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Singapore's Commonwealth Games "victories"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state controlled newspaper the Straits times online edition of Oct 9, 2010, has the story "Commonwealth Games 2010. Gold for Singapore Paddlers"( for those who are unfamiliar with Singaporean English, also known as Singlish, a silly sounding local patois, Paddlers means Ping Pong players).

The report reads "Singapore's paddlers began their gold rush in emphatic style last night, crushing India 3-0 to claim their third straight woman's title".

But let me tell you, this report is a blatant shameless lie. Actually Singaporean sportswomen never took part at all in this match. It was in fact a match between Peoples Republic of China sportswomen who played this table tennis match against the Indian team and the Chinese side won 3-0.

Confused? Let me explain. The so called "Singapore players" in this match were Feng Tianwei, Wang Yuegu and Li Jiawei. These 3 were all born in the Peoples Republic of China, not Singapore, and were until a few months ago, citizens of the Peoples Republic of China. Until a few months ago, they had nothing to do with Singapore and had never even heard of such a place.

They were all trained in China, a country that produces the world's best table tennis players, trained professionally as is the fashion in China from a tender age, and since their teenage years, had already reached world class standard, just as every other sportsman and woman in their country.

Singapore on the other hand does not have any sportsmen or women of any class, let alone world class.

Singaporeans have never won any medals in any sporting events and even if they ever did, it probably would have been in chess, or some other sport which does not need much physical exertion.

Singaporeans are by and large a weak effete people, lacking spontaneity or creativity, who live in fear under a dictatorship of Lee Kuan Yew. Their entire lives are consumed with how to make a living and keeping clear of the wrath of the Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew who can have you arrested anytime he wants, as there is no rule of law.

What the one party state Singapore government under Lee Kuan Yew has done in this case is this. Just a few months ago they went to China and literally "bought" world class Chinese players, that is, by paying each of these 3 women millions of dollars to come to Singapore where they are given instant Singapore citizenship, after which they are sent to the Commonwealth Games in India to compete as "Singapore" sportsmen and women.

The article reports of the Chinese sportswomen (or Singaporean which Singapore wants you to believe) having defeated the Indian player Mouma Das. Mouma Das by the way is truly Indian. India does not engage in the dirty business of "buying" sportsmen or women from China or anywhere else. India has more pride than that.

And the disgrace of the Republic of Singapore in this shameful deceit is even worse because they deliberately get Chinese from China to fool the world, since both Chinese from China or Singapore are both ethnic Chinese and therefore look alike. People are therefore more likely to be fooled into believing the Chinese from China are Singaporean. Imagine the opposite if India had gone to China and similarly "purchased" world class players, no one would believe they were Indian!

Singapore never won any sports medals and never will. Singapore island, a place fast declining in population, in morale, in economy and a growing disgruntled population realizes they have to resort increasingly to deception and lies to keep the country going. Only yesterday, there was another false report claiming they were the 4th richest country in the world, when the truth is, they have a few millionaires and the rest of the country live in poverty or just above it.

There was another report in the same disgraceful paper that the Singapore table tennis team (paddlers in Singlish, a stupid concoction of various local dialects spoken in a sing song effeminate style) beat the English team. Of course they did. The English table tennis team is no match for PRC Chinese team, and we all know that. The so-called Singapore team too were in effect professional Chinese players recently "purchased" from China. The English team on the other hand was truly English, as they too are not in the habit of parading foreign sportsmen and women under British colors. They too like the Indians have more pride than that.

The moral of the story is that even if the Indian team and the English team lost to the "Singapore team" , I mean the Peoples Republic of China team, at least the they had some honor in their defeat. Singapore on the other hand has none; no shame whatsoever.

Only a disgraceful country behaves the way Singapore does. I am not surprised there are no jubilant celebrations on the Singapore streets over these "victories". Singaporeans too known these shameless desperate acts of their 88 year old leader Lee Kuan Yew, who is going to kick the bucket any minute.

And by the way, had not Singapore bought over these Chinese trained Chinese nationals to play for Singapore, they would not otherwise been able to play in the Commonwealth Games at all. Peoples Republic of China is not a Commonwealth country.

And if I would guess the sequel to this disgraceful episode, these Chinese nationals would thank their Singapore patrons very much for the millions of dollars, fling these stupid medals and their Singapore passports in the nearest garbage, and say goodbye to Singapore once and for all, heading back to China with a few millions dollars of Singapore tax payers money in their pockets. All they wanted was the money. They would care two hoots for Lee Kuan Yew or his small little island.

If I recall, that was exactly what another Chinese woman ping pong player did not too long ago.

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Anonymous said...

You are mistaken that Singaporeans could win medals in chess on their own. In the recent Chess Olympiad, the Singaporean team featured one of the top former Chinese Grandmaster Zhang Zhong. (Surprise!) They even managed to beat one of the Russian teams in the Olympiad. (More surprises!)

Anonymous said...

There was a land called Singapore.

Where different races, Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians, Europeans, Chindians, Peranakans, and many other hues were coming together to create a new Asia, based on a plan by Albert Winsemius, a Dutch Economist Singapore's long-time economic advisor from 1961 to 1984.

The plan was executed by Goh Keng Swee, Lee Kuan Yew, Benjamin Sheares, S Rajaratnam, Ong Teng CHeong, Devan Nair and countless others. The ordinary citizens and residents also played a big part.

But, deep down LKY was a Chinophile, with visions of creating a dynasty, something his Hakka peasant ancestors could never aspire to in China.

And, he has succeeded on both counts.

Today, Singapore has become Chinkapore.

And, we have the Lee Dynasty in place.

But all is not well in the kingdom. The Empress is dead and the Emperor is a shell of himself.

His effeminate son gets no respect and is weak from cancer.

His daughter in law has lost billions of the citizens wealth.

His grandson (and future heir?) does not want to return from America.

I present to you Asia's Don Quixote. But, unlike Quixote, this man will not regain his sanity.

Anonymous said...

A Chinkaporean at her best.

12 year-old boy detained by naked lady

Any readers who live nesr Block 898A, Woodlands Drive 50.

Anonymous said...

"His grandson (and future heir?) does not want to return from America."

I would like to comment on this:

It may not be his grandson's or grandsons' idea, it may be LKY's idea, so to ensure all his wealth is secure and safe kept in USA, when LKY says "sayonara!"

Anonymous said...

" may be LKY's idea, so to ensure all his wealth is secure and safe kept in USA."

Terrific. Then like Marcos, LKY when he is sued (and loses) by the ex-detainees, can have his assets seized by US courts.

But, I think the Lee Dynasty is actually keeping their assets in Switzerland (or PRC).

Anonymous said...

"Singapore never won any sports medals and never will."

You obviously have not heard of Jasmine Ser before, or are too blinkered to accept the fact in order to suit the story you want to post.

In this respect your propaganda is little different from that of the country you criticise about.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous of Oct 12, 1150,

Yes, you are right I have not heard of Jasmine Ser, and that fact alone proves my very point that Singapore has no sportsmen to think of, none, with or withount this so called mysterious Jasmine Ser.

Yes there was a time in the past. Singaporeans in the past, 1950s and 1960s were not only great sportsmen and women, Signaporeans themselves had a sporting spirit.

With Lee Kuan Yew producing people like you, who want to defend fascism, and creating a fear in everyone, not only has sports died, so has the creativity, courage and any other human quality one can think of.

You are not trying to fool anyone by naming Jasmine Ser, whoever she is. And you know what, I am not even iterested.

Anonymous said...

To TS, please don't negate what our pioneers have done with your ignorance and your hatred.

Rem Tan Howe Liang?? He got a sliver medal @ olympics.

what about ang peng siong - swimming?

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous of Oct 13, 1049,

I do not know who you are referring to TS, but let me correct you. There is no ignorance or hatred. Simply the facts. Today there is no longer Singaporeans like Tan Howe Liang and Ang Peng Siong. And even greater credit goes to them for having succeeded that much in spite of Lee Kuan Yew's scorched earth policy of silencing all creativity and independance of thought.

But today there are no Ang Peng Siongs. Today they will never happen. Today there are such as you who is not an Ang Peng Siong but trying very hard to defend a cruel Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship.

And it is sad that you don't seem to see or deliberately choose not to see that my blog is about the pathetic situation now, not about what it was in 1950.