Saturday, October 3, 2009

Singapore. Letter from Jack Brombo!

Re: Law soc v Gopalannair.
Saturday, October 3, 2009 1:50 PM
From: "jack brombo"


Good evening Gopalan

Human rights groups usually are successful in attracting world attention when speaking out against dictators who are directly or indirectly involved with deaths of their citizens. However, in Singapore , LKY described as 'intelligent dictator' by Safire who died recently, of course with scarsm, is not addressed in the same manner as other dictators who had blood on their hands.

The approach to LKY had to be different. Firstly, restriction of one rights to express without fear , is like depriving a human his oxygen , which we all know is a prerequiste to be alive. So Singapore laws, like defamation suits against the opposition during election rallies, should be looked upon as criminal and threatening to the defendants and LKY should be treated on same level as dictators who are responsible for deaths of their citizens. In both scenario, citizens/ defendants suffer slow painful deaths through loss of their lives or deprivation of income which is what makes $ingapore tick. LKY knowing this well, would not want to attract world attention. Respectable figures who had to run for their lives from singapore are eg

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