio. And the inauguration of better salaries to our ministers to better compete with the private sector in terms of talent is a bold and dynamic move which the British have tried but failed.

But "competition" as per se, if we boost our minister's salaries don't we need to make sure they are the best? Think about this. In Philippines their leaders are constantly "fried" figuratively, yet in Singapore do we do the same? Our PAP have ensured a multitude of facets of propaganda in regard to the salary rise yet have they taken the appropriate steps to ensure that our tax money is not in vain by appointing the creme de la creme to be our ministers?

Today I overheard a conversation between two individuals who described the Lee family to be "saints" as if they were the martyrs of Singapore. However I implore to those who feel the same as the former, Think again. Then again do our government have the right to adjust their own paychecks? Why is there not a referendum in regard to it? In 1962, there was a referendum in regard to merging with Malaya, does this mean that the PAP has fully adopted an authoritarian rule?

By the way for the record they command a whooping two million salary annually now which is the same or even higher then CEOs of international companies such as GAP inc.

"Hmm I wrote this essay to an educational forum but had critical and not so critical views, I was wondering what went wrong as I am in the mist of brushing my argumentative essays for my GCE A Levels. Any comments would be appreciated.



Anonymous said...

You are asking if your government has the right....

Put it this YOU have the right to walk into your bosses office and take more money out of his pocket because you THINK you are the best and deserve a raise?

Much less, did YOU have a say in this increase?

When you think outside the box, you will see the box that you are really in.

Anonymous said...

The 1962 Malaya merger referendum was a big con job. If you have seen pictures of the actual voting options on the voting forms, you will discover that no matter which box you tick, Singapore was going to merge with Malaysia any way.