Monday, October 12, 2009

Singaporean Disciplinary Proceedings

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The package from the Singapore Law Society to discipline me has arrived. It is the same old thing about my convictions in that island last year for "insulting" Belinda Ang, the "disorderly" case and a new one they have added, about my blog post since my return to California in November 2008, criticizing Judge Judith Prakash calling her a Kangaroo Judge on what has now been generally known as the "the Kangaroo T shirt case".

Not that I had any doubt about it before. They are reading every word I write here. That is good. At least they can't pretend not to know what I think of them.

It is going to be fun.

I am sure this Singapore government is boiling with rage to read that I say "it is going to be fun!" What a sorry state to be in for a government.

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Anonymous said...

Hip hip hurray for our brave determined S'pore Dissident Gopal have a lion's heart, Gopal!

You go man......most of the "dissidents" here are steeply on your side. Truth and justice will always triumph in the end eventually.

JamesTan said...

If the Singapore Law Society look at itself in the mirror, it will see the reflection of the bootlicker of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Shame on the Singapore Law Society. The organisation has became the tool of Lee Kuan Yew.

If Singapore continues in this direction, Singaporeans will go the dodo way.

Singapore, the LEEgal Hub of Greater Prosperity Sphere of China.

Anonymous said...

Well Singapore government has stooped to the level of below that of kindergarten kids.