Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lee's PAP may imprison Dr. Chee Soon Juan and SDP leadership during elections! Watch out!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a fear which I have to say. You know the Tak Boleh Tahan trials are now going on. The illegal arrest and prosecution of 19 peaceful protesters who cried out against rising food costs in March of last year. You have heard also of the possibility of elections being held in the immediate future, with Lee embarking once again in illegal gerrymandering; boundaries being re-drawn so as to ensure a PAP victory once again.

My fear is this. Since Lee Kuan Yew will do anything he wants without even an ounce of shame, will he arrange things in such a way so that the 19 SDP members and sympathizers of which Dr. Chee Soon Juan and SDP leadership among them find themselves in jail during the electioneering period, which would mean that they would find themselves incapable of doing anything for their election candidates. As Lee Kuan Yew no longer cares what anyone thinks of him or his actions, he could simply say that the sentencing of these defendants and it's timing was the decision of the judges and he had nothing to do with it. Of course we know otherwise.

That is why Dr. Chee and the SDP should consider bringing their cases to a close immediately and serving their sentences now, so that a possibility of conflicting with the elections will not arise.

If anyone not attune with the strange goings on in Singapore might question why I am so certain that Dr. Chee and the protesters will be convicted and jailed. To them, I will say this. Read a little about Singapore. And once you know a bit more, you too will be certain that Dr. Chee and everyone with him will be convicted and jailed. As we are certain the sun will rise tomorrow.

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Very Sad said...

"That is why Dr. Chee and the SDP should consider bringing their cases to a close immediately and serving their sentences now, so that a possibility of conflicting with the elections will not arise."

It really doesn't matter at all. Given that Dr Chee have already been convicted at least 2 times for other offences, they (you know who) can easily this time round ask for Preventive Detention and the kangaroo will surely stomp on it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Very Sad,

The kangaroo is a forward moving innocent animal. But not the traitors that apply Lee Kuan Yew's laws in the justice system.

The laws in Singapore is abused by Lee Kuan Yew. Whether Dr Chee will be imprisoned is whether the people of Singapore are willing to take the law back from Lee and stand up for Chee.

Enough is enough.

Very Sad said...

I really hate to insult the kangaroo but i can't find any other animal to compare these cums to :(

Singaporeans are mostly selfish and care less about what will happen to their neighbour next door even if there is a fire, unless it affects them.

The poorer singaporeans may care but there are also those filty rich and rich made by the FamiLEE whom will always remains by the emperor's side.

Those poor singaporeans will be too busy trying to make ends meet than spare anytime thinking of who will become the next PM or Emperor cause whoever it is, it doesn't "directly" affect them.

europhia core said...

No, you are wrong. I my prediction is he will be convicted and imprisoned right before the APEC meeting so as to prevent your dear humble President from having an opportunity to meet him.

As it is, he is already banned from leaving the country, so we would not have any chance to rally in the US.

The new public order law should serve as a none-to-subtle hint of things to come.