Friday, October 8, 2010

"Singaporeans 4th richest" simply baloney!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times once again unashamedly publishes propaganda that even a child would know is false, and yet, they willingly do it.

In this case, the October 9, 2010 online edition of the Straits Times has the gall to say, believe it or not, that Singaporeans are the 4th richest people in the world; the story's headline is "Singaporeans 4th richest"!

Who are they talking about anyway, and who are these world's 4th richest Singaporeans, I would like to know.

Of course there are some multi multi millionaires and billionaires money launderers, drug runners from Burma and Indonesian embezzlers who have stacked their ill gotten gains in Singapore. These people are not just the 4th richest in the world but simply the richest.

I am not sure if the late Pablo Escobar, Colombian drug lord ever applied for permanent residence in Singapore, but if he did, I am sure with his money, millions of it, Lee Kuan Yew would have managed to claim that Singapore is not just 4th richest but the 3rd or even the richest country in the world.

The dirty trick that he uses here, just as all the dirty tricks he employs in his state controlled propaganda sheets which he calls newspapers, is this; he has taken the wealth of the few dozen very very rich people in Singapore, added it to the rest of the Singaporean population who hardly survive the poverty line, divided the total by Singapore's total population and come up with a huge Alice in Wonderland figure for each person, saying Singaporeans are one of the richest people in the world.

I can tell you the average, I mean average Singaporean, is far far poorer than those in every Western country. In fact I would go so far as saying that the average Singaporean is even poorer than the average Malaysian or Indonesian, regardless of what the numbers say.

I can tell you how an average Singaporean, a product of the dictator Lee Kuan Yew lives in one of the ubiquitous government owned apartment owned by Lee Kuan Yew's government. I know because I am a Singaporean myself and many of my friends live this poverty stricken lives, pathetic lives. I can tell you right away, they are not the 4th richest people in the world.

First unlike every Western individual, the Singaporean lives in a cubicle, like a human pigeon hole, in a high rise building. He has no garden, and usually has bad air flow caused by buildings built very close to each other. He usually has no view to speak of, blocked by other buildings only a few feet away. His living conditions are crowded with noise and disturbance every minute.

Unlike the westerner, he does not own the apartment. He only has a 99 year lease, and it is any body's guess when the government may take it back. For this almost worthless piece of property, he is made to pay hundred upon thousands of dollars.

The average Singapore in an ordinary job earns somewhere between US dollars 1000 to 1500. These are the clerk, the postal workers and sales staff. If they had a wife and children, by the end of the month, they would have nothing left. The rent for the apartment takes the bulk of the money, then there is food, children's clothes, schooling etc. If they were foolish enough to have a car, they would be running into debt.

The average European, Australian has far more money and a better living than these pathetic Singaporeans. First they all have cars, they all live in houses, not pigeon holes, and they all have better quality of life overall. And far far better than any Singaporean, the government provides enough social security to ensure that they would not have to become beggars, or worse, kill themselves if they fall into bad times.

And more than that, people in the West are all the more happier, since they don't have to live lives in perpetual fear of a Lee Kuan Yew suing them into bankruptcy if they ever criticized him.

In fact there is about 20% to 30% of Singaporeans who actually live below the poverty line in their HDB cubicles. Many go starving or have to send their children to school without food. In order to make ends meet, many down-size from small apartments to even smaller ones in the hope that the money they get would see them through a while longer.

And unlike people in the West, Singaporeans simply cannot retire because there is simply no safety net of government social security. If they stopped working they would starve. That is why you see tottering old stooped men and women well into their 80s and 90s shuffling to your restaurant table to take your finished crockery, not because they enjoy the work but because they would starve otherwise.

The average Singaporean has no car, no proper house, no social security and no money. The average Singaporean lives hand to mouth, a day at a time.

Malaysians and Indonesians live much better. Of course they don't have the wealth of Singapore's money launderers, but their cost of living is cheaper, they live in houses, they have cars because they are cheaper, and they don't have to live in fear of Lee Kuan Yew suing you into bankruptcy.

And there is not a single day that passes in the island where you don't see crowds gathered under the high rise HDB apartments with police cars and ambulances. Another Singaporean has just committed suicide by jumping off their high rise government owned apartments.

In Singapore on average 2 people take their lives every day. The preferred methods are jumping off high rise buildings and throwing themselves on to high speed trains.

The trains are delayed everyday because of having to extricate bone and twisted flesh because the wheels of trains and the machinery under them almost turn the person into a mess as if he was put through a meat grinder. The dead man of course is no longer recognizable.

This sort of poverty does not exist in the West.

Singaporeans 4th richest? Baloney!

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Anonymous said...

extracted from temasek review

October 8, 2010 at 7:59 pm
The “singaporeans” included in the Credit Suisse research contains many super-rich PRs, as PRs are counted as singaporeans even in official statistics. Many readers here do not realise that for the past 2 years, there have been many multi-billionaires, rich actors & celebrities obtaining PR status and moving much of their wealth into Singapore and buying up District 9, 10, 11 bungalows and condos. They are doing this:
1) to obtain PR via economic route (recently increased to minimum $2.5M),
2) to escape paying high taxes to their home countries, as many Western countries desperately need money and are raising tax rates.
The big increase in “wealth effect” and the huge sky-rocketing property prices mostly benefit only a relatively small group of people, the top 20%-30% of the population. And most of the money & wealth circulates only within the top elite circle; the money does not trickle down to the rest of the lower economic status people.
That’s why most people (70%-80%) don’t feel that rich even with property boom. If you only have 1 flat that you are staying in, the price increase is rather meaningless. If you can sell your flat for high price, that means all other homes in Singapore also expensive. So unless you’re prepared to live in Changi Beach or downsize to 1-rm flat, or live on the streets, otherwise the money locked-up in your flat is useless.

Anonymous said...

Taken from

October 9, 2010 at 12:11 am
ever heard of the joke:
When Bill Gates enters a room, suddenly everyone became a millionaire! we are refering to their average income…

Anonymous said...

Well said. It is also true that since LKY implemented the no retirement policy, many retirees are having 2 meals a day instead of 3, taking cold shower instead of warm shower, in every way trying very hard to spend less so than they can survive.

Anonymous said...

Well-known blogger, Ran Yunfei, wrote, "In an era in which the Internet is gradually making information available to everyone, trying to hide from any Chinese the news that Liu Xiaobo has won the Nobel Peace Prize is hopelessly stupid behavior — the more one tries to hide it, the more obvious it becomes."

Long live the Internet, which is the nemesis of despots everywhere, including Singapore.

Anonymous said...

My Singaporean Malay friends and family will believe it totally...because they are so brainwashed into thinking that Singapore is the best of everything. Gopalan, please help me change this mindset.

My own Malay family members in Singapore are so blind even though they live in practical poverty. My elder brother has a degree from NUS but could not find a job because of discrimination from the Chinese. My second brother was retrenched from HDB after working 20 years, but taken back under a contract system. Now he lives from hand to mouth.

I was fortunate as to have escaped out to Canada. But try telling my family to join me. They said that I have made a mistake going there!!

While I don't live in luxury here, I have a 3 storey house with garden and two cars. I have satellite TV and a wonderful climate in perpetual "air-con".

Gopalan, can you target the Malays in your blogs? Can you help me open their eyes? Can you tell them that Islam is strong in Canada and its not strongest in Singapore? Can you help me undo the PAP brainwashing of them into total ignorant dummies that they are now?

You have been doing Singaporeans a great service, this much I know. I know you have written many articles about Malay ignorance. Write something about Malay stupidity and command them to seek a better life outside of Singapore. The PAP regime would only be too happy to let them go in their quest to make Singapore Malay free. And Gopalan, you have much more than 18 followers. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

The document the Chinese Communists and their stooges in Singapore don'y want you to see can be found here:


Anonymous said...

My Singaporean friend agreed with and feels nothing against the ST article even though he is just living hand to mouth and earning a meagre salary. There are indeed wealthy Singaporeans and he knows he is not part of them.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous Sat Oct 09, 09:05. This is why the system in Singapore will not change in a very long time. As much as we do feel strongly for a change, most of us do not really exercise our right for the change when the time comes. We would rather complain and criticise and retreat in our own shell and indulge in self pity. Most of us would rather believe that this is our fate for living hand to mouth and uncritically accept that we are one of the world's richest.

Anonymous said...

To Anon Sat Oct 09, 10:26:00 AM. I would say that this mindset does not just belong to the Malays but many Chinese and Indians as well. The more independant and forward thinking ones have left the country ; like you. While the domesticated ones, those who would rather have a secure living, even if it means a lifetime of living from mouth to foot ;their argument is- its better to have a mouth to foot living rather than not having any at all. Too bad, the malay community has lost a bright mind like you but you can't blame them coz they do not treasure people of your mindset.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous of Oct 9, 1102,

Sorry to correct you but in the US, Green Card Holders or H1B non immigrant workers are not Americans.

But the question of who is an American is a non issue because this is not a formal definition. The formal legal definition is US Citizen.

But if in fact you would want to use this term, then foreigners no matter whether lawful permanent residents or non immigrants are certainly not American.

In the same vein, I don't think the word Singaporean would normally include a Chinese PRC permanent resident or anyone else for that matter.

I would certainly feel outraged if someone who has just arrived from somewhere else now calls himself a Singaporean, whereas I was born there.

I do not know how it is in Australia but I suppose each country has it's own acceptances.