Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thoughts of death have become Lee Kuan Yew's constant obsession.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The state owned and controlled Singapore newspaper the Straits Times, just as the entire mass media is state owned and controlled in Singapore; has this story "Retirement means death, don't stop working: MM Lee" Jan 11, 2008.

In it Lee Kuan Yew says what he does to keep alive as long as possible. The trick, he says is to keep active and challenged with work. And to cycle, swim among other forms of exercise which he does. A sedentary life he says, will be the end.

Lee Kuan Yew is 84 years old. In September, he will be 85. We all become old and die. But in Lee Kuan Yew's case, he appears almost obsessed with thoughts of death. He fears death. He appears desperately trying to prolong life, as if every minute counts. He appears afraid to die! The question is why?

Fyodor Dostoevsky was a great Russian novelist. Among his books is the acclaimed "Crime and Punishment". The story is that of a young man who kills an old woman, a woman deaf dumb and evil. Evil because she was a moneylender in St Petersburg, his town, who lent money to peasants at enormous rates of interest. She had ruined the lives of many. But she was rich. The young man killed the woman and stole the money. He reckoned that killing her was no loss to society. She was an evil old woman. On the other hand, the money would help his family and send his sister to college. The benefit to society by her death outweighed the crime. So he killed her and took her money.

The young man, after the murder was progressively overcome by guilt. His conscience was killing him day by day. Eventually overcome by the sense of guilt, he goes to the police and confesses. And in confessing he becomes whole again. He is relived. The burden on his back is gone.

Dostoevsky's point is this. Man has to account to his conscience. And conscience is actually a living Hell, much worse than any Hell after death. I think in Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's case, he fears death. It is his conscience troubling him. He is afraid to die. He fears what lies ahead. He fears for his children; what will become of them. Will a truly representative government come about in Singapore? Will his children have to flee the country with their money. Will the future government of Singapore apply for their extradition to Singapore? Will they have to stand trial? Will they have to go to jail?

Then again it is the evil that he has done. What about his detaining Lim Chin Seong under the ISA, torturing him, his suffering under solitary confinement, his being injected with psychotropic drugs, the electric shocks, the beatings and the suffering that he endured for many years. Was it necessary? Was it for the good of Singapore? Or was it for himself?

Many others. What about the suffering of Chia Thye Poh the longest serving prisoner of conscience in the world! Why was it necessary for Lee Kuan Yew to punish a man so?

What about JB Jeyaretnam? What about Dr. Chee Soon Juan? Was all this done in the name of the Republic of Singapore or was it done for himself? What about the innocent men and women who were labelled Marxist Conspirators and tortured?

Is Lee Kuan Yew now, at the age of 84 suffering pangs of conscience? Is he the young man in Dostoyevky's Crime and Punishment?

This deliberate attempt to do all this for the purpose of prolonging life will have a negative effect. He is clearly afraid of death. He has created a situation in Singapore where the country is unable to continue upon his death. So he fears death. For himself. For his family and for his country.

In fact this obsessive fear on his part; in fact has the opposite effect. In his desperate attempt to prolong life even by the minute, his end approaches even faster.

As for any other man, I am sorry for him. Human decency requires me to say so. Poor man.

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Anonymous said...

Just how long more do you think this frail old decrepit man will last? Just look at him.He would have died years ago if not for the expensive medical gadgets inside his aged body. Mark my will see him on a wheelchair sometime later this year.His days are clearly numbered as an 85 yr-old octogenarian.You are correct. He does not need any more money nor power as he has them all.(He does not need sexy females as he has been asexual since the 70s)What he needs is healthy life itself. What he will give in exchange for another 5-10 years....a billion dollars (US) ?

Anonymous said...

I have been following LKYs frequent references to death in the last few years.
He has become obsessed with his own mortality. How many world leaders talk about their own mortality with such frequency?
This man fears death too much. He does not sleep well at night. He fails to realize even at this age that death is but just a breath away.

Anonymous said...

He fears death because he does not believe in a God,maybe he thinks he is a human-God and there can't be any one greater than him? What an arrogant egoistic unbeliever!He has cronies who are staunch Christians like Tony Tan and Georgie Yeo and Mah Bo Tan. They tried to convert him over but failed.Then his son LSYang also tried and also failed.He just refuses to believe in the after-life nor heaven and hell!
Maybe he will believe in the Buddhist reincarnation so that he can come back again 50-100 years hence to rule Singapore once again with an iron fist and $5 million a year for him? Any Buddhist PAP Minister or crony can volunteer to have heart-to-heart talk with him with a view to make him a Buddhist?
Death is such an equaliser...when he dies as he will eventually in a couple of years if not months, LKY the great billionaire with power somemore will be reduced to the same level as the rag-and-bone man in Toa Payoh struggling to make $4 a day for his meals!Compare this with the $14,000 a day which the State hands over to LKY as MM!
Next time you see LKY in public, look for the shadow of the Grim Reaper with his huge scythe hovering over him.But he may well rise up from the grave as he claimed he may do (does this mean he wants to be buried and not cremated?)and take up a new post in the PAP Cabinet as ZMM*

ZMM = Zombie Minister Mentor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr freedom-fighter!
Pl write about LKY visiting his old crony Suharto on his death-bed just yesterday.
Isn't it very telling? An old frail dictator paying his respects to a fellow dictator who stole billions from the State Treasury and got away with it.It reveals clearly LKY's thinking on a greedy fellow dictator corruptly amassing massive wealth from the State impoverising the general population in the process.Is LKY doing the same here in S'pore? The implications are obvious.Pl write on this as I can't express myself as well as you!
PS Could you tell us whether you get a lot of abusive and cynical comments from LKY/PAP lackeys?

Anonymous said...

"All man will eventually succumb to death" It is nature's rule. Old Man thinks he can avert nature's rule. Huge investments in biotechnology and stem cell research underlined focus on cloning &/or cryogenics extending human life or delay aging. No guesses to whom would be the 1st receipient? However, all organic cells have a "time clock" - cells grow [baby], multiply at an increasing rate [toddler-teenager], stabilized [adulthood-maturity] & then downward rate [old age-senile] predicating death.Despite research, this time-clock cannot be changed. Science aside, as man approaches death's door, he should aspire to the spiritual instead of material rewards. Everyone's favorite saying is "You can't bring your riches with you when you die". Old Man's rant about retirement is a moot point - he is still there because he is not comfortable of LHL's position - LHL is there because he is his father's son. He fears that if he is out of the scene, others will challenge his son's rule. It is not about retirement rather Old Man is "imprisoned" to his position by his own fears & gnawing hunger to hold onto power. His fellow ex-ministers moved on by relinquishing their posts, retiring gracefully & eventually "kicked the bucket" while he stubbornly hold on. His fears are what is keeping him alive. It is not gracious living but rather a sign of a senile strong-willed man refusing to let go. Retirement can be just as sweet as childhood if properly done. It is a period to clear out all worries, concerns & problems in order to live a simple & blessed life. Eastern religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism & Shintoism advocate an "emptiness" philosophy ie. meditation, keeping out impure thoughts & focusing on inner pure energy for sustained living. Harmony with nature is essential for this pure energy. Money & material things become less & less relevant as the emotions behind them hurts the living force - jealousy, envy, greed, fear, covertousness, etc. In short, it is to remain empty & pure which sustains the life force during this last phase of life. Old Man equates his post-retirement as continuing to collect millions of tax payers dollars and "to keep active and challenged with work. And to cycle, swim among other forms of exercise which he does. A sedentary life he says, will be the end" is extremely sad and misinformed view. At his age, taking this much money is next to useless while he continues to generate negative thoughts to keep dissidents like CSJ, JBJ, etc. at bay. He is creating bad karma for himself & his family. Rich people give away their money to charity & worthwhile causes at an old age because unconsciously, by doing so they generate good karma before they die & to ensure their family remains blessed. Also, leaving too much money to a family is a curse rather a blessing as criminals & rogues are drawn to the wealth. It also defeats the will of the next & subsequent generations to work hard & achieve success since there is no need to do so.

aisforapplebisformonkey said...

I can't comment on the state of his body but his mind is definitely withering. It is quite painful to watch him talk. He is unable to complete a single sentence without several long gaps of silence between every second or third word.

And that's just the pain of boredom, the pain of hearing him utter such contemptible words like how Sidarto is not getting the praise he deserves (for being one of the biggest mass murderers on the planet?) succeeds that even more.

He is not a man of compassion, his fear isn't just that of death but of the population actually finding out what horrors he has committed. Why else would he censor anything critical of him but for fear of people discovering the crimes he's committed.

Sure he's lead Singapore to great economic success, but are his ethical crimes really worth it.. to make a society more and more obsessed and dependent on material gains?

I really do feel sorry for him, a man with so little compassion must be deeply unhappy whatever the facade shows.

- said...

Singapore is now towards the second quarter of severe economic downturn. And the island is now infested with PRC who are masters of con jobs and prostitution.

As the US is now undergoing self repair and self motivation, I see Singapore at the loosing end of wait and see. The economy recovery is all about wait and see. How long can this last? It only reveals one truth, that the past years of growth were riding on other's big waves. No contribution from the LKY garment. If that is so, their self blowing of trumpet are nothing but lies.

What about some PAP top brass spending S$50k to just learn to cook? What about the ridiculous pay of many MPs for doing nothing?

There are Christians who are nothing but sinners. I see the foolishness of Tony Tan. He burnt 6 billion investing in Shitty Bank. There is no wisdom and no accountability. He is not a man of God.

Now is the time of big shaking. Its not just LKY. LKY has built a big network to control and to suppress. The island may offer some material comfort and what price an individual pays for such small convenience.

Let this time of big shaking show what Singapore will become.