Thursday, October 15, 2009

Email sent to Chopard today.

Dear Angela Chopard,

You have advised me to send all Emails relating to this matter to you. However the letters send to me from your office, Disciplinary Tribunal Secretariat, were signed, as you know by "Ms Audrey Lim, Secretary, Disciplinary Tribunal".

For the sake of clarification, although you claimed you did not know the full name of Ms Audrey Lim, can you now please confirm that her name is indeed Audrey Lim Yoon Cheng. ( Our attention has been brought to her full name) This is important to avoid any possibility in the future of mistaken identity.

Or are you still claiming that even though she works upstairs from your office and is your "boss", you still do not know her full name?

Second, as the documents served on me, refer to Audrey Lim (actually I think Audrey Lim Yoon Cheng), please confirm whether I should be addressing all future correspondence to you, Angela Chopard, or to Ms Audrey Lim Yoon Cheng.

I would appreciate a reply soonest.

Yours Faithfully

Gopalan Nair

Postcript: Just had a word with Angela Chopard over the telephone. Asked her if I should be addressing all Emails to her "Angela Chopard" or to "Ms Audrey Lim, Secretary, Disciplinary Tribunal". She first seemed uncertain as to what to say. When the question was reapeated a number of times, she finally said that I am to address the Emails to her, that is to Angela Chopard even though the letters were signed by Audrey Lim. Time 11.15pm,Fremont, near San Francisco.

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