Sunday, April 26, 2009

Singapore. Correction and editing to "A legal system disgraced. The case of Miss Lim Hong Eng, executive director of Shin Min Daily News"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Some corrections and details are necessary from my last post on Miss Lim Hong Eng.

First, the rider of the motorcycle and pillion were not Malays as I had earlier said. The rider was David Jermais Pattiselanno, probably an Italian expatriate by the name who was 70 at the time of the accident which was New Years Eve, 2006. His pillion who died was his Indonesian maid, Melania Melianiawati, who was then 24 years old. Had she lived, she would have been 27 now. Mr. David Jermais Pattiselanno has been out of the hospital and now walks with a permanent limp. I do not know whether he is still in Singapore.

I had said that a person committing her crime could have been jailed for more than 5 years. This is incorrect. It appears the maximum jail time for this offense is 5 years in prison.

Miss Lim's actions were more serious than I thought. The accident occurred at the junction of Dunearn and Whitley Road. Pattiselanno's motorcycle was stationary along Dunearn Road waiting for the light to change. When the light turned green he rode ahead. Miss Lim failed to stop at the junction and ran a red light while she was speaking on her cell phone with her left hand to her ear. She was not paying any attention. Her vehicle struck Pattiselanno's motorcycle permanently in injuring him with a permanent limp and killing his pillion the 24 year old Melianiawati.

Miss Lim was convicted of dangerous driving causing death. For this the Singapore appeal court sentences her to 1 day in jail and $2,000.00 fine!

Had she done this in California, she would have been convicted of homicide not amounting to murder which carries a long prison sentence. As I had said, being a friend of Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore, she is immune from punishment for any crime. It is justice, Singapore style.

I beg your pardon for the correction and clarification.

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Renaldi said...

Hey only a S$2,000 fine? and 1 day jail. That's bloody cheap. SO all I need to do to kill someone in Singapore is to run them down on the street provided the driver knows LKY.

Gary: He said to me at the lift lobby 90% of the exact words - ”Mr Tan,if you walk out of here tomorrow,you might get killed.You might meet with a mysterious accident,you might disappear and nobody will know what happened to you! Mr Tan, some things and people in this country you cannot offend! Some people are above all things! You better make sure you know this! Mr Tan,we can arrange for things to happen to you.You understand or not!”

QuitterInChina said...

More like a peck on the cheek than a slap on the wrist to me.