Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Singapore, lies, half lies and hogwash

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In a country such as Singapore, which not only controls all the newspapers and the entire media, TV Radio and every other mass communication system, but also owns them totally, you can say anything you want anytime, and you may even get away with it to a point.

Unfortunately for them, now that point has been reached. People both local and foreign have begun to understand the game. And when that happens, as now, the plan no longer works.

Take the following.

1. Lee Kuan Yew runs the place and we know it is a dictatorship, yet the government claims it is a multi party democracy.

2. The Judiciary is corrupt and is an essential arm of the government to promote government policy and silence dissent. They claim it has an independent judiciary and the rule of law.

3. The people either live slightly above subsistence level or in poverty, but they claim Singaporeans are the 4th richest in the world.

4. The newspapers are no better than mere company newsletters publishing the latest news of the Singapore government, when they claim it is a free press and independent.

5. Chinese are preferred in housing jobs and benefits while Malays and Indians are discriminated but they claim there is racial equality.

6. Foreigners are brought into Singapore in the millions to suppress wages and deny a decent living for Singaporeans to keep Singapore a low wage country, but the government claims that it is because they want to be competitive.

7. Lee Kuan Yew and his ministers pay themselves millions of dollars in corruption which is rampant on the government levels but they claim Singapore is corruption free.

8. Singapore today has a serious crime problem with murders and muggings happening daily but they claim Singapore has the lowest crime rate in the world.

9. Severe flooding happens throughout the island almost every 5 days with as much as 2 feet of water in places, but they claim it happens only once in 5 years.

10. The newspapers do not provide anything that goes on in the country except reporting crime and trivia but they claim they have the best newspapers in the world.

11. English writing standards in the newspapers have dropped so low and that even high school newsletters in the US are better written but they claim that their newspapers are the best in the world.

12. Everyday 2 people commit suicide but the newspapers never report these facts.

13. The people are not told the exact extent of the brain drain form the island, how many are resigning from the government, how many are exactly coming into Singapore from where and other similar data, while they claim they are the most transparent country in the world.

14. The reputation of the Singapore legal system has dropped so low that the High Court sits idle most of the time because there are no cases, while they claim Singapore is the legal hub of the world.

15. The island imports for money foreign athletes from China who are given instant citizenship and made to compete in the games and win gold medals but none of them are really Singaporean. Yet they publish headlines news in the state controlled press that Singaporeans have won these gold medals.

16. They purchase a sailboat called Uniquely Singapore and employ Australian and British skippers and crew and sail the world with one miserable Singaporean passenger and yet claim that the Singaporean skippered the yacht around the world. We all know most Singaporeans cannot swim even though surrounded by water, and will die of fright if put in a sailboat.

17. They claim that Singapore housewives are going to scale Everest but a day or 2 later they all gave up even without reaching base camp.

18. Singapore welcomes the world's money launderers, embezzlers, tax evaders and criminals of all sorts for settlement, who stack their money in the island, but they claim that only the best human beings in the world are accepted for settlement.

19. Singapore's Geylang is today the second biggest red light district in the world second only to Bangkok where whores are crowding the streets, and used condoms are littering the streets, with HIV infection rate sky high, but the they deny it is a vice hub of the world or that people are dying of HIV.

I can go on but you got the message. What is going on there is comedy, Singapore style. And thank God the world has got wind of it.

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Anonymous said...

Its funny why there are no minimum wages for the labourforce. There is a saying - you pay peanuts you get monkeys. But at the same time, there is a minimum wage for a special group of people - if you know who they are...

Anonymous said...

More on the naked PRC woman detaining the 12 year old boy (who happens to be Malay!)

A Singapore-born Chinese, with better values, would never do that to a 12-year boy, let alone a Malay boy.

The Chinese, Malays and Indians whose origins lie Malaya, and subsequently Singapore and Malaysia, are very sensitive to avoiding racial slights.

But, what can one expect from PRC nationals with their belief in Han superiority. (However, they feel inferior to the white people, with their women preferring Angmohs.)

Welcome to Chinkapore.

Let's all say a big thank you to the Lee Dynasty.

JamesTan said...

There is a need to free Singaporeans from the crutches of irrational thoughts programmed by the propaganda of the power that be.

Singaporeans need to realised that it is not right to criminalise opposition for causing offence to the protected and the gods of Singapore.

They also need to realise that the Lee family and the PAP are not semi-gods without whom, they will be no modern Singapore. In fact, These so called semi gods have made countless mistakes and cause Singapore to slide into the dark age of creativity paralysis and human ignominy.

They also need to protest against the use of lawyers, judges and polce as agents of political oppression.

Dissent should not be labelled as hatred or insanity. They have a place in Singaporean sphere of living.

To create a forward-thinking modern Singapore, We need to free Singaporeans to question, to argue, to reason. For too long, Singaporeans live in a make-believe fantasy that they are in utopia. It does not help that they do not have a good model in their immediate neighbourhood.

When Singaporeans are forced to reason beyond what are able to regurgitate from official lines, they will suppress the debate and switch off their minds. They may even persue actions that intimidate and bully the political incorrect questioner to condemnation.

Under PAP, Singaporeans do not have a chance to learn human compassion, the living togetherness of a multiracial society, the experience of life in a true democractic society that is based on justice and equality. So, how are they going to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for themselves and their nation.

PAP has failed to secure the future of Singaporeans through their bland of politics. It is time to kick them out and heal the nation.

Anonymous said...

People like you and Dr. Chee will NEVER succeed in changing Singapore because of China.

Read the Comments section from the article in the Wall Street Journal on "China Dissidents Call for Reform", if you want to understand why the Lee Dynasty wants to keep bringing in FTs from the PRC and change the demographic composition of Singapore.

But the people in Singapore are the fools - the FTs from the PRC keep your wages low, take your jobs, and for S'pore women, steal your men and their CPF.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous Oct 15, 1257,

I am more confident than you are. Singapore is already changing. It is becoming unworkable, especially because of the government having to rely on Chinese human imports. Singapore is based on an English background.

Anonymous said...

You know Gopalan, as much as i badly want Singapore to reform but in actual fact, our people do not have the social and political maturity to act on it , our minds are too small to accept a change and we have minimal desire for risk.

Anonymous said...

Refer to

Is this a ploy to make us think that our system is really transparent?

Anonymous said...

The Lee Dynasty will keep bringing in more PRC FTs. It is the Emperor's way of geerymandering, or should we say, leemandering.

China media mostly quiet as mine blast traps 16
China joined the world in breathless coverage of the Chilean mine rescue, but when a gas blast killed 21 Chinese miners and trapped 16 Saturday, the national TV evening news didn't say a word.

About 2,600 people were killed in mining accidents last year - okay, as long as it is for the national good, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hey , what has happened to Alan Shadrake? No news of him recently.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Suffers Shocking Worst-Ever GDP Contraction
Business Insider, 15 Oct 2010
Singapore's economy shrank by a jaw-dropping 19.8% quarter-on-quarter during Q3, according to data released by the Monetary Authority of Singapore yesterday.
While GDP was still 10.3% higher than the same quarter last year, the quarter-to-quarter contraction was the worst ever, and is a reminder of how volatile Singapore's economic output can be.

But, LHL's S$3,870,000 salary only goes up.

Anonymous said...

The English were invaders, entering a country by force and occupied it further. If there were international law, the English would be hanged for murder.

This is the Far East (to the English, it is very far from them) and the Chines instead of invading and occupy the whole of SEA, prefer to trade with these natives. The Chinese has had been in SEA for a long long time and even intermarried the native known as the Babas.

Singapore is not an English background. The English bastards did not settled in Singapore, did not intermarry and assimilated, they invaded and only interested to rip off all the natural resources and treasures in the countries they invaded. Soon they have to leave and in time to come Singapore will be reverted back to Chinese and the SEA natives again.

As such speaking English langauge should be banned in SEA and Asia. You don't want to speak/use your enemies language who have killed millions of your forefathers, do you?

Anonymous said...

Why opposition parties will not win.

Anonymous said...

Something worth reading - by Melanie Hewitt

Anonymous said...

I'm living in Singapore and 8 and 9 aren't true - Singapore is still relatively safe and it doesn't get flooded as often as that... as for the other 17 points...

I'm not some government official in disguise either, and I'm not ignorant - I'm from the West... and Singapore is just boring. Okay for tourists, but when you're living here, you're expected to make work you're whole life! The atmosphere just drains your energy... I'm not staying, of course

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous Oct 17, 1006,

Thanks for not staying. It is a body blow to the dictatorship. Many others like you are leaving too. Singapore is turning into a Hotel's revolving door. At this rate it does not have too long to go. You are on our side, whoever you are.

And when you leave, tell your countrymen what sort of a fiefdom Singapore is. One at a time is just fine.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the dictator? The last time I heard was he in the hospital for chest infection.