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Was Mas Selamat Kastari assited in his escape? And by whom?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On February 27, 2008 Mas Salamat Kastari, an alleged member of the Jama Islamia, in detention at the top security Internal Security Detention Center at Whitely Road managed to escape. Did he manage it himself or was he given a helping hand?

I don't think anyone who knows anything about Singapore or it's prisons even for one moment actually believes that Kastari managed to escape himself. Not possible in Singapore unless he can fly, but he cannot. And mind you even if he can fly, he still will not be able to escape from this particular facility because even Fort Knox does not have the security that it has. To put it in 3 words, that place at Onoret Road is "Top Top Security" from which no one escapes, period. Regardless of the stories put out by the state controlled press of Singapore, such as " he escaped from the prison's toilet"! You can say that to the Marines! But you are not saying that to me!

How then did he manage it? If you consider the background facts, many possibilities come to mind.

The JI are connected to Al Queda. And being Arabs, they have money. Lots of it. And their reputation is being hurt by their number one man in JI being held in Singapore. So with their money, they are in a good position to try to get their man out. Their reputation is hurting with their Number one JI man in prison in Singapore.

Then we have the Gurkhas who are the main guards at that facility. Gurkhas come from Nepal. No matter how good their reputation is for integrity and loyalty, they come from a country where corruption is a way of life.You cannot manage to get anything done, even the simplest thing, without a bribe. The Gurkhas coming from Nepal are fully accustomed in these corrupt ways; even if they themselves are not corrupt.

Then we have the local Singaporean police and Internal Security Department Officers who are in charge. In Singapore corruption exists at the highest levels of government and is openly done. The Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew and his son, pay themselves $3.7 million a year, not counting the other millions being siphoned off from the profits of government linked companies such as Tumasek and GIC Singapore. Such corruption by the Lee family is condoned by the Singapore population.

With such a bad example set by the government ministers themselves, at the highest levels of bureaucracy, Singapore people have become immersed in corrupt ways. You have heard of Singapore lawyers being the most dishonest of lawyers anywhere in the world, with their constant running away with their clients money. Almost one lawyer a month!

Then we constantly hear of corrupt police officers, corrupt real estate agents, corrupt officers of charities, the biggest crooks being those in the National Kidney Foundation whose theft ran into several millions. Corruption is an accepted way of life for Singaporeans, such as it is for the citizens of Nepal.

So is it not possible that the following had happened? From 2006, the time Kastrai had been detained at the Whitely Detention Center, oil rich Arab financiers could have been talking to the Singapore police and ISD officers and the Gurkha police there; to see if they could bribe one or more of them to arrange an escape for Kastari, in return for a small bribe of say $3 million US dollars, to be paid into the bank account of say, Ram Bahadhur Gurung, a common Gurkha name, into his bank account in Kathmandu or perhaps Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles?

Or perhaps the bank account of Chua Mui Hoong or some other like her, ISD officer who doubles as the Editor of the state controlled paper the Straits Times; into her bank account perhaps in the Cayman Islands or Bermuda?

$3 million US Dollars is very encouraging and very persuasive for both the particular Gurkha officer or the corrupt Singapore police or ISD Officer; but a mere trifling for the oil rich Arabs.

This is what I think could have happened. It is impossible for him to escape from that detention facility. He was assisted, perhaps by a Gurkha. It is true that Gurkhas have an impeccable reputation for loyalty and integrity, but only so far. Yes, they served the British Army loyally and with distinction for over 400 years. They do so even today. But with the Gurkhas increased sophistication and modernity today, the question is, do they have the same loyalty for dictatorships like Singapore and for dictators such as Lee Kuan Yew.

I am sure every Gurkha just like most educated Singaporeans have only disgust and abhorrence for men such as Lee Kuan Yew who go around the island bullying his detractors. Singapore, they know, is not Her Britannic Majesty's Great Britain. The UK is a respectable country. Singapore is nothing more than a banana republic. So perhaps, a few Gurkhas had finally decided that Lee Kuan Yew himself should be taught a lesson by pointing out to him, that he is not so smart after all; took the money from the Arabs and will soon leave Singapore when their tour of duty ends for a life of luxury and privilege with $3 million dollars?

Could not some Singaporean like Chua Mui Hoong or some other ISD officer stationed at the detention facility have done the same?

In fact they could have not only carried out the escape; they probably also made Singapore look like an absolute fool. If you recall, the government had not made the escape public till 4 hours after the escape. Could not the Gurkhas and the Singapore police involved have deliberately done this so as to give ample time for Kastari to change from prison clothes; jump into a waiting car with his baggage; sped off to Malaysian border post with a false passport and quietly entered Malaysia en route to Indonesia. All easily in 4 long hours? And while Kastrari was already either in Malaysia or Indonesia, Singapore police have carried on with their desperate island wide manhunt searching under drains culverts manholes for the invincible JI leader.

And in fact, the Singapore police and army goons are still at it; with island wide manhunt, standing in the way of everyone and everybody going about their business; causing obstruction and annoyance; claiming to be looking for the elusive Kastari?

Had I been Kastari, safely in some village in Indonesia watching the hard work of the Singapore police, I would be opening a bottle of champagne and having a good laugh. But being a Muslim, perhaps he did not have that champagne, but nice good cup of coffee would be fine enough.

And by the way, should not Lee Kuan Yew, who does not trust his own Singapore police to guard him and his family; trusting the Gurkhas instead; perhaps now reconsider whether is it such a good idea after all; trusting these Gurkhas to protect them? If they could have possibly let Kastari escape for money, could they also not turn a blind eye if the Al Queda is minded to finish off Lee Kuan Yew? Perhaps for another small sum of $3 million US dollars? Lee Kuan Yew has to answer this question himself. I cannot do it for him.

And by the way, Singapore's octogenarian, Lee Kuan Yew, has written a book claiming it is a first world country!

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Anonymous said...

this is no doubt either an inside job or a cover-up.

firstly, a limping man turning into a running man and avoiding guards and a security system only happens in hollywood... but then again, singapore is a disneyland and the government and its agencies are the mickey mouse club... i'll give you one guess as to who is goofy.

a limping man would need help... inside job.

or, unless our minister or someone can show us how he got out or show some video to back their claim that he got out, who's to say he even escaped? in other words a cover-up of somekind.

eitherway, it was an inside job or perhaps he died in custody and the government does not want to say this because of ramifications that may happen with the JI. and eitherway, it goes to show that yes, there is corruption.

this whole operation was too "singaporean" think about it... why focus on one small area then stand down only after a day or two? it is not difficult to dragnet an island. why no helicopters in the air? it was all an act if you ask me. it was all an act for someone to cover their behind.

the longer you carry on with a manhunt, the more it stays in the news. i believe what is happening is that they slowly want you to forget about it. they want you to forget about it because either it is too embarrassing for them, or the guy is dead and they don't want anyone asking the tough questions.

mediacorpse has been dead on arrival with this story and only reporting what they are being told instead of reporting what people want to know. we don't care about his escape, we know he is gone. we care about how he got out, we care about convincing us he got out. we care about knowing who was responsible. we care about how fake passports can go undetected. we care about how a limping man can go undetected past guards... if he even did at all. and there are so many more questions that mediacorpse just does not ask.

personally i find it odd why he would escape the day his family was to see him? i mean, does not this strengthen the argument and add to the belief he is dead and the mickey mouse club had to come up with a story when they could not produce him to his family?

i could be wrong, but we'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, pigs can fly. It is a land of possibilities. Is it any wonder how Kastari escaped?

Anonymous said...

There are only 2 possibilities:
1. Selamat was assisted in his escape with the involvement of many officials with or without government knowledge, or

2. Selamat was murdered during a routine interrogation and his body will be "recovered" shortly and official version will be he died due to lack of water/food or he was mauled by an escaped lion from the Singapore Zoo (and Singaporeans will believe this)

Anonymous said...

Nice speculation: could happen anywhere else but not likely so in good old motherland.
Is it plausible that over-enthusiastic ISD personnel beat Kastari to death and the gov'mint is covering up by claiming he 'escaped'?
We'll have to wait to see if Kastari surfaces sometime.

Anonymous said...

It can be anything. All I know is that like that it sure is an awful shame as the SDP website said as to why no evidence was ever produced. At this point any picture of a hole in the fence or anything else is too late and I would have to consider it as being fabricated by the government.

It just seems odd, in fact very peculiar (notice the word liar in peculiar) as to why nothing regarding evidence was produced. If he is alive, it was an inside job. If he is dead, yes, they will find him and say he died after the escape sometime/somewhere.

At this point I would look for certain leeders to cash in on favors with other countries such Indonesia and ship his dead body somewhere outside of Singapore to make the cover-up (if it is) look more believable.

could be wrong, but this story, the way "happened" and how mediacrap is not asking questions really says it all.

Anonymous said...

So where is the limping video ? fairy tales from the press again ! too good to believe the reported story...stay tune for more absurb turn of events.. like MAS drowned while escaping across The Straits only found his shoes and underwear proven by DNA because some cock hairs belongs to him !

Anonymous said...

I don't think our dear PAP ministers will risk their own money loving ass just to cover up for a guard's mistake.

If I was WKS, I;d first fire the guard, fire my speech writer and squeeze the police commissioner's balls until they catch the guy and I can become Singapore's saviour, dpm and terrorist catcher.

Anyone remember who was the hero that oversaw the cable car accident rescue?

Anonymous said...

Up to today, Singaporean has been shut off the real true and one cannot ask the Government for proof to sustain what they have done and say.

All they do is to give excuse as the Minister Tharman just comment in the media telling the public to ignore what appear in the internet is different from the ground as evryone is calm and united in search for JI.True is none of us wanted to see anything happen to Singapore as a citizen.The goverment has fail BIG Time as this is National Security which in Directly the Heart of Singapore is being compromise.

All I can say we have inexperience high ranking in the various force but have not hand on exposure and experience which result of situation like this.All they are good about is arrowing and protecting their own interest instead of serving their duty with passion.

This young officer come in to sake thing up and only thier kaki will get into the good book and promotion.Whereas the old timer is being shaft around and make it difficult for them to continue their role and the end result this experience personal have to resign and move on to be taxi driver,bus driver ,insurance saleman etc.

With all this happening, the Minister concern should take responsibility to resign and instead of getting some crown to write in some nice message to cushion him ie this can happen to any countries,to forgive for the mistake and move on etc...
Even the media story seem to be protecting and sing the same song instead of bombarding real qestion on this issue.

Since this Mas is JI leader he must have good survival and escape and evasion skill.Never to be complacent and say he may not be a threat at this moment just because you think he has no arm or weapon with him.This is even more danger because you have no idea what he is capable of ie poison ,bichemical or some virus...anything that he has in place during his early day before capture.

Again we are listening to one guy call Rohan,Sri Lankan, base in Singapore that Head some political and terrorist research in Singapore.His remark are baseless and imaginative but he was on the front page addressing and giving advise to Singapore.Apart from WKS no other SPF or ISD etc personal make comments.Where are your duties to the public dont be chicken.If this Rohan is so good how come the issue in his own homeland and Tamil Tiger is still not solve."I guess is only when he make mistake he goes so Singaporean did not loose face because foreign Talent mistake".Or if is a Singaporean you are fire but given a consultantcy job in the same office same pay but getback pay...

Wake up Singapore you have too many sekola tinggi who have no paasion to serve the citizen but good money that what you are after.You make the most when you are appointed and if mistake you are given new role .Now that you are million dollar minister and suppose to be the best. what are you going to tell the public apart from the short story"escape from toilet"...

Anonymous said...

It is pure complacency if the security folks had put gurkhas to watch over a terrorist. Gurkhas are merely mecenary paid to do a job.They are not as committed when compared to the locals. High time all high security areas should be manned by locals and not mercenary. Salamat is not dead or killed but still hiding in Singapore.

Heads will rolled for this blunder

Anonymous said...

I'm from Singapore and the government in NOT CORRUPT! I'm pissed with your blog! And Lawyers do not run away with client's money EVERY MONTH; it happened only once last year or something like that.

Please read up more before posting stuff like that!

ams said...

I am a Singaporean living in the US. Like alot of fellow Singaporeans, I was not particularly patriotic nor was I content with the governmental climate there. That all changed for me after living in the US for almost 10 years.
Singaporeans might not like the fact that the same party have in been in control of our fair nation since we gained independence. Although distrust and misgivings of our government is rampant amongst the people, deep down, they KNOW we are a rich and advanced nation because of our ruling party. Despite our loathing of Mr LKY and his son, we would not be where we are today without their vision and policies.
We might not be the "land of the free", but we are a safe and wealthy nation. Free speech does not necessarily guarantee a better society. Good leadership, doing what is right for the nation and not backing down despite popular sentiment, is key to achieving that. And despite popular belief, PAP has done alot of good for our island nation. We, as a nation, are quick to call our ministers corrupt but all evidence points to the contrary.
I never appreciated my country until I now. The grass is not always greener on the other side...especially so for the laymen.
I stand by my country and my government. I trust they will make decisions that is best for the nation. You might not always like the decisions that they will make but if it is for the betterment of Singapore, then trust it. That is what is lacking in the free world...TRUST.

Anonymous said...

The truth about Mas Selamat escape was planned by the singapore and malaysia government. You can also say that it was a trap set by the government to lead him escape and leaked him to JB.
Reason: M'sia gov are worried if there's other JL members in the country, and it will post danger to their country, eventually the terrorist group will get stronger after sometimes. On s'pore site, government worried about JL's members in malaysia could have working on some harmful material the help to make the bomb and ship over to singapore land. in able for the gov to know who are the people behind the bomb resource in malaysia, so is to let mas selatmat escape from singapore, and track who he contacted in malaysia.... to be continue...