Sunday, July 5, 2009

Singapore Island's Lee Kuan Yew. Clutching at straws in desperation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's Dr. Chee Soon Juan has posted in his blog, Singapore Democrat, of Sunday, 05 July 2009 headed "Breaking news: Did YouTube censor film on PAP?".

It tells about YouTube blocking, presumably at the behest of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore the video "One Nation Under Lee" from being watched in Singapore. It can still be watched outside Singapore.

The video is obviously hurting Lee by it's exposure of the tyranny in the island. Unfortunately for Lee, the proverbial cat has been out of the bag a long time ago.

Many thousands all over the world have already watched it before this blocking, so any real effect of this is minimal. If you are outside of Singapore, it still can be watched.

I understand from Dr. Chee's blog that you could still watch it through other means and of course, he will always send you a CD if you need one. Please contact him for a complimentary copy.

The point I wanted to make is to show Lee Kuan Yew's desperation in persuading YouTube to take this action. The truth is, his government and Singapore is crumbling at his feet and he hits out any way he can, hoping it would make some difference.

But believe you me, it will not. The foundation of his government is rotten at the core and is crumbling. And nothing he does now can make any difference.

You know what I mean. The population is declining; no babies. 2 out of 3 students who go abroad for an education never return.

The people are angry with Lee Kuan Yew making his son, Prime Minister, who see this as shameless nepotism. He does not permit a free press.

Singaporeans are angry seeing innocent people such as Dr. Chee being sent to jail for peaceful protests. They look upon Lee's Ministers and supporters such as Wong Kang Seng as money and power greedy men who oppress the people. The people imports from China and India do not match up to Singaporean emigres whom they are intended to replace.

None of them want to set up home in Singapore anyway. Lee Kuan Yew has made enemies of neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia from whom he receives no assistance. The huge public sector in Singapore will soon eat up whatever remains of Singapore's savings which is being depleted by the day. Need I go on?

Today if there is anyone such as Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who still backs the Lee Administration, this is what I will tell them. You are backing the wrong horse. This administration will fall and fall soon. And the one clear sign of this is Lee Kuan Yew trying to block the viewing of the video "One Nation Under Lee".

The maker of the video, Seelan Pallay has been called up for police investigation. He has mocked and sneered at them and remains defiant. What more signs do you need?

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The Common Man said...

Hi Gopalan Nair,

Interesting to read the specific Videos on YouTube has been blocked in Singapore. Of course the reasons are obvious this has been done and also clearly described in your blog.

However, if it is a case of blocking content into Singapore that 'they' do not want us to see, then my question to you is, "Why havent blogs like yours been blocked?"

I sure hope they dont block it, but the question still remains, what purpose is there to block that video (which is static and not changed), but not blogs (which are dynamic and updated with new information that may be deemed improper by the authorities.

I hope you can provide some logic behind this seemingly illogical difference in treating the two differently.

The Common Man

Gopalan Nair said...

To the Common Man,
I think it involves their geting the Internet providers to co-operate, but perhaps someone else better informed on these specifics can advice.
Thank you.

The Common Man said...

Thanks for the quick reply.

I don't quite buy it that it involves getting the internet providers to cooperate.

Firstly, local internet providers cooperate very well especially in effectively blocking porn in Singapore. The same can be done with your or other blogs very easily. Yet this is not done.

Secondly, if indeed the offending Video on YouTube is blocked, but YouTube is still accessible, it means that YouTube may have denied access to Singapore IP, rather than local providers specifically blocking the video.

In any case, it seems to be that video could be seen as more 'harmful' than blogs perhaps.

Its strange, but at least we can (for now) conclude that your blog may not be deemed as 'harmful' as porn in Singapore. So I guess your blog (and others) are acceptable to "them".


Gopalan Nair said...

To The Common Man,
Thank you . But I am not asking you to buy anything. Keeping in mind that I am a lawyer and not a software enginner, let me tell you what I have heard.

This blog is owned by Google. If Singapore wants to block this, they would have to get the consent of Google. But that would be difficult as Google may not agree to that, since it is not, say pornography or terrorism.

As for Seelan's video, some claim they receive the video in Singapore and some claim otherwise. Whether in fact Lee Kuan Yew's bullyboys have engaged in subterfuge and underhand work to this effect, I cannot say.
As for this matter of whether the video has been blocked or otherwise, there are in fact more important issues to deal with and so, Adios Senor