Thursday, April 9, 2009

Congratulations Kenneth Jeyaretnam

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My tribute to Kenneth Jeyaretnam

Gopalan Nair
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April 09, 2009 By Air Mail

Kenneth Jeyaretnam
The Reform Party
18A, Smith Street
Singapore 058932

Dear Kenneth,

I congratulate you for your courageous decision in joining the Reform Party. You have chosen the honorable path by this action. There is no doubt this momentous decision that you made was not for any personal gain but to do the right thing for the people of Singapore. Singapore today is a one party totalitarian dictatorship which is a far cry from what it was meant to be in 1963 when it broke from colonial rule.

I have personally known your father throughout the 1980s when I was his colleague in the Worker's Party. He was an honest man, passionately committed to democracy in Singapore. Sadly he did not live long enough to see the fruits of his struggle.

With this vindictive government in Singapore, I have no doubt that this is the beginning of your troubles. I am sure you too are fully aware of it. If you stood by your principles to fight for Singaporeans rights, to use Churchill's words, you have nothing to hope for but "blood toil tears and sweat". This is how, this small minded government goes about it's business to stay in power. At least this is how it must be in the immediate future. But I am sure, in the end, if you have the courage to stand your ground, without faltering, without wavering and without baulking; in the end you will be vindicated. I have no doubt in my mind of it.

The memory of your illustrious father lives with you and walks with you. That memory alone which is vivid in the minds of all Singaporeans will cause many to join you and the political opposition. Your attraction is also your admirable qualifications as an economist.

You are walking the righteous path. You have my admiration and respect. I have no doubt that you will succeed. I wish you success.

Yours sincerely,

Gopalan Nair


Anonymous said...

No doubt those in power are furiously digging up the Income Tax returns and anything else to uncover some dirt on him. It is called PAP vacuum power!

Renaldi said...

The PAP spies on its citizen and resident.

Not only electronically but using psychic as well. The terms used is remote viewing. Just be aware of this your mind or mine is not even private to those scum in power in Singapore.

So don't be afraid. Really. PAP is not worth fearing off. Men that cheat to stay in power are not worth fearing.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness LKY is not the only one with a son following his footstep.

The only trouble is that LKY's son will never be tested and will forever be under the shadow of his overbearing father.

Kenneth will be tested by fire. No doubt he will be compared against his father, but this will be his fight, his style and his values.

PAP has a 2nd generation opponent. The millionnaire ministers better watch out how they FIX this man.

Very Sad said...

Lee Scum Yew is one that never play by the rules but breaks them.

However, there is one rule that he will never be able to bend or break, no matter what.

The Rule Of Nature, DEATH!

Given his present condition and age, soon, very very soon.