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The continuation of disorderly behaviour and hurling insults case, whatever that means.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I continue in Court 6, Subordinate Courts, Singapore at 9.30 am on Monday July 28, 2008. The story continues from the last blog.

I am writing as time permits. I have been in court nearly every day with either this case or the Blogging case, having to work on them, leaving little time to report. As time permits, I write these blogs. Apologies to not being to be more immediate in the reporting. But rest assured, it will be done.

I reported in my last blog, on the previous day of trial that I had objected to the presence of Investigating Officer S Vikneshwaran sitting in Court during the proceedings because in Dr. Chee Soon Juan's previous cases, a valid objection was raised with the Investigating Officer sitting in court and then being observed to leave the court room and found to be coaching other police prosecution witnesses who were yet to testify, enabling them to tailor their evidence against Dr. Chee to secure convictions.

Today the Prosecutor, Mr. Peter Koy Su Hua, started the day by making a lengthy but regrettably useless and time wasting speech by explaining in detail that it was not proven in Dr. Chee's earlier case that the police in fact misbehaved in this way, but regardless, he will agree not to allow the Investigating Officer S. Vikneswaran not to be present in court while he is not testifying and to instruct the Police Officer Thien not to indulge in such illegal activity by listening to the evidence in court and then going out and telling the other police witnesses who are yet to testify, what was said.

Next, I objected to the prosecution' list of witnesses. There were supposedly several witnesses, all police officers, except for the doctor who already testified. Except for their names and they speak English, nothing was said in it as to what their role may be. I understood from other cases that the list should not only state their names and language spoken but also the gist of their testimony. I do not know if this was another dirty trick played by the Singapore Government prosecutor's office to obtain criminal convictions against political opponents of the government, but upon my raising this objection, Mr. Koy Su Hua did state orally what their roles will be, but I am still left without a written statement of their particular roles.

Next, Senior Staff Sergeant Kang Wei Chien takes the stand. He claims to be part of the policemen who arrested me on the day in question and the leader of them. He claims to have been in the Police Force for 15 years etc. He goes into a narrative. He says together with others he conducts anti crime patrols to collect information and basic investigation. He says he and his men will dress in civilian and not police uniforms, they will be in marked police cars and sometimes on foot, they go in a group of 6 policemen and such general stuff. I had asked the court to dispense with these background on the duties and practices of the Singapore Police Force, not wanting to write a theses on it, and come straight to point with the incident of my arrest, but the court permitted this totally irrelevant background information which served no purpose other than to waste everyone's time.

As background to this blog post, a leading question is one that tends to elicit a particular answer, such as "The defendant stole the purse, did he not"?, since it is almost certainly result in your witness saying "He did". Such questions are disallowed in cross examination. The prosecutor with this witness was almost repeatedly asking such leading questions to which I naturally objected. Mr. Koy then tried to justify them by saying they were "specific questions" and not "leading questions". To that, I pointed out that I have never heard the term "specific question" in the law of examination of witnesses, to which the court took no issue and the examination of Mr. Kang, the police officer went on.

Finally Mr. Koy, the prosecutor decided to come to the point of the actual case, namely the claim that I behaved in a disorderly manner and insulted police officers on July 4th, 2008, at about 9 pm at the junction of Race Course Road at Little India and Bukit Timah Road.

Kang, the police officer claims that he went on patrol to Race Course Road with 5 other police officers. He claims they were in two marked police cars, with him and another policeman Seargent Azar in the leading car and the others in another car some way behind.

Kang, the police witness says that his task was "to look for suspicious characters" and "also to visit such places like pubs and clubs to look for trouble makers as there are lots of fights at closing time".

He claims Seargent Azar was driving the vehicle, sitting on the right (Singapore has right hand drive vehicles) with him on the left front seat.

He claims that at about 10.30 pm, his car on Race Course Road drove to the traffic signal lights at the junction of Bukit Timah Road and stopped at the junction, being the first car at the junction, the other police car with the other policemen being a few cars away.

The prosecutor Peter Koy Su Hua then proceeds to refer him to some photographs which were taken at the scene. I naturally objected to him testifying on the photographs as the law requires the maker of the photographs to testify in court on their authenticity before anyone else can give testimony on them. Peter Koy's argument, ingenious but without basis nevertheless, was that he should be allowed to testify on them, and if subsequently it is proven that they are unsubstantiated, his testimony can be ignored. I objected to this argument. I demanded that the photographer be produced first to confirm their authenticity before Kang testifies anymore on these photographs.

Court agrees that photographers be called before any further testimony by Policeman Kang.

Mr. Quek Kim Nguan, police photographer takes the stand. An elderly man who does not know much English. To the question from Peter Koy Su Hua, he confirms he took the photographs.

My turn to cross examine him. He said he took the photographs of the street on July 22, 2008.

To the question from me "Do you know what a junction is?", his answer was "traffic light junction". Again to the question "do you know what a junction is" he says he cannot answer. He did not know the meaning of the word "junction". On the whole, it was clear that the poor man had hardly any English. Since the pictures did appear to show the scene, it was not necessary to make too big an issue of this man. He was released after testimony.

Next came another police witness Staff Seargent Tan Kim Kiang, a photographer, as well as a scene of crime officer, specializing in taking fingerprints. This time he took photos of the 2 police vehicles in question. He said he took photographs of the 2 police cars, a set of which I had been given. He said he took the photographs at the basement parking lot of the disused market at Little India and that he took fingerprints on the car. He then says he sent the fingerprints to the Criminal Investigation Department for results and that they "were unable to confirm that the fingerprints were mine" because, listen to this, "they don't have any records of the accused person"!

Another ingenious mind boggling statement by a government desperate to defend the indefensible. The long and short of it was that there were no fingerprints on the police car, and if there were, they were not mine. Someone else who hates in Little India at the time who hates the police like many do, may have decided to "knock" the police car and scoot off. Instead of that " they come out with this gibberish that "they were unable to compare any fingerprint with the accused person because they don't have any records of the accused person". The simple point of it all is that they cannot prove that I ever touched any police car, keeping in mind that their contention for stopping me was that I had touched their police car!

July 29, 2008/ Court 6/ Subordinate Court

Senior Staff Seargent is seen by Mr. Yap Keng Ho, another civil rights activist who happened to be in court that Mr. Kang, the police witness was in the court eavesdropping, while the 2 police photographers were testifying, from the from within the witness room, since according to Mr. Yap, this was possible. Mr. Yap is in court and I ask that he be permitted to testify as to this wrong doing.

Mr. Peter Koy Su Hua, the prosecutor objects on the ground that Mr. Yap was not in the witness room at the time, second that Mr. Kang was within the witness room and never came out and therefore there is no basis for him to say this. According to Mr. Yap however, it is possible to do this since the witness room is not sound proof. I inform the court that Mr. Yap has proof that this has happened in other occasions.

I then ask the court, Judge James Leong Kui Yiu sitting, that I be permitted 5 minutes to speak to Mr. Yap who is in court. Application to do so is denied.

Mr. Peter Koy Su Hua then addresses the court claiming that I have made unsubstantiated allegations against police officers of the Singapore Police Force, that this is part of my defense and that he hoped that the Judge would direct me not to make unsubstantiated allegations against policemen again. The judge then asked me not to make unsubstantiated allegations to which I replied that if I have personal knowledge of some fact, it is not unsubstantiated and I ma entitled to complain if that is the case. Matter was left at that.

I now cross examine Mr. Tan Kim Khiang, the witness who is a police photographer and a scene of crime expert who took the fingerprints.

There is some unintelligible testimony from his that my fingerprints were not found on the car because they did not have records of my particulars even though I was arrested that very night and my fingerprints were taken at the police station. When people who want to hide the truth usually end up with gibberish and that was what he was saying. The judge made no attempt to clarify his nonsense ordering that whatever he said made sense. It may have made sense to the judge, the Singapore prosecutor bent on prosecuting Singaporean dissidents but certainly not on an rational bystander. We have just to leave it that there were no fingerprints of mine on that police car regardless of whatever fairy tale reasons there may be.

Mr. Kang, the police officer then gives evidence from the witness box (the stand). Mr. Koy the prosecutor now tenders a sketch plan of the scene and asks Mr. Kang to testify as to the position of his car in the plan. Of course I object. Koy is trying the same trick he did with the photographs. Again the rule is when a person has made a plan of a sketch place or scene, if anyone else is made to give evidence on it, the maker of the plan has first to confirm that it was he who made the sketch plan. Mr. Kang, not having drawn the sketch plan has no authority to give evidence on it without this. Court upholds my request.

Wednesday, 3oth July 2008/ Court no. 6/ Subordinate courts/ Trial continues

Mr. Koy Su Hua now wastes time again. Since the last time the court sat, today, he produces 2 cases heard in the Singapore High Court apparently to prove that the sketch plan can be admitted in evidence merely to be identified and someone other than the maker can give evidence on it, and if subsequently it is proven that the sketch plan is false, we can then ignore the earlier evidence! All this even if it is very easy for him just to call Mr. S Vikneshwaran to court and confirm he drew the sketch plan! And he takes about half hour or so to give large explanations of what he thought this case from the court even though I have never heard of these cases before and this is then first time that I have been handed copies of this case! And what is more these 2 cases are lengthy and consist of nearly 200 pages of small print about matters that have nothing to do with criminal law at all! They are shipping cases, where contractors had negligently repaired a ship!

Naturally I object to this time wasting. To this totally irrelevant case to prove a point which is totally unnecessary when all they had to do is to just call Mr. S Vickneshwaran to court!

You would have thought the judge would have put a stop to this nonsense. Nothing of the sort. Mr. Koy is permitted to make his academic pedantic but totally unnecessary rendition of what the law was. The case he refers to is Jet Holdings vs Cooper, both the High Court and the Appeal case. Naturally I ask for sufficient time to read the lengthy case, but the judge allows mew only 30 minutes to read nearly 200 pages in fine print about a complicated shipping case and not only that, understand it!

So Mr. Koy stands up to start his long academic speech as to what the law about whether the court can rely on a document even without calling the maker of it to prove it. And to everyone's surprise, at the end of that totally unnecessary speech, he says that he admits that the cases he has referred does not entirely prove his point and that if necessary, he is prepared to call the maker of the plan, Mr. S Vickneswaran to confirm that he did it!

After all this, I point out to the court that firstly, the case actually confirms the rule that in the case of documents, the maker of the document has in fact to be called to confirm its authenticity before it can be used as evidence! End of jet Holdings vs Cooper and any reference to it. Mr. Koy after all is prepared to call Mr. S Vickneshwaran to testify!

The Court now calls to the stand a man who wishes to be known as S Vicki. Mind you, this is not his name at all! He says he is S Vicki. He states that he wrote the sketch plan of the scene.

It is now my turn. I ask him what is his full name. To that he says it is Vikneshwaran son of Sockalingam, which in Singapore is written Vikneshwaran s/o Sockalingam. Viola, finally we have now found out his real name, which he and others like him in this case were so desperately keen to conceal. He is a Tamil of South Indian descent. Not very educated and appeared grateful that he has a job as a policeman in the Singapore Police Force for lack of any better.

Mr. Vickneshwaran s/o Sockalingam now leaves and back comes the prosecutor to continue his examination in chief of Mr. Kang.

Mr. Kang refers to the sketch plan, where he was in the sketch plan and the layout of the junction of Race Course Road and Bukit Timah Road.

Mr. Kang says that his vehicle stopped at the first line of the traffic line junction, as the signal was red. In other words his was the first car at the traffic light junction. He claims he heard a "continuous and loud" knocking sound on his car while he and his driver Sergeant Azar was in it, and saw a "male Indian walk past his side towards Bukit Timah Road". "Sergeant Azar and myself made a quick check on the left hand side of the car to see if there was any damage". "The male Indian's back was facing us. Sergeant Azar shouted at the male Indian "Hello Sir" "Hello Sir" for a few times, and at the same time we were walking towards him but there is no response from the male Indian". (The language is not grammatically correct, written verbatim. Mr. Kang does not know English well) he claims his intention of approaching the male Indian (me) was to ask him why he knocked his car and to take his particulars so that if the car was damaged, he "he will have someone to fall back on".

Mr. Koy's examination in chief of Mr. Knag continues. He says when he reached the male Indian (me), he touched me, Sergeant Azar touched me on the shoulder. Mr. Kang then claims, I shouted back "Who are you?", "think you are all policemen, so what?", " You all policemen go and do your job and go catch thieves, don't bother me, I have done nothing wrong".

To Mr. Koy's questions, Kang says he showed his police pass and that he verbally told me that he was a policeman. He than claims he asked for my particulars and that I said I had none, and that I had shouted expletives at him. Kang then says he asked me why I knocked his car. He then says that I shouted to the Malay officer that he is a "Malay bastard". He then claims that I had had accidentally knocked his car (although how a man can accidentally "continuously and loudly" knock a car is mind boggling).

To Mr. Koy's question, Kang then says that while shouting I was "gestilating" with my hands. Not knowing the English word, what he meant to say that I was gesticulating with both my hands!

Now he says something very strange indeed!. He says that 2 uniformed policemen appeared at the scene from Tanglin Police Station saying that they received a 999 emergency call stating that there was a "dangerous man" in the scene and asked him whether I was attending to him? Not being sure, Mr. Kang asks the 2 men from Tanglin Police Station to check with their Operations Room!

It is now my turn to cross examine Mr. Kang the policemen. You will see how incredible Mr. Kang's testimony is!

Nair: Are you saying someone knocked your car many times correct?

Kang: Yes. I did not say many times. I said "continuously" and "loudly"

Nair: When you said "continuously" what did you mean by that?

Kang: I said someone knocked my car continuously. It means continuously. I cannot tell how many times. That is why I said continuously.

Nair: How many times is "continuously"

Knag: I do not know how many times and I do not wish to commit myself.

Nair: You were in your car at the time of the incident on the 4th of July 2008, is that right?

Kang: Yes sir.

Nair: You say your car was knocked "continuously". Why is it that you cannot even guess how many times?

Court: Interjects.

Nair to Court: I am entitled to cross examine this witness on this material point. This is a question that goes to the root of this case. I am entitled to ask this question as to why he cannot state even a guess as to how many times his car was knocked even though he was in the car. I am asking that I be entitled to put this crucial question to him.

Koy Su Hua, the Prosecutor objects to my question on the ground that the question has been asked and answered.

Nair to Court: Koy's objection is invalid as this is cross examination and the accused is entitled to full opportunity to defend himself in a criminal case where the burden of proof is on the prosecution on the basis of proof beyond reasonable doubt.

The point here is this. Kang says he was inside the car. He says he heard his car being knocked continuously and loudly. Yet he is not even prepared to say how many times was "continuously" even though according to him, it was not only "continuously" but also "loudly".

Nair: Was the continuously knocking on your car by someone; was it a very hard knocking or a very slight knocking?

Knag: I wish to state that I cannot tell whether it was hard or soft knocking because I was inside the car.

Nair: I realize that you were inside the police car. From the inside, did you hear a loud knocking, slight or what?

Knag: It was a "loud" " continuous" knock.

Nair: If it was a loud continuous knock, did you turn to see who was knocking your car?

Kang: I turned and saw the accused walk past my car on the left side.

Nair to Court: I am asking the court to for assistance to advice the witness to answer the question because witness is refusing to answer it.

Nair: let me ask this question to you again and please answer the question. I am not asking whether anyone walked past your car. I am asking whether when you heard continuous loud knocking on your car, did you turn to look at who it was?

Kang: I did turn and I saw a male Indian walk past my car.

Nair: This continuous knocking on your car about which you claim you are unable even to guess how many times it was, even though you were in the car, and even though it was loud as you state, for what period of time did the continuous knocking last? Was it 1 minute, or 2 minutes or 5 minutes?

Knag: I do not know how long it was because I did not have a watch to time how long it lasted.

Nair: I am not asking for an exact period of time. For example if someone had asked me how long have I been in this court today, I can guess perhaps 10 minutes? Coming back to you Mr. Kang, even without a watch, how long do you think the continuous knocking lasted?

Kang: I do not wish to commit myself to the timing, as I do not know.

Nair: You are a police officer.

Kang: Yes.

Nair: Do you know that it is a criminal offense under the Penal Code for someone to continuously and loudly knock a police car?

Kang did not provide a response.

Nair: Was that male Indian that you claim walked past your car running away?

Kang: No he was walking past my car

Nair: Did you see me continuously and loudly knock your car.

Kang: I did not see you continuously and loudly knock your car.

Nair: You say that you saw a male Indian walk past your car. Did you see that male Indian continuously and loudly knocking your car?

Kang: No I did not.

Nair: Why is it that if someone continuously and loudly knocked your car, while you were in the car, you do not know who it was?

Kang: Your honor, I never saw, how do I know who it is?

Nair: Are you trying to say that you are inside a car; someone knocks your car continuously and loudly. Why did you not turn to look who it was?

Knag: When I heard someone knock the car, I only saw the male Indian walk past the car, and therefore as such I cannot see who knocked the car.

Nair: I put it to you that your claim that someone knocked your car continuously and loudly is a figment of your imagination.

Kang: Your honor, what is a figment?

Nair: I rephrase. I put it to him that you are lying about someone continuously and loudly knocking your car

Kang: I disagree

Nair: Put to him that if someone continuously and loudly knocked his car, he would have known who it was.

Kang: I already said I did not see. I disagree.

Nair: if someone had continuously and loudly knocked your car, you would have immediately arrested the person

Kang: I never saw who knocked the car. When I turned the knocking already stopped, the accused already walked past my car.

Nair: Do you know any reason why I would want to continuously and loudly knock your car?

Kang: I do not know why and the accused should know it.

Nair: Can you imagine why someone would want to knock a police car with police markings continuously and loudly and just walk beside your car? Can you imagine why someone would want to do that?

Kang: I do not imagine anything in this court. I only tell the truth.

Nair: Can you not agree that if someone were to knock your car continuously and loudly for no apparent reason, which is incredible by itself, would you not expect that person to run away, instead of leisurely walking past your car?

Court: Disallows question. Orders that I move on.

Nair: Do you have any reason why I would want to knock your police car continuously and loudly?

Kang: I do not wish to commit myself because I do not know that.

Nair: After the continuous and loud knocking you said you came out to see if your car was damaged.

Kang: Me and Sergeant Azar made a quick check on the left hand side of the vehicle.

Nair: How long did your examination of the car take?

Kang: I cannot commit myself how long it was.

Nair: Was it 10 mins, 15 mins, 20 mins, how long?

Kang: I do not want to guess or imagine things in this court.

Nair: You are not prepared to say how long the examination took.

Kang: I already said I am not prepared to commit myself.

Nair: Is it because you are refusing to do so or unable to do so. You are duty bound to answer questions.

Kang: I am unable to do so as I do not know how long it took.

Nair: Are you saying that while you were checking the car, this male Indian was leisurely way

Kang: yes.

Kang then says that he had to check on the vehicle first and later to call out to me to ask if I knocked the car. He says that while he was checking the car the male Indian continued to walk away. He said the male Indian was walking to Bukit Timah Road. That when Sergeant Azar started calling out "Hello Sir" the male Indian was a distance from us, that he cannot tell what the distance was. He cannot tell but it was 20 to 30 meters away. He repeats that the male Indian walked past his car but did not see him knocking continuously and loudly. He repeats again that he did not see anyone knock his car. To the question that if indeed the male Indian had walked 20 to 30 mothers toward Bukit Timah Road while he was stationary at the traffic light junction, being the first car, the male Indian would have been in the middle of the Bukit Timah Road and would have been knocked down by a car and died, his answer is now that in his opinion it was 20 to 30 meters. He then says it could have been 10 meters.

I had put it to him that he had no probable cause to have stopped me on that day. I put it to him that he had instructions from above to look out for me and have me arrested. I put it to him that I have not been charged for knocking anyone’s car. He admits that he never saw me knock the car and that his purpose was to conduct a search and to question me on whether I knocked the car.

He says that Singapore police can stop anyone for a consensual conversation. That if the suspect is suspected of having committed an offense, they can check on him.

He admits that none of them were in police uniforms. He claims that he cannot say that Race Course Road and Bukit Timah junction is a crowded place on July 4th 2008 at night because he does not have any statistics. He refuses to answer the question. I put it to him that perhaps the male Indian did not stop because he thought that perhaps the calls of "Hello sir" were from thieves and gangsters, to which he says he cannot comment as he cannot speak on behalf of other people. He disagrees that the location at that time is a crowded place. He then admits that he never identified himself as police officers at all but later changes to say that he identified himself later.

I put it to him that I thought they were gangsters and thieves as they were in civilian clothes and did not identify themselves. I put it to him that I had no obligation to respond to any questions in those circumstances.

Case continues in Court 6 Subordinate Court 9.30 am on Aug 6, 2008. Future dates are August 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 2008.

See you there if you want too witness the proceedings.


Anonymous said...

Nair: I put it to you that your claim that someone knocked your car continuously and loudly is a figment of your imagination.

Kang: Your honor, what is a figment?

Nair: I rephrase. I put it to him that you are lying about someone continuously and loudly knocking your car

LMAO, you are so bad ass

Anonymous said...

you're awesome

Anonymous said...

The newspapers in Europe report that Robert Mugabe, the dictator of Zimbabawe is currently in Singapore undergoing medical treatment. They also report that
China has advised him not to visit
Beijing for The Olympics inauguration.

I bet he came to Singapore because i) no other Western country would welcome this 'butcher of Zimbabawe' except Singapore ii) It is rumoured that he has stashed billions of dollars in SE Asian banks, probably in Sinagpore?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your frustration with the Singapore Government, but please try to write clear prose and use proper grammer.

It's incrediably hard and tedious to follow your argument and reasoning when it's written poorly.

Anonymous said...

One would expect a police officer to have keener senses and be able to estimate time especially in situations where alleged offences are being committed. The police officer Kang seemed to lack of, or perhaps be questioningly lesser equipped with those basic fundamental qualities that i feel any law enforcement officer should have. I agree that the police force of Singapore are not quite at the top of their game yet. Disappointingly, the defence teams in Singapore have been a major let down recently. I wish you all the bestfor your case which i feel isquite unecessary to begin with considering the lack of evidence against you.

Anonymous said...

Can you update us on how USA help your case in Singapore ? Did they give warning to Singapore just like what they did to Malaysia on Anwar?

Anonymous said...

He then says he sent the fingerprints to the Criminal Investigation Department for results and that they "were unable to confirm that the fingerprints were mine" because, listen to this, "they don't have any records of the accused person"!

Mr Nair Sir you are smart lawyer and they do this to you imagine if it was a layman - Sinkapore Stinks!

Lee Regime must collapse and Singapore can prosposer!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to keep us public posted on the "wayang" SPF and Lee Junta are capable of!

You are dead right - they are all out to "fix" any apposition whether Gopalan Nair, Ah Kow or Ahmad!

They want the cake all for for themselves lah!

Anonymous said...

Give them hell esp since you are an educated man!

They the ruling regime think they can turn and make us Sinkaporeans morons but not G Nair!

Well Done

Anonymous said...

"Koh Eng Ann, 49, who received a Public Service Medal in 2005 for his volunteer work, admitted on Monday to forging almost two dozen phony payment claims while he was chairman of the Jalan Kayu Constituency Sports Club."-

He was a GRC Leader - why was not his case blown up in PAP TImes ????? It involves public funds!

Whereas G Nair is persecuted like he committed murder, adultery and forgery???????????????????????

Anonymous said...

To quote Charleton Heston in the movie 'The Planet of the Apes': "It's a mad house, it's a mad house!"

Good luck with the morally bankrupt bureaucrats.

Anonymous said...

I can conclude that Gopalan might indeed be my childhood super hero "SUPERMAN"... who can continuously & loudly knock a police car, and fast enough to WALK pass the car within a blink moment of an alert policeman (please don't claim that he might be tired and fell asleep at that moment).

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Indeed it looked really ridiculous on the Singapore Home Team. Already since Mas Selamat's escape had the Hometeam looked bad. Now it's worse.

Wished there was a voice recording like CSJ vs Lee's case.

Nevertheless, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. You have my support.

Hang in there. The righteous will claim the day.

Anonymous said...

Assuming the continuous & loud knock lasted 1 sec and Gopalan took 2 seconds to WALK pass the police car, then it took total of 3seconds for the police officer to react by turning his head to observe the situation.
With this sort of "quick" response by an alert policeman on duty, I think MAS Selamat could have done his pee + poo his shit of the day before making the toilet escape.

Anonymous said...

It is just my conviction that when things are wrong, and if there is anything I can do to put them right, then I should do that. I think every citizen should feel like that. It is a citizen's duty.- Quote from JB Jeya

Well Done Nair Sir!

Anonymous said...

Did the US issuing warning to Singapore Government for your case since you are an Americian citizen.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a "sham trial", he told reporters:

Whether I am denied bail or not, the campaign on by-election for the Permatang Pauh seat, which he intends to contest, will continue, with my songkok and sarong on my behalf" Mr Anwar said w/determination!

Keep that same spirit of determination against the Lee Junta - May God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Big Time NKF swindlers TT Durai and Richard Yong who even skipped town with wife gets jail sentence "shaved off" due to "good behaviour" and mind you they are criminals! Cheaters of public funds!

What load of rubbish is S'pore Laws and lawyers!

Anonymous said...

You have my support my friend. For a country whose opposition never won majority of the seats in the government for 43 years of democratic independence, it is appaling.

Anonymous said...

"See you there if you want too witness the proceedings."

For a laywer, an American one at that, your grammar sure is atrocious.

It absolutely beggars belief. Almost as though this post isn't of your own doing...

Anonymous said...

It's interesting, and ironic too: for everything that you despise about Singapore [e.g. the biasedness of the judicial system and the media], you literally embody it with your publication, i.e. this blog. But it is your right to express what you feel, and fair play to you then.

Anyway, to those people who think that all Policemen of the Singapore Police Force know what Gopalan Nair looks like, and that they have 'specific methods' of dealing with/engaging him, let me just say this:

not everyone knows what he looks like [the case isn't even given that much publicity in the first place], and...

there are other more pressing concerns to address than one solitary ranting blogger.

Good luck Gopalan Nair [since you like to address people by their first name so much, I shall do the same to you].

Unknown said...

You have my support and admiration. By the way, I find it very educational too as someone who isn't a lawyer would be taken advantage by the prosecution and court if they weren't aware of the proceedings.

Anonymous said...

Super reporting, GN. From all the witness hesitancy and outright prevarication (which any judge worth his salt ought to have instantly stamped hard on), we now know beyond doubt that the S'pore police force is staffed by educationally sub-normal retards.

It's clear that them that can, do. Them that can't, well, they join the police. Heaven help us all.

Anonymous said...

@Anon Tue Aug 05, 01:32:00 PM PDT:

"I appreciate your frustration with the Singapore Government, but please try to write clear prose and use proper grammEr.

It's incrediAbly hard and tedious to follow your argument and reasoning when it's written poorly."

Here's a little word of advice. If you intend to correct someone else's English, be sure your own is impeccable. Otherwise you run the risk of looking extremely stupid yourself.

Anonymous said...

Chicken shit you celebrating your birth country's national birthday? George Bush is in Beijing enjoying the Olympic games. Think he cares about one "American citizen" insulting the judges and police in Singapore and try to get away with it? Save your strength and plea guilty and ask for mercy instead, you arrogant chicken shit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir

I just happen to stumble upon your blog. No offense to you but can i just ask what really on that fateful night. Those policemen were in plain clothes and in normal civilian cars right.
Did you knock on their car?
If yes did do it on purpose?

Anonymous said...

It is so apparent that the police officer is lying through his teeth.

Not an honest person at all.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you, anon.
Can't you see it is just a typo error-pressing one extra o.

Anon said"

"See you there if you want too witness the proceedings."

For a laywer, an American one at that, your grammar sure is atrocious.

It absolutely beggars belief. Almost as though this post isn't of your own doing...

Anonymous said...

The examples below taken from the British Columbia, Canada, 'Basic Security Course' show that using basic western law: If a police or security guard did not actually see the suspect commit the act then they cannot arrest or charge the suspect for the crime.

In your case, the officer admitted he did not see you actually hitting the police car with your body, therefore you should not have been charged.

The Singapore justice system by bringing you to their court is demonstrating to the world that they are corrupt and that the rule of law is not upheld in Singapore.

British Columbia law states:

"The most important rule about your power of arrest is that you must find the person committing an indictable offence.
What exactly does this mean?

To find someone committing an offence means that you must actually see the person doing an action that breaks the law. You cannot just assume from other events that a person committed an offence.

Example 1
You hear the sound of breaking glass, run to investigate, and see a person standing by a broken window?
According to CC s.494(1)(a), you would not have enough grounds to arrest that person.
Example 2
You are watching a someone stand next to a store display. That person walks quickly away from the display. You notice that an item is missing from the display.
To lawfully arrest the person for theft, you must have actually seen them take the item and leave the store without paying for it. You cannot jump to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it obvious - the futility of it all? the trial of a singapore dissident in a singapore kangaroo court? It's like expecting a falungong activist to thumb the noses of commie tyrants in china and go on his merry way. I can bet my last dollar that gopalan will not triumph in this case and that the pap stooges will do their damnest to shut him off for good, short of killing him. Having said that, as a citizen of this sad excuse for a democratic country, I feel ashamed to say the pledge on national day but not putting my action where my mouth is; that i have to depend on an ex-citizen to show me what freedom, democracy and human rights really entail.

Mr Gopalan Nair....thank you Sir. Rest assured that your sacrifices will not be in vain. Many more are starting to see the light and forming their true opinions about lee kuan yew and his scoundrels.

Anonymous said...

What load of UTTER RUBBISH??

I thought LKY took a flight to Beijing to view and support the Olympics Oppening - where was he???

Look at all other world Leaders including President Bush and wife who gallantly stood up, waving their team in support

Ironically when S'pore team marched by not a single S'pore Leader was there to support not even so called EMPEROR LEE WHO TOOK A FLIGHT THERE???????????

Why waste tax payer's money? Where then was he?? Why did not any S'pore Leader show any support???

What a disgrace! This is Stinkapore Leaders! Only collect monies but no support or work???? Talk big no action!


Anonymous said...

[b]A VERY VERY WELL WRITTEN QUOTE: At 84, the fire still burns!” - thought for the day[/b]

[quote][b]"At every step of the way, Lee Kuan Yew treated all his allies as pawns in his political game, to be used, abused and discarded as he deemed fit."- [/b][/quote]by Ng E-Jay

Anonymous said...

Did you write to your so called President Bush? Clinton helped Michael Fay, who was a true blue American, unlike you.

Anonymous said...


"Can you update us on how USA help your case in Singapore ? Did they give warning to Singapore just like what they did to Malaysia on Anwar?" - [Tue Aug 05, 05:05:00 PM PDT]

"Did the US issuing warning to Singapore Government for your case since you are an Americian citizen." - [Wed Aug 06, 06:57:00 PM PDT]

"Did you write to your so called President Bush? Clinton helped Michael Fay, who was a true blue American, unlike you." - [Fri Aug 08, 11:09:00 PM PDT]

LOL! How does ANY of that have any bearing on or connection with the subject at issue???
Have you absolutely nothing to say about the details of this pathetic trumped-up case as reported by GN above?
No pertinent comment or nitpicking criticism however desperately hard you rack your brain?

I guess that settles the matter and truly demonstrates how barren your cause is when you seek to defend the indefensible.

You ought to consider signing yourself off as boh liao in future.

Anonymous said...

No matter what anyone can say Mr Nair Sir- just stand up for your values and principles!

Don't let the Lee Junta take that away from you!

Unlike some cowards I see in this comments blog - you are one hell of a hero!

Give them hell! PAPee will have to pay for their sins for all what they are doing!

Sitting in the drizzle at NDP w/wo raincoats - all big bunch of clowns and hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

How come no report of your trial in the Straits Times? They don't have enough reporters, huh?

Anonymous said...

so many witnesses, so much time wasted on a simple case like this. i rather be sentenced to a day's jail or fined.

a total waste of tax payers money, this sort of case would have been settled in a day or two but it is dragging on purpose. i guess they want you to be sacked from your job in the US and be a bankrupt and not able to be funny anymore.

i thought our judges are efficient and fair. from the looks of it, they are now looking more like kangeroos now.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need to plea when the Government suppose to be the Public Servant to serve our needs?

Isn't that why we voted them ?

Anonymous said...

TTDurai's Release for good beahviour???

[quote]And at 10.43 am – almost 5 hours for Shah – out stepped THE man from a distant building within.

Gone was his immaculate jet black hair. In its place, a salt-and-pepper crew-cut, on a visibly thinner frame.[b]TTDurai's Release for good beahviour???[/b]

So what signals of values are the PAPee sending to the Public - ie you cheat public funds you can get sentence shaved off as well???????

Anonymous said...

"Not very educated and appeared grateful that he has a job as a policeman in the Singapore Police Force for lack of any better."

So you mean to say [but not explicitly, of course], only those not very educated and those unable to find better jobs become Policemen then?

Anonymous said...

Singapore wheel's fortunes change with direction.

The direction of the Singapore Flyer has been reversed for "a six-figure sum".

Officials in Singapore have changed the direction of the world's biggest observation wheel because feng shui masters said it was taking good fortune away from the city, a report said Saturday.

The Singapore Flyer, which opened earlier this year, had originally revolved so that it rose to face the business district and went down overlooking the sea, the Strait Times newspaper said

Such a waste of monies??????

Anonymous said...


Yesterday in Court 26, after he was charged with the 2 aboves, Mr. M Ravi told the judge that he had no food since the night before, and was not given any food nor drink at Cantonment Police Complex where he was arrested and detained, he had been hungry all the way until he was in court. The lock-up's mata gave him a tea after that.

Why so? Because they wanted Mr. Ravi in IMH before dark and not want him in Cantonment Police Complex........

Read true details :

Anonymous said...

[quote]Arrested M Ravi had no food at police station and charged before investigation completed
Source: Uncle Yap[/quote]

Lee and Co will have to pay for their sins done to Oppositions AND VERY VERY SOON!!

Anonymous said...

Join the Exodus, the fall before 2040 is imminent.

If I were you, I'll just enjoy my life as an American citizen or any citizen of a real free country for that matter.

That's my life's goal anyway.

Anonymous said...

Cocky S.O.B LKY singing the same old tune about voting for PAP Junta against Oppostions and top Division One Leaders!



Anonymous said...

singapore's foolish judge is Justice Choo han teck.

he ruled that all mentally retarded girl can now be raped !!! reason is justice choo said in any rape trial, the testimony of the complainant is vital in establishing whether or not the sex was consensual.

a sad sad day for the protection of mentally retarded girl in singapore,

Anonymous said...

singapore's foolish judge is Justice Choo han teck.

he ruled that all mentally retarded girl can now be raped !!! reason is justice choo said in any rape trial, the testimony of the complainant is vital in establishing whether or not the sex was consensual.

a sad sad day for the protection of mentally retarded girl in singapore,

Anonymous said...

Mr Gopalan Nair,Mr JB Jeyaratnam and DR chee truly share's the platform for the voice of the oppressed people in singapore.In,case of MR Ravi,he's indeed a proficent legal counsel,he has proven it on many occasions.But to create constant chao's at the place of worship like a Hindu temple and a mosque are truly unacceptable.He had use vulgar lauguage on devotee's and mocked at how the prayers being conducted in a religious place.I have never come across any opposition polticans be it JB jeyaratnam or DR chee to act in such a manner.Infact,this people are well respected by all people of different races.what,Mr Ravi did that day,could have easily escalated to something ugly.

Last,but not least Mr Nair,you certainly grilled the policeman to the point,that he will having nightmares of u when he go to bed...well done...May God be with U

Anonymous said...

oi why so quiet? Blog la! you cannot be that busy can you

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bring in more FT - they very smart milk in both sides from thier mother land and foreign land - very very rich!

We citizens become succours thanks to damn PAPees!

Anonymous said...

FT-They do not offend or piss off their own very native motherland citizens by and large and yet get quite a handsome rewards from the Singapore Govenment in Cash-As for citizen of Singapore, we lost the Gold but save the couple of ten thousand dollars which are squeezed from our blood and sweat money we paid in taxes, erp, gst or whatever channel to the Govenment.

think they will die for Singapore. Think hard again, PAP

Anonymous said...

If this case is not handled well, it may reveal yet again the contradictions and weaknesses in our law enforcing agencies.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Other alternatives to "'s Alfresco Coffee Shop" at Delphiforums are also:

Otak's Kopi Tiam


Sam's Coffeeshop II

Go with the one you find comfortable.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what was LHL's point but my Pr 5 son can do filming from his HP too!!

Refering to NDP special effects???

Pay so much salary to do cheap show???

As for Mr Ravi - Papees will pay for the sins!

Anonymous said...

To quote Matthew Heintz, LMAO.

This is your funniest post to date (save perhaps for the Belinda Ang J one).

Heehee I wonder how the judge would have explained "figment" to Staff Kang.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone in Singapore expect an independent judiciary when Lee Kuan Yew himself declares that he is "The Hatchet Man of Singapore"

Anonymous said...

When will Singaporeans live in the democracy that Lee Kuan Yew envisaged when he said, "But we either believe in democracy or we do not. If we do, then, we must say categorically without qualification, that no restraint from any democratic process, other than by the ordinary law of the land, should be allowed.

If you believe in democracy, you must believe in it unconditionally. If you believe that men should be free, then they should have the right of free association, of free speech, of free publication. Then no law should permit those democratic processes to be set at nought, and no excuse, whether of security, inconvenience to traffic, or inconvenience to police officers, should allow a government to be deterred from doing, what it knows to be right, and it must know to be right. ....... - Lee Kuan Yew Legislative Assembly Debates, April, 27, 1955, vol.1 cols. 59 - 60. And taken from Chapter 3 "Salad Days", of Francis Seow's excellent book "To Catch A Tartar"