Monday, July 6, 2009

The Punch and Judy show in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore Parliament goes on.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's intolerant leader has successfully managed to remove even the remotest resemblance, if there ever was, of representative government in his Parliament. For a start, there are only 2 opposition politicians there, albeit being only pretenders who are careful about what they say so as not to offend the dictator. The entire remaining 82 members in the house are there to sing his praises. With this disgraceful situation, where everyone can see it being nothing more than a one party dictatorship, his efforts to hoodwink the world into thinking it is a model democracy is failing. So he does the next best thing. Which is to make a fool not only of his subjects but the entire world audience by faking a representative Parliament.

In his state controlled press the Straits Times online edition of July 7, 2009, there is an article titled "9 NMP names submitted". This is what it means. Even though the Constitution of Singapore calls for a representative government in Parliament, in total contempt for it, he has selected 20 to 30 citizens whom he feels will ask some political questions in Parliament which he will approve before hand, and thereby give the impression of genuine political debate. Of course you rightly guessed who these selected speakers are, none other than Lee Kuan Yew sympathisers of course, who are not there to further any citizen's interests but their own; that the right patronage and connections naturally bring.

Singaporeans who are aware of this shameless chicanery will rightfully ask who these Nominated Members are speaking for in the first place; not them since they did not elect them. And therefore they have no right to be speaking for them, let alone in Parliament, not having been elected by anyone.

And who are these selected clowns (Nominated Members of Parliment) anyway? There is a former sportswoman Joscelyn Yeo aged 30. Calvin Cheng 33, a fashion manager, Audrey Wong 41, an arts manager etc. No one is bothered about any of these individuals and neither does anyone care.

If they were intending to represent the people in Parliament, then why have they not stood for elections especially when they would almost certainly win being Lee Kuan Yew's bootlickers. You know why this is the case of course. Any real opposition candidate would be sued for defamation, criminally charged, bankrupted and impoverished, not necessarily in that order. And yet, even though winning is almost a guaranteed certainty in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, these individuals have no desire to stand up to it. Despite lacking any political interest or even the slightest civic consciousness of any sort, they are chosen to go to Parliament and speak a lot of nonsense, on your behalf, which everyone cares nothing about!

Lee Kuan Yew is becoming a joke. So is his Parliament and so are his obedient clowns who do the clown show in his Parliament.

If asked about all this, I think Singaporeans should say as they have always done "I do not know, and I do not care." These handpicked Lee Kuan Yew's clowns can do all the talking they want. They would be talking to themselves.

And the Singapore watchers reading this would be alerted once more to what Singapore really is; a one party Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship trying very hard to fool everyone into thinking the island is not what everyone knows it is. Lee Kuan Yew's nonsense is not fooling anyone anymore.

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Migrant said...

The least LKY and his clowns should do is crack some really funny jokes and give us a good laugh.

Unfortunately, their jokes are not at all funny, and usually at the expense of Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are exporting LEE System. My niece complaint about mini-LKYs at her OZ university setting Lee laws, micromanaging the project and controlling the behaviour of fellow project members, even asking an ex Croatian refugee student to cut his hair.

In the end, only the Singaporeans turn up for the subsequent project meetings. The rest revolted.

Anonymous said...

I blame no one except Singaporeans themselves for this sorry state of affairs.
While I was in Singapore I had always voted for the opposition.

I gave up and left Singapore for good when I saw the fools that Singaporeans were.

Prior to the elections everyone yes everyone will condemn the PAP and state there is no way they will vote for them.

But amazingly the day after I see the PAP getting overwhelming support.

I say Singaporeans need to be slapped and flogged to bring some sense into them and maybe given some shock treatment which hopefully will make men out of them.

So Angry said...

I have been hoping to vote for the opposition party but what to do when my GRC have 'walkover' every election!

Not everyone can run away like many others! Think before you talk Anonymous. Not Singaporean are fool but are only helpless. Consider yourself lucky to be able to run away!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry "So Angry" if I hurt your feelings.
I was of course writing about the majority who "talk alot but got no action".
I hope you have the chance to vote this time around.

jamestan said...

'So Angry'

Even if you do not have a chance to vote, you have the chance to contribute some donation to the opposition.

GRC walkover - cannot vote is an excuse.

I bought The Hammer when the late JBJ was selling on the street in the city, even bought The Democracts at the Tampines MRT station from Dr Chee.

I also donate, because they are sued peniless by the Lee despot.

What have you done?