Monday, April 13, 2009

Singapore. Total control.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is reported by Reuters on April 13, 2009 "Singapore says new law will prevent meeting disruption", Singapore Public Order Act became law in that one party dictatorship.

As it is, Singaporeans do not have any civil rights. 5 or more people require a police permit to assemble. A permit is needed to speak in public. All newspapers are government owned and controlled. No permits have ever been issued to anyone if the intent was to criticize the government. 82 out of the 84 members in Parliament belong to Lee Kuan Yew's party. The 2 remaining opposition politicians have been thoroughly neutralized, fearing arrest if they truly criticized government policies. In any case Lee Kuan Yew's government ignores completely them, making criticism in that rubber stamp Parliament a waste of time.

And of course, Lee Kuan Yew uses the law courts as a weapon to eliminate his opponents by jailing them and bankrupting them by abusing the law. Singapore today cannot claim by any measure that it has the rule of law.

Not satisfied with this total control over then people that it already has; Singapore being now effectively a police state run by a dictatorship; the screws have been tightened yet again. Since the people have been thoroughly silenced now, I wonder why the need to silence them even further.

While previously only 5 or more people needed a permit to assemble, with this law, even a lone peaceful protester will be arrested and sent to jail if he did not have a permit. And by the way, no one in the entire history of Singapore has ever got one!

The people are now in a thoroughly hopeless situation. You cannot get redress in Parliament since there is no one to speak for you. You cannot get it published in newspapers since they are state owned and controlled. You cannot win in court since all the judges are government lackeys. You cannot print and publish your grievances since you need a permit, which you will not get. You cannot even blog about it openly as Vivian Balakrishnan, Lee Kuan Yew's minister has threatened to send bloggers to jail, as I was!

And now finally, even though the Constitution guarantees free speech and expression, you cannot peacefully protest or assemble in public under this law.

If you were not a complete slave before, now you are. You are completely at the mercy of this Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship. You can either live in Singapore with your mouth shut uncomplaining and obedient like a dog, or you can speak and get yourself into trouble.

It is not just I who can see this. Growing numbers are unwilling to live this shameful way and they leave; they emigrate. Singapore is losing increasing numbers of highly skilled people. To replace them, increasing numbers of Chinese from Communist China are given citizenship.

Communist Chinese imports are a completely different breed. They have no history and no tradition or experience in democracy. To them all that matters is more affluence. These people find Singapore excellent. They have a better standard of living than in China and that is all that matters. But for local Singaporeans such a life is not enough. Unlike Chinese from China, we inherited British traditions which treated civil liberties as the most important quality for any nation. Local Singaporeans regardless of their ethnicity will not and cannot accept living in bondage under Lee Kuan Yew much longer.

With increasing education, there has to emerge Singaporeans who will dare to question these unjust laws. And in this regard, Singapore Democratic Party should take the lead in organizing peaceful non violent protests throughout the island urging citizens to stand up to this injustice. Singapore activists should not be looking for what is expedient or even what will please the people. Singapore activists should instead do what is right. And the right thing to do now is to stand up to this despotic regime.

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Anonymous said...

NEA’s CEO reveals that Geylang Serai market is run by PAP Kampong Ubi CCC!!

After keeping the news under wraps for almost 3 weeks, NEA CEO Andrew Tan has finally let the cat out of the bag over the background of the Geylang Serai Market: it is built and managed by a PAP grassroots organization - Kampong Ubi Citizens Consultative Committee (CCC)!!

I believe Mr Tan is trying to be diplomatic here so as not to offend the PAP.

If this represents the “best” effort put in by the Kampong CCC, then I really worry about the other temporary markets which are run by these grassroots organizations.

The market management committee is guilty of negligence on at least three counts:

1. Failure to tackle the chronic rat problem.

2. Failure to call for spring-cleaning of the market when it should be done every four months.

3. Failure to maintain general cleanliness and environmental hygiene of the premises

Why didn’t NEA take action against the management committee earlier since it claimed its officers conduct spot checks on temporary markets pretty often?

I sincerely implore NEA to prosecute the management committee of the Geylang Serai temporary market including its advisor PAP MP Dr Ong Seh Hong for dereliction of duties and gross negligence leading to castastrophic lapses in food and environmental hygiene which are of far greater proportion and significance compared to that of the Indian rojak man

Very Sad said...

I wont be surprised if one day, Sinkapore will majority be inhabited with chinamen.

And the best part would be the army filled with Gurkhas!

God save Sinkapore if the citizens still wouldn,'t wake up!

LeeCuntYou said...

If this law goes through, it would make a dating couple holding hands sitting at the bench or a group of lawyers sitting at a pub or a church gathering an offence depending on how the police decides.

Technically, they are all guilty, am I not right?

Anonymous said...

If we examine these past incidents in detail, we will realize the PAP will almost always find somebody to take the full blame of their mistakes be it a person or an external event.

Is this the kind of accountability we should expect and accept from the PAP which regularly touts itself as a “good, clean and transparent” governent? Are we paying too much for too little accountability?

Is the PAP government accountable to Singaporeans? Is it transparent and honest with the people? I seriously doubt so.

To put it bluntly, Singaporeans can “go and fly kite” if they are not happy with the PAP. That’s the sad reality of life in Singapore: we are totally helpless against a power-hungry regime which is bent on remaining in power at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Town Councils going Bust ?????


TWO town councils - Holland-Bukit Panjang and Pasir Ris-Punggol - have about $12 million invested in troubled structured products.

Anonymous said...

No big deal about this new law. PAP is just making things more explicit now because the island is entering an economic depression and it has an aging dictator.

Singaporeans are used to suffering in silence in exchange for peaceful lives. They will continue to suffer in silence.

But I wonder...
What will happen if I bring my son back to Singapore for a shopping trip and I meet Lee Kuan Yew. My son may ask, who is this uncle? If I respond by saying that he is a dictator, do you think I will be arrested?

I believe that under Lee's law, I will be jailed if I say it loud enough. But then, my son will finally appreciate why we left Singapore. It is for his sake.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous April 19, 9.23,

I am not so sure of the people suffering in silence much longer. The peace of the cemetary may not be peaceful much longer. The ghosts therein may rise after all, and shake its foundations by the roots.

SlaveTrader said...

I was under the impression that slavery no longer exists on planet earth but seeing how sinkapore is right now, its obvious I was so wrong.

Sinkaporeans make such wonderful slaves, better than the "dark" slaves way way back then.