Monday, July 20, 2009

Lee Kuan Yew's enemies, Singaporeans themselves.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Throughout history, dictatorships first fought external enemies. Then they began fighting their own people. That is when they all collapsed. And history is being repeated again with Lee Kuan Yew's dictatorship today, not having to defeat any external enemies, but their own citizens; which is now, as history dictates, the precursor to complete collapse.

The Soviet Union, the Eastern block countries and every single dictatorship today except for Communist China, Cuba, North Korea and Burma are going through history yet again. Remember Czechoslovakia and East Germany. First their enemies were the western capitalists. Later they began to have to deal with popular uprisings for democracy, which they initially managed to put down with force. And then, they themselves collapsed.

Singapore is no different. First Lee Kuan Yew's trick to cling to power was the communist bogey. When that trick was eventually exposed, and Singaporeans began to increasingly demand a more free and democratic society, Lee Kuan Yew's enemies became the citizens themselves.

Today Singapore's (or Lee Kuan Yew government's) enemies are ordinary Singaporeans like Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Gandhi Ambalam, John Tan and numerous other Singaporeans who are fighting for freedom in Singapore. Among those abroad, the enemies are Francis Seow, Tang Liang Hong, the various Singaporeans who had to flee Singapore and who now live all over the world including myself, all enemies of the Singapore state according to the Lee Kuan Yew administration. Singapore's model citizens are the Attorney General Walter Woon, his Minister for law S Shanmugam and lawyers who work for him by eliminating the opposition such as Davinder Singh and judges who carry out the dirty work entrusted to them like Belinda Ang Saw Ean.

While this public denunciation, condemnation and punishment of totally innocent men such as Dr. Chee Soon Juan goes on every day before the very eyes of the entire Singaporean public, increasing numbers of Singaporeans not only lose their respect for this administration, they begin to hate it. Through fear, many are unable to voice their hatred. But hate, they nevertheless have for this corrupt and discredited administration.

The result of this is emigration of the talented from Singapore, a declining population and the talent pool in Singapore continuing to decline, leaving only those with little or no education in Singapore; or those lacking any principles or moral fibre who are willing to profit by collaborating with this dictatorship. Another difficulty that the administration faces is the bad reputation Singapore receives in the rest of the world with the repression against their citizens being exposed worldwide. This results in lack of foreign investment into the country thereby weakening it's capacity to function normally.

The next thing to look out for is the gradual weakening of it's global competitiveness. And next thing, finally, is it's total collapse. Just as the former East Germany and Romania.

Just as someone had said "Dictatorships always look good till the last ten minutes".

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Anonymous said...

Re: "While this public denunciation, condemnation and punishment of totally innocent men such as Dr. Chee Soon Juan goes on every day before the very eyes of the entire Singaporean public..."

Like our dear late JB Jeyaratnam, like Francis Seow, Tang Liang Hong, and all other Singaporeans who Lee Kua Yew waged war against, Dr Chee Soon Juan's only crime is to have an alternative vision for Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Re: "First Lee Kuan Yew's trick to cling to power was the communist bogey."

That is only one in an array of tricks that Lee Kuan Yew has not stopped using to create a false sense in Singaporeans of being under constant siege; those who espouse conservative ideologies, like the PAP fascists, are prone to using this trick.

Taken from REACH Singapore, globalization is a threat to nation building:

There is also the Islamic bogey:

And the fingers are definitely being pointed to Muslims, and in Singapore's case NOT Chinese racism, for the other perennial bogey, namely race riots. (Read especially the reader comments to gauge the success of employing this scare tactic on a naive population.):

Stiil, there are advantages to be had by employing this trick:

1. The unthinking, unquestioning segment of the population - and this segment was very definitely in the majority in the past, but remains a force to be reckoned with till today - can easily be rallied around the government that uses such a dirty trick.

2. Having successfully got a significant proportion of the population to believe that the country is under siege, it then predisposes them to do the will of the same government as unthinkingly and as unquestioningly as they always have been; there is now absolutely nothing to check on any government abuses because to remain unthinking and unquestioning, the poulation puts important check and balance abilities - like fact checking, logical reasoning, critical abilities, etc. - into disuse. A disinformed and politically deskilled population is the best insurance that the PAP has aginst any attempt to check and balance its abuse of power. Exploiting weaknesses in society - such as a lack of education, or a lack of experience in democracy - is the hallmark of Lee Kuan Yew's rule.

These are just two advantages that I can think of. Maybe your other readers can come up with more.

However, the same two political advantages for the perpetuation of PAP misrule has now become a liabilty in terms of further economic development.

That too is a Lee Kuan Yew legacy that must not be forgotten by Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gopalan Nair, you may be the one to make a comment on this:

Gopalan Nair said...

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore is desperately trying to do something to stop the total demise of the legal profession there. It is not going to make any difference. The article also made reference to, I thought, additional powers to the Minister to deny a license at his discretion. Not that it is not already happening, but this gives him the power to prevent any Lee Kuan Yew's political oppositionists from being a lawyer. Total control. Total dictatorship. Unique Singapore. Very unique.

Gopalan Nair said...

Correction in this post. Lee Kuan Yew's recently handpicked obedient Tamil boy, the Minister for Law is K Shanmugam, not S Shamnugam. Not that it matters greatly one way or the other. He is there to just prop up his master, not the rule of law. You know, just running around like an obedient dog, doing whatever his master wants, jump whenever he is told for the money he is paid. Disgusting. But that is what goes on in that island.

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents.

LKY is like a disease eating into itself.
After brainwashing Singaporeans into robots to serve him, now these LKY-cancer Singaporeans are becoming a hinderance to him, those smart ones have either staying clear of him (lawyers?) and migrate or trying to make use of him (business/PAP members/New Singaporeans). The remaining ones are robots which have outserve their usefulness, esp the heartlanders.

Import brains? No thank you!
Real foreign talents are running away from the LKY and his gang. Once again, we hear of imcompatible cultural fit when transplanting a talent into a LKY-mindset enterprise.

Worried about external JI terrorists?
Worried about what Mr Gopalan Nair will do next?

No. i don't think LKY is worried about a little truth blog from the Singapore Dissident .... REMEMBER, Singaporeans are brainwashed into his robots now, so NO fear of mutiny. BUT ISN'T THAT WORRYING? The Singaporeans robots need Lee nanny. If nanny cannot deliver, robots cannot work.

Now next generation little robots have not catch the LKY cancer, and they are increasingly dissatisfied with what's happening around them.
Add to that are the New Singaporeans and foreign workers who are munching away the fruits of a servient society, and being free of LKY cancer, they are more agile than the robots in grabbing more fruits. This divide is creating gaps in a society that pride itself on the bondservant-nanny contract with LKY. OMG! That sound like trouble.
Lee should be worried about these enemies within .....


Channel NewsAsia - Wednesday, July 22

SINGAPORE: Temasek Holdings and Charles ("Chip") W. Goodyear have mutually agreed not to proceed with the CEO appointment that was to have taken effect on 1 October 2009.

Mr Goodyear was appointed a member of the Board of Directors of Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited on February 1 and CEO—Designate on March 1 to succeed Ms Ho Ching as CEO.

In a news release issued on Tuesday evening, Temasek said that four months into the leadership transition, the Board and Mr Goodyear concluded and accepted that there were differences regarding certain strategic issues that could not be resolved.

jamestan said...

That Lee Kuan Yew coward is under seige. His enemies are now everywhere.

See what is written in Singapore Democrats

Remember to smile at the cameras

Police put up camera at Speakers' Corner

Dear Gopalan,

What happened if I direct a poster of LKY with a Hitler salute in front of the camera, do you think the Lee poodles in blues will jump out of the bushes to arrest me?

Lee Kuan Yew - better dead than alive. At least, if he is dead now, there are still people who respect him.

Anonymous said...

The regime consists of murderer, womanizer, cheaters, liars and psychopaths

Who think they are above everything!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone knows how to get hold of a book called 'Nation's cheater'? trying to broaden my views, heard its a good one.