Sunday, October 25, 2009

Singapore. The time for real action.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am not sure if the time has already come, but if not yet, it is pretty close. Today in spite of all the good news printed daily in Singapore's state controlled press, there is a huge segment of poor in Singapore, unable to pay for their daily necessities and struggling each day to stay alive. At the same time, you have the ever growing numbers of super rich whom Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew has vowed to protect, claiming recently that the growing income gap is inconsequential or something similarly heartless.

The ground in now perfect for civil disobedience. You have a crowded Singapore, the seconded most crowded place int he world. Any kind of pubic protest will be noticed throughout the island and if popular, will spread like wildfire.

And you have all the elements necessary. A large section of population with families and children unemployed and left entirely to fend for themselves. No money and the children starve or nearly so. You have no real social welfare, no unemployment benefits. The only thing you can do is to go begging to your local Member of Parliament who may or may not help with a few dollars. And even if you get the money by chance, it is totally insufficient even for your basic needs.

And with no assistance from the government whatsoever, people are turning increasingly to illegal loan sharks who charge exorbitant interest and hurt and maim you if you don't pay.

And while all this hardship goes on, Singapore's life term dictator says that nothing is wrong. Singapore is perfect and Singapore is best and so on ad nasueum.

Tell me, how much more can you take. Even for Singaporeans who are perhaps the most tolerant in the world to government bullying, how much more can you take anyway.

This is why I ask the Singapore Democratic Party's Dr. Chee Soon Juan or anyone else, any civic minded Singaporean to come out and do the right thing. Gather sufficient numbers of poor Singaporeans and organize a peaceful protest. Tell them the only way this heartless government is going to listen is if you took serious measures. And that measure is to protest.

I have no doubt that this government will be forced to listen if you did the right thing now. Which is to protest. After all justice is on your side. The Ministers pay themselves millions while you suffer and starve. Even a small sacrifice on their part can mean a great help to you. And it is their duty to you to do it. They are feeling safe thinking their police and their Gurkha guards will harm if you exercised your right. Today, I am not so sure that they (the police) would do it, or whether they would even obey their commands to arrest you. In any case, remember, this intolerant authoritarian government cannot imprison everyone.

Now is the time. Do it. The situation on the ground is perfect. What are you waiting for?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan,

"In any case, remember, this intolerant authoritarian government cannot imprison everyone. "

Too late, most Singaporean minds are already in jail, and since the minds control the body, no one is taking no action. Man.