Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lee Kuan Yew says, Singapore is losing about 1,000 capable people every year.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the state owned and controlled newspaper, the Straits Times, with a picture of his looking very grim, in their report of Feb 14, 2008, Lee Kuan Yew, the dictator of the one party state of Singapore says " S'pore losing about 1,000 capable people every year".

For a small country of 3 million people, a loss of highly talented people at this rate and such numbers; emigrating to Western countries permanently; means nothing less than disaster for the island state.

I do not think Mr. Lee needs to be reminded of the reasons for educated Singaporeans wanting to flee the island, but let me do it anyway.

The primary reason is Lee Kuan Yew himself. Today Singaporeans look upon him as a thief who steals from his people no less than $3.7 million a year which he calls salary; five times more money than the President of the United States is paid.

This theft is perpetrated also by all his family members and his chosen ministers. This is bribery and corruption at unprecedented levels unknown in the world; sufficient even to exceed that of the criminal Suharto and Mobutu of the Congo who stole the country’s diamonds.

Singaporeans hate his arrogance. He goes around the world making speeches to heads of state and captains of industry who are unaware of the real tragedy that is Singapore; deceived into thinking that since it has such a fine waterfront resplendent with glass and crystal office towers; that Singapore is one great success and he is the one who has made it possible.

Little do they know that in Singapore almost 40 % of the people do not pay any income tax because their wages are too little? Little do they know that there is widespread poverty while only the top of society, well connected with the government enjoy unimaginable wealth?

Singaporeans see him as a cruel ruthless heartless unscrupulous person who eliminates his political opposition with not a single modicum of human decency. A totally ruthless unscrupulous person; that is how people see him. And they hate him. They look at him not as gentlemen, but more as gangster. Even some gangsters have some sense of decency about them. He has none.

Examples are of course what he does to people such as JB Jeyaretnam and Dr. Chee Soon Juan. He knows that these men have not broken any law whatsoever, not maligned him in any way whatsoever; but had just engaged in normal political activity.

But because he is unable and incapable of challenging them in a fair debate, he gets corrupted judges such as Judge Belinda Ang to award false judgments, crippling awards of hundreds of thousands of dollars against them; with the sole intent of bankrupting them so that they cannot contest elections as bankrupts; and has them bankrupted.

Not only that, as long as they continue in their political activity, he repeatedly strikes, attacks with repeated defamation actions, like a black mamba of the African plains, repeatedly attacking his victims using his corrupt judges such as Judge Belinda Ang as the snakes with the deadly venom.

And what do you think Singaporeans think of him after this? Nothing more than a plain and simple shameless bully.

And how do you think young capable educated Singaporeans look upon the vital institutions of the country itself, the judiciary, the civil service, the police force and the professions after he has dealt with them?

He, Lee Kuan Yew has managed to discredit each of these institutions resulting in their total loss of all credibility and respect. Singaporeans can plainly see corrupt judges, paid astronomically high salaries which is nothing less than corruption; routinely using the law to eliminate his opponents. They see the politicized civil service giving favors to Lee's friends and cronies and punishing non supporters.

Singaporeans can see now that the country has already been destroyed by this man. No self respecting honorable young man would want to be a lawyer in Singapore; since it is not ability but political connections that decide success and failure.

It is not possible to excel in the law by hard work, since there is no longer rule of law. The law is what pleases Lee Kuan Yew. It is the same in every other profession, all politicized, all neutralized; all brought under the heel of this demented power hungry tyrant.

It takes a very dishonest young man or woman to want to remain in Singapore and succeed in a professional career, because it means sucking up to this man and his policies no matter how repugnant to justice and fairness.

Of course, in any society you have those who will do anything for money, but these are few. Such men would stay behind, join his party and sing his tune, hoping that in the end the goodies will eventually come.

But thankfully, such dregs of society are few. The vast majority of upright men and women want to succeed by themselves under their own steam; without any need for Lee Kuan Yew. The vast majority want to experience life, not the sheltered quid pro quo of life that Lee Kuan Yew has to offer. Any young man with qualifications would want to see how good he is in the open world where people are judged by their abilities, not because they are card carrying members of Lee Kuan Yew's party.

Singapore is now seen today by Singaporeans as a country with an arrogant gangster at the top talking down to his subjects; bullying his political opponents and suing them using his corrupt judges such as Belinda Ang; a country which no longer has the rule of law; no respectable public institutions and which has become a laughing stock of the world.

A country that prohibits chewing gum penalizes pornography but allows prostitution. A country that hangs petty drug mules but metes out a lenient 10 year sentence for man who chopped up his wife with a meat cleaver in the public in Toa Payoh!

There are those, less fortunate without tertiary qualifications, unable to leave Singapore, even though they detest Lee Kuan Yew and his government. But why should an educated highly talented person remain in Singapore; when if he spoke his mind in criticism of Lee Kuan Yew; he will be sued for defamation of character with trumped up charges and bankrupted. There is no need for him to take such nonsense. He prefers to be free, so he leaves for the United States.

Lee Kuan Yew is fooling himself in thinking that Communist Chinese from China that he imports in large numbers and some Indians from India can replace those native born highly educated young Singaporeans who leave.

Young Singapore born and educated, young men and women are vastly superior to these imports from overseas.

Firstly foreigners who come have no idea of the history politics and social culture of the island. They are only able to do jobs that they are told without any background understanding of the country itself like native born Singaporeans.

Neither do they have the loyalty or roots in Singapore that native born Singaporeans have. Their culture and outlook to life are completely different from Singaporeans.

It would have made no difference to them had they gone to any other country other than Singapore.

These foreigners, lacking a true understanding of the country, will continue to erode the effectiveness of the administration, until after a time, with almost no Singaporean administrators at the top, Singapore will change completely to become another third world Philippines or another Peoples Republic of Communist China.

If Lee Kuan Yew is serious about the welfare of Singapore, then he should stop stealing $3.7 million from his people every year; stop filing defamation of character lawsuits against political opponents; replace Judge Belinda Ang with honest judges; reverse the judgments against Dr. Chee and JB Jeyaretnam and return their money illegally collected in defamation of character awards and allow Dr. Chee to speak freely.

If you do all this, Dr. Chee Soon Juan will perhaps become the Prime Minister and if that happens, educated Singaporeans from all over the world will return to help and work for the future of Singapore. When Singaporeans leave Singapore, it is not because they hate Singapore; it is because they hate Lee Kuan Yew.

If you allow educated Singaporeans to speak freely, to interact freely, to think and debate and discuss freely without the fear of defamation actions and bankruptcy, you will be surprised to see what educated Singaporeans can do for Singapore.

It is quite certain that with your arrogance and greed, you cannot allow Singapore to become a democracy.

As you are 85 years old, not only will you die soon, but your son whom you placed as Prime Minister will fail out of incompetence and Singapore will be seriously damaged.

Alas, this is the fate of countries when rulers become greedy, stubborn and unscrupulous all over the world and throughout history. But what is worse is that the fall will be all the more precipitous in a small country with only 3 million people, without natural resources, without sufficient land or without educated people. They are leaving at the rate of 1,000 per year and increasing by the day!

Gopalan Nair
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Chiek said...

Dear Mr Nair,

The disgruntled breeds of Singaporeans are mostly educated overseas. The numbers are however still few compared with the passive Singaporeans that are told everyday that they live in the best country in the world with the best government that deserves all the riches that they have ascribed for themselves.

I lament with you that Singaporeans are superficial because they extol the beauty of mortar and concrete more than the intangible basic human rights of freedom of expression all are entitled.

Unfortunately, the Singaporean's desire to pursue a more egalitarian society has long been extinguished by the top-down elitist attitude of government. This top-down elitist approach has been so prevalent for as long Singaporeans can remember both politically and in most work institutions that it is now an entrenched culture in Singapore now.

The culture of power, money and more money are the only ingredients to a dignified worthy life, as role-modelled by the leaders, is constantly drummed into the minds of the people. Values of human decency, morality, fairness, humility, compassion and other virtues of an egalitarian society are relegated to second place and to be sacrificed if they become hindrances to Singaporeans’ climb to greater power and wealth and hence greater worthiness.

Old ideas that gambling in casinos is bad, or noisy dangerous sports like F1 racing despite the lack of proper space and facilities… should be overturned if there is money to be made and more money. With basic tenets of decency and morality thrown out of the window, where will the line be drawn then?

It is interesting that MM LKY paid respects at the funeral of deceased dictator Suharto who enriched himself while in power by looting the country billions and transferring them to European account. Would he can be reminded that riches or the ‘worthiness’ he had accumulated while in power, not one cent can he take with him?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Nair

Not bad a write up at all and I, would like to comment further.
Not all Singaporeans leaving are degree holders.
I have a diploma in Communications electronics and left Singapore in '89.
I have many ( over 50 ) friends here in Melbourne who are technicians, chefs and aircraft maintenance techs.
There is a real brain drain of people from these types of jobs as well.
I left because I was fed up wit LKY and the people he appointed as ministers.
LKY prides himself as providing the best education in Singapore. Why is it that once Singaporeans have finished their studies it is very hard to find a household that has a library, unlike in Australia. Singapore's education system has made people afraid or fed up of anymore studying. This system kills off ones imagination, creativity and a sense of being educated.
Singaporeans are no longer lThey wake up, go to work, come back home to help their kids with the homework and go to sleep. Very robot like. This is why Singaporeans were recently voted the worlds most unhappy people.
This is LKYs legacy.
He brought up his own kids in the same way and we now have an incompetent LSL who is the PM and all the other MPs who cannot think on their own.
What a sad state of affairs.
I'm very happy in Australia and Singapore will never be my home until the PAP is booted out of power.
The ministers have made many blunders but they know how to keep it under wraps.
Once everything comes to light many in the PAP will be spending time in prison.