Monday, February 11, 2008

Singapore. The Chinese Communists among us.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Has anyone even for a moment considered the dangers not only to Singapore but to its immediate neighbors Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and even beyond, United States and Europe; resulting from the huge numbers of Chinese Communists legally living and working in Singapore!

We all know, and it is common knowledge that Lee Kun Yew continues to permit several hundreds and thousands, of Chinese from Communist China so that the Chinese share of the Singapore population will me maintained at 75%. He does this even though there is no provision for racial prejudice and racial discrimination in the Singapore constitution. In other words Lee Kuan Yew engages in racial preference for the Chinese illegally in violation of the Singapore Constitution.

The population of Singapore today stands at 4.5 million. Of these almost 1 million are immigrants from Communist China, all of them Communists, since the People's Republic of China like Singapore is a one party state. The difference being, in China there is only one party, the Communist Party and every Communist Chinese citizen is a Communist.

So can you imagine the situation in Singapore? There are no less than about one million Chinese communists from the People's Republic of China wandering around the island of Singapore and going about their work. Can you imagine the seriousness of the situation! One million Chinese communists wandering around, working and living in Singapore!

I know what communist ideology is. It is more sinister than you think. The communist ideology or Marxism is intent on making not only Singapore, but the whole world the Utopia that Karl Marx envisioned in his Das Kapital. In spite of the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Communism is very alive and kicking. And there can be no doubt that among these thoroughly indoctrinated and brainwashed one million of so card carrying Communists living and working in Singapore; many of them could be engaged in espionage counter intelligence terrorism and spying for Communist China.

So what are the ramifications? Singapore itself can be in serious trouble with large numbers of these Communists just going about their business with no checks on them whatsoever. They can infiltrate all organs of government, military and other sensitive areas of security. This infiltration by these card carrying communists in Singapore can mean a threat not only to Singapore but also to Malaysia, Indonesia and all the neighboring countries. They could easily for instance be obtaining intelligence on security matters to threaten the security of both Malaysia and Indonesia.

We are aware that the USA and Europe are very good friends with Singapore sharing military and security information. Are they not in danger of being infiltrated? Could not these one million or so Chinese Communists, officially get jobs in the defense industry in Singapore, obtain sensitive information and pass it on to the People's Republic of Communist China. Even today we hear that a number of Communist Chinese nationals were arrested in the USA trying to pass sensitive information to Communist China.

The Singapore government is playing with fire with legally permitting hundreds and thousands of these Chinese Communists safe passage to live and work in Singapore. It not only endangers the safety and security of Singaporeans; it endangers the safety and security of Malaysia Indonesia Thailand United States and Europe.

The American Ambassador in Singapore should look into this and consider whether it is safe? Safe to be living in the midst of one million card carrying Communist Chinese in Singapore. Is it safe?

Gopalan Nair
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Anonymous said...

All these communists should be booted out of Singapore.
They are here at the expense of the locals who have to bear the brunt of national service.
Strangely LKY goes on arresting the locals and terming them communists while at the same time opening the doors to a million commies.
It gets even stranger when you realize that non of us have ever protested this blatant abuse by the PAP.
Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gopalan for your insight.

Indeed, the United States and her allies risk being harmed from Singapore through the Chinese Communists residents in Singapore.

Remember Wen Ho Lee? In Singapore where there is a brain drain, Chinese Communists who are highly educated will definitely be hired by the Singapore technology firms. These Chinese Communists will be a great danger to the United States and her allies.

Anonymous said...

Gopalan Nair sounds paranoid about the Chinese Nationals. Even detect a hint of racist in him. He has a parochial view of the world which is becoming increasingly globalised. There are millions of foreigners living and working in China just as many Chinese Nationals in USA, EU, Australia etc. Has he forgotten that he himself is a shining example of a foreign talent made good in a new land? The new generation of global talent is well heeled, qualified and well travelled. I believe so long as the neccessary safeguards are in place for the sensitive jobs which are only open for citizens, there is no need to irrationally paranoid and target any particular race or nationality. Gopalan has to wake up to the new Global Village.

Anonymous said...

Blaming high HIV rates on Singaporeans going overseas???? How about blaming it on the high numbers of prostitutes or umm "foreign talents."

But then again, this is Singapore where we take the moral high ground and will not allow you to safely wank away with a copy of Playboy. We'd rather you go out and have sex with the thousands of prostitutes, sorry, I mean foreign talents at Geylang or in our massage parlors, karaoke places, pubs or discos.

Anyways, this is Singapore... to foreign talents, "Open your legs and we might have a job for you."

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that the mainland Chinese communists are potential threats to Singapore. I believe the Singapore govt is not stupid to allow its standing with the US and Taiwan to be compromised.

On the other hand, as an Aussie PR, I am more concerned about Chinese communists spies in my country, who are threatening their fellow Chinese migrants. As Australia is a free and democractic country, there are more reasons for the PRC to undermine this country's institutions as well as to stop Falungang and other undesirable elements from disrupting the interest of PRC. Luckily, we have a PRC diplomat, as well as Chinese political asylum seakers, who risk their life to escape/defect and expose some of PRC intentions.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous,

How do you know they are not threats? How do you know the government is not stupid? Why by the way are you anonymous anyway?

Gopalan Nair said...

To waterfalls,

You are missing the point. With such large numbers, nearly a million of Communist Chinese in Singapore, there is a danger, no matter what safeguards, of infiltration, sabotage, espionage and counter terrorism. For your infomation, every immigrant to the USA has specifically to reveal whether he is a communist. And if so, immigrant visas will be automatically denied. Whereas in Singapore one million communists are welcomed with open arms.

It is a threat to Malaysia, Indonesia and the United States. Of course it is also a threat to Singapore but is Singaporeans wish to do nothing, then there is nothing.

I have tried to grow up the global village but nowhere in the global village are one million card carrying Chinese living other than in Communist China itself. Embedded in Singapore. Very often literally.
Gopalan Nair

Sylvester Lim said...

Many Singaporeans assume that as long as you are yellow skin, the mentality is the same as the locals. These Chinese Nationals have been leaving under the communist rule for decades and their values are completely different from the locals. Who is the bigger racist by trying to keep the proportion of Chinese versus other races in Singapore? Taiwanese Li Ow once commented that Singaporeans are stupid. What he meant was that while academically, we are as smart as other industralized countries, as a nation, we are politically naive and led by our nose like sheep.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the so-called Foreign Talent, coming on GLC-sponsored scholarship from Indonesia.

The first impression was really mindblowing, to say the least. Everything was so clean, sterile, without any blemish at all. Just before graduation, I told myself to grab the citizenship at the first opportunity.

Working for a while, I suddenly feel the pain. I expect my Sporean coleagues to do better than I am, getting the job in some GLCs or else. However, in fact some are not too lucky so as to end up selling Chicken Rice right after the university. Mind you, this is not the path they voluntarily opt for, this is the path out of necessity to pay their bills!!

This has been a big turnoff for myself. What good is it to be left out by your own government? What kind of country is this, to welcome and treat the foreigners better than their own children? Until this kind of policy changes, I do not foresee myself taking citizenship of this country

Anonymous said...

While there could be communist spies in Singapore, the vast majority are likely just economic migrants, people looking for a better life and paycheck. Mainland Chinese never did believe in communism, traditionally Chinese are family based shopkeepers/merchants. Communism is just a name now, getting rich is the real ideology. As Deng Shao Ping said, 'What difference does it make what color the cat is, as long as it catch's mice.'

In a recent interview Lee Kuan Yew replied to this question: "Are you saying this will be China's century?"

A: "No, no, I don't think so. They will want to share this century as co-equals. By 2030, it will be a different world. They won't invade Taiwan and try to take over militarily. That would be far too costly for them all over the world. The U.S. Pacific commander said, "Look, you've got all these forces trained to knock off our 7th Fleet and if Taiwan declares its independence you will have to move. I would be quite happy to leave it as it is, but not Beijing."

"In my opinion, Chinese leaders would also be happy to leave it as it is. Taiwan goes to America to get its technology, which then transits to China. If they take back Taiwan, it becomes Chinese without the same freedom of access to U.S. technology and research labs. So why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? The Chinese are quite comfortable leaving Taiwan the way it is." end quote

The point being that it is in China's interest to co-operate with the western countries and continue to be a part of the global economic villiage, just as the Japanese, Korean's, Taiwanese and Singaporeans are.

The WWII German and Japanese methods are now too dangerous, total military conflict with nuclear weapons is a no-win proposition.

LKY is a totalitarian bully but he is not stupid, his spy departments are not about to let state and corporate/branch plant secrets be stolen. The old man will do everything in his power to keep Singapore Inc. strong.

How stupid is a country like Canada to let the Chinese build a University/College in British Columbia? You think there could be some potential for spy activies there??? Canada has alos let in large numbers of Chinese.

Gopalan Nair said...

to Anonymous of Feb 17, 10.48 am,

You say, "while there could be communists in Singapore". Is one not enough for a national security catastrophe?

If they are all just economic migrants, why then are there arrest of Communist spies in the US almost every day? What were they doing, making money?

You say Lee Kuan Yew is not stupid? Then why is the suicide rate 2 a day, emigration of several thousand as year, and no babies at all, and with the CPF account bankrupt? Is this not stupidity? Why do you think, I chose to live in the the US and not Singapore? Lee Kuan Yew has destroyed Singapore through his incompetence. If you think he is smart, you are in for a suprise.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California

Anonymous said...

Sir Gopalan Nair,

Why, Singaporean still want to lay on this useless pieces land, rather to flee to obtain their successful vision.

I think one way or other’s still due to the traditional Singapore
Laws in few decades,
which is the
“2 child for 1 framily scheme”

that cause most Singaporean being old-aged population.

And those who already has family may also effect them from leaving.

so Lee invited more
Chinese may partly help to establish more fruits since soon
stem will rot.

I don’t think is to maintain Chinese space rather just
that more China see opportunities at Singapore to gain more money,since they are communist community.

Those most commonly crime done by China citizen is probably prostitution,drug or hacker society which normally not a officially worker,they just leave when their jobs are done.

Lee just being boldness rather than being meticulous about everything since what come first have to be done.

The part I agree will mostly be Lee Kuan Yew have no intention to lead Singaporean rather treating Singapore as a business opportunities and soon Singapore will be abating.

-I agree he is tyrannic
and Belinda Ang is injustice.
and Singapore can be better if Lee can end their misdeeds.

This explain my Idea of ALL!!

Anonymous said...

I am a PRC Chinese living in California and deeply resent This Indian racist. He will be marked for life.

Gopalan, should you return home, prepare to face the worst nightmare of your life.