Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Singaporean's greatest enemy, the Lee Kuan Yew government

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The greatest enemy of the average Singaporean is their own government, that is Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP.

The Singapore state owned and controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition of Oct 13, 2010 has this cruel story, "Minimum wage won't work". In it, the Lee Kuan Yew's handpicked Minister for Labor says "employers have strongly opposed the idea of a minimum wage and debunked recent claims it (a legal minimum wage) would be effective in helping the country's low wage earners". He says "the nasty consequences (of a legal minimum wage) include raising business costs driving up joblessness, pushing up costs of living and eroding Singapore's competitive edge, while doing little to lessen income equality"

Without more anyone with average intelligence knows this is a whole load of hogwash.

Had this man made such a heartless statement in France, Greece or India, or other self respecting people, he would probably be badly beaten up and made to eat his words, literally.

They would have given him the paper and made him eat it. He is lucky he lives in Singapore since the islanders there have been so much intimidated by Lee Kuan Yew as to be terrified even by their own shadows, he is not likely to be molested, good for him.

And why a man like this making a government statement which is so unreal and so dishonest, a normal human being would have to check himself before doing something he may regret to this cruel man.

Let me explain. Despite all the literature and the wisdom behind the need for any self respecting society to have a minimum wage, the Lee Kuan Yew government using minions like this man, simply refuse to enact such a law for it's people.

And what happens in this tin pot dictatorship is this, any employer can pay anything he wants to his employees, $1 and hour $0.50 cents an hour or whatever. The employee is free either to take the job at this pitiful wage or leave it.

And while this criminality against the Singaporean wage earner goes on, the cost of living in Singapore continues to rise. At the minimum, for a family of 3, you need on average at least $1500 per month.

And while this injustice goes on, the Lee Kuan Yew government using minions such as this man, permits hundreds of thousands of immigrants from low wage countries to enter Singapore for work, where there is no laws to ensure that Singaporeans are given jobs first before foreigners.

In other words, although you may find it unbelievable, Singapore employers today are giving jobs to these recent immigrants from these low cost countries like China while Singaporeans either do not have jobs or even it they do, have to accept the very low wages that these recent immigrants from low cost China, Malaysia, Burma and Bangladesh are prepared to accept.

Put briefly, this minion of Lee Kuan Yew is carrying on a policy where they are deliberately attracting increasing numbers of foreign cheap labor, to deliberately give them jobs at the expense of Singapore citizens, to deliberately lower the Singaporean wages because they want to be "competitive".

In fact the wages have become so low because of this policy that no matter how many jobs you do, your income does not match the increasing cost of living in Singapore. As a result, the state controlled newspapers are covered daily with reports of crimes from theft to burglary to murder. Somehow Singaporeans have to find money to survive in this concrete jungle of a city.

What good is "competition" if a Singaporean cannot feed his family and is forced to commit suicide at the rate of 2 a day either by jumping off high rise buildings minus parachutes, and willy nilly lying down on train tracks so the 3.45pm to Yishun will run over him and kill him!

And this is why I am asking good people like Dr. Chee Soon Juan and others to gather around a thousand working men and women in their overalls and tools to march to Lee Kuan Yew, the dictator's palace to demand justice. Stop doing this. Stop bringing in foreign cheap labor to suppress and deny the rights of Singaporeans who have a right to a decent livelihood.

Comrades, this is injustice.

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Anonymous said...

Now, this begs the question of the unemployment statistics. Is that a reason why unemployment is so low? And for all that rhetoric, any Tom, Dick and Harry would know that employers will oppose the minimum wage law, I wonder why this chairborne bureaucrat decided to 'consult the employers'?

Anonymous said...

The Minister in the article, Lim Swee Say, is actually a Minister in the Prime Minister's Office. He is also the Secretary-General of the country's National Trades Union Congress (i.e. trade union.) It is inconceivable for a trade union chief who is supposed to represent workers' interest to oppose minimum wage and aligns with big business interests. But this is Singapore where the trade union chief is appointed by the governing party.

According to Wikipedia, Lim Swee Say, as a Member of Parliament, got into the position without being elected. So really this person does not have any mandate from the electorate and workers yet he is in a position to affect people's lives. How ironic!

Anonymous said...

The reason why they do not implement minimum wage is very simple. If minimum wage is implemented, then the cost of hiring foreign workers will be very much higher because of the levies imposed. This will reverse the current situation where it is cheaper to hire foreign workers. So of course they cannot allow the ever increasing number of FWs which are currently employed to decrease because this will result in very drastic drop in levies collected. The current monthly levies collected would easily run into a few hundred millions of dollars. This is where the money is used to pay LSS's and the 30 odd Munsters their million dollar salaries. This shows that they are absolutely selfish only to protect their fat rice bowl. They are not concerned about the sufferings of the average Singaporean. Of course Singaporeans should deserve to suffer for voting the hyenas into power all the time.

Anonymous said...

Dr Chee asks Judge to check PAP’s abuse of power

“ We are asking the Judiciary to protect the rights of the opposition and hence the rights of the citizens of this country.”


sunny said...


In singapore where got justice. justice only for lky families and pap regime.

Anonymous said...

@GN wrote: "Singaporean's greatest enemy, the Lee Kuan Yew government"

No shit, where are our alleged 'enemies'? Malaysia? Indonesia? China? Its none other than the PAP which Lau Cheebye has usurped the country, 'recolonized' it into their own personal fucking fiefdom to suck every Singaporean dry for the benefit of his LEE Dynasty!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, for all those reasons (and then some), LKY and his completely corrupt ministers ARE the average Singaporean's worst enemy.

If Singapore were a true democracy, LKY and his minions would have been booted from office long ago. Unfortunately, history has proven time and again that no despot or dictator has ever willingly stepped down from power.

For the sake for all Singaporeans, I hope there's a bullet with LKY's name on it somewhere out there.

Anonymous said...

if a poor singaporean became rich , would he feel any loyalty to singapore? i should think not, after all the pap did not help him. even if he does not leave singapore he is likely to encourage his children to migrate.by treating the poor as expendable, pap will ensure that singaporeans feel no loyalty to singapore and leave if they can.