Monday, February 4, 2008

Three quarters of Singapore as a viable state has been destroyed. Act now before it is completely destroyed.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew has managed to almost completely destroy Singapore’s continued viability as a state. Unless you act now, Singapore as what we knew would be completely destroyed.

1. Massive Emigration: As you are aware, for a small country like Singapore with a small domestic population of about 3 million, such massive brain drain of the educated and capable is hurting. It cannot go on like this. The reason being Lee Kuan Yew's turning Singapore into a dictatorship run by his family.

2. Lack of Rule of Law: With the misuse of the law to eliminate political opponents, Singapore cannot claim any longer to have the rule of law. This absence of law is hurting Singapore’s future as a business and trading center which requires the rule of law for public confidence in upholding contracts.

3. The dishonesty of lawyers: For a small country the size of Singapore with a legal profession of only 3,400, Singapore is known to have the highest number of lawyers stealing their clients money and running away. This is affecting the credibility of Singapore as a trading and business center. I have heard that lately, the state controlled and owned Singapore newspapers have decided no longer to publish cases of lawyer dishonesty.

4. Suicides: Singapore has about at least 2 people a day who take their own lives either by jumping onto oncoming trains or by throwing themselves off high rise apartments. Lately the state owned and controlled press have either stopped reporting such suicides or saying that someone fell onto tracks or fell off buildings. I have heard that they have decided altogether to stop reporting them.

5. Racial Discrimination: Even though the Constitution requires racial equality, Singapore Malays and Singapore Indians are discriminated by the Singapore Chinese. They are denied jobs with the requirement that applicants should know Mandarin.

6. Racial Discrimination in Housing: Even though the constitution requires equal opportunity in housing, the HDB where 99% of Singaporeans live discriminates against Singapore Malays and Indians by denying them the right to live areas of their choice. Singapore housing policy illegally requires segregation. Each housing estate should have 75% Chinese 15% Malay and 10% Indian. This is illegal and contrary to the constitution.

7. Racial Discrimination in the Peidu Mama policy: A peidu mama is a Chinese woman from Mainland Communist China, usually divorced, single mother is permitted to come and live in Singapore with her child. The child is educated at Singapore government expense while the mother or Peidu Mama ends up working in a massage parlor or in prostitution. This is done only for the Chinese because the Singapore government is determined to keep increasing the Chinese population in Singapore as a result of their falling birth rates so that the Chinese population will not fall below 75%. No such provision is allowed in the constitution. This advantage is only for Communist Chinese single mothers who wish to have a career in the massage or prostitution industry while their children get an education. As a result of this peidu mama policy there are recent reports that the number of prostitutes in Geylang red light area has increased exponentially thereby undermining the moral fibre of Singaporeans.

8. Massive poverty: As Singapore welcomes international bankers and other millionaires to settle in Singapore, there is about 5 % of the people who are extremely wealthy. Then you have another 30% or so government connected people who benefit with high salaries. The rest about 70% of the population hardly manage to survive. About 30% or so live in abject poverty in their HDB flats on porridge rice with salted fish eating under candlelight. They cannot afford to pay for electricity. The Gini coefficient states Singapore to have one of the world's largest income gaps between rich and poor. This explains why there are 2 suicides a day.

9. Money Laundering Center: Most everyone knows by now that Singapore is a money laundering center for the crooks of the world. These include Indonesian businessmen and Burmese drug lords. Which explains why Singapore has several thousand businesses in Rangoon (I will not call it Yangon).

10. Casinos: As a result of the Indonesians not having any more money, Singapore has decided to go into gambling as a source of income. This is going further corrupt the morals and decency of good Singaporeans. This will increase suicides from the present 2 a day to 10 a day.

11. Casinos without people's consent: For such a major change in policy of going into gambling, the people should have been consulted. They were not. There was no referendum.

12. Most educated and thinking people are outside Singapore: I do not wish to be presumptuous and will not include myself, but Francis Seow, Tan Wah Piow and Tang Liang Hong, and not including thousands or even millions of highly talented persons such as these are all outside the borders of Singapore. In the USA in Australia and elsewhere. These are thinking people. The number of thinking people in Singapore is greatly diminished. Singapore cannot survive like this.

13. Locating leaders: Any government who have to physically go around Singapore looking for leaders, who are perhaps reluctant to reveal themselves, round them up and appoint them leaders is surely in serious trouble. Singapore is in trouble.

14. No Cpf: Even though the people are entitled to CPF retirement savings, they are not being paid a cent because Lee Kuan Yew wants them to work until they drop. This explains why there are unusually large numbers of 95 year old men and women, who can hardly stand up, being put to work as table cleaners in HDB food stalls. I have heard of several actually just dropping dead while cleaning the table.

15. Annuities: Lee Kuan Yew has recently passed a law that requires Singaporeans to live until 85 before they can get any retirement savings. He is himself 85 and has threatened never to retire but drop dead while working. He is demanding that every Singaporeans do the same!

16. Foreigners: Most jobs in Singapore are given to foreigners because they accept lower pay. Singaporeans who are unable to survive on such low wages are given $200.00, a few pounds of salted fish and cooking oil and told to fend for themselves. With the money, they have to purchase candles which they need since they cannot afford electricity. Dickensian poverty of the poorhouses is nothing compared to what Singaporeans have to endure.

17. Speaking license: You need a license to speak publicly.

18. Assembling license: 5 or more people intending to assemble in public require a license.

19. No licenses to political opposition: Political opposition will not be given licenses.

20. No longer an English speaking country: It is not possible to move around in Singapore with English. The vast majority of people speak Mandarin. The Malays and Indians are left out.

21. Speedy defamation trials: Lee Kuan Yew's favorite tool to eliminate political opposition is to sue them and bankrupt them. If Lee Kuan Yew or his family are the plaintiffs, the outcome is known before hand. In fact recently Judge Belinda Ang awarded the case to Lee Kuan Yew in world record time of 5 minutes or so. From her private office, she called in Davinder Singh, Lee Kuan Yew's lawyer who entered her office. After 5 minutes she emerged, told Dr. Chee Soon Juan that he lost his case and had to pay $500,000.00 to Lee Kuan Yew. When he said he had no money, he was made a bankrupt on the spot and was immediately asked to hand in his passport. I understand this was the fastest ever defamation of character trial and the Guinness Book of Records is preparing an entry to their books!

22. No legal minimum wage: Despite spiraling costs Singapore refuses to legislate minimum wage. They say it is free market and it is up to the employers. So the employers conveniently keep lowering the wages which Singaporeans cannot live on. By the government permitting unlimited numbers of Bangladesh and Communist Chinese, these peasants are prepared to work for pennies. So they get the jobs. Singaporeans unable to cope end their lives or like the government says fall onto railway tracks.

23. Stoppages on train schedules: Each time a Singaporean jumps onto oncoming trains to kill himself the entire train system has to stop. The government is trying to find a solution to keep the trains running despite the suicides. They are not by the way, trying to stop any suicides.

If you are a Singaporean and reading this, understand the position is dire. You have to do something now before it is too late. Before Lee Kuan Yew completely destroys Singapore. Dr. Chee Soon Juan of the SDP is working on these issues. You can offer your help. You would be helping not only yourself but future generations from the utter destruction of the country.

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