Friday, December 10, 2010

Singapore. A call worldwide for protestors

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The cry of freedom and liberty is no longer confined within a country's borders, it is international. The injustice done to the Palestine is as much a concern of the Palestinians as they are for an Englishman, a German an Australian or anyone else anywhere in the world, as we see instances of Americans protesting on the streets of Tel Aviv or Haifa for their cause or in Istanbul defending the cause of the Kurds.

And that is why I ask those around the world to lend a hand to those oppressed in Singapore through the denial of their fundamental human rights. Singapore is well known for it's almost non existence of human rights; no freedom of speech, expression or assembly and where the entire media is owned and controlled by the government's "propaganda department".

We also know that the people of Singapore are incapable of speaking up against this injustice fearing a legendary swift and punishing retaliation, resulting in the dissident suffering persecution their entire lives.

Only 2 days ago, we read of an recently formed organization's application to the government for a permit to walk from Hong Lim Park to Parliament House on World Democracy Day, a distance no more than 1 kilometer, turned down with a totally lame excuse that it may cause public disorder. As for the organization whose rights have been so blatantly denied, other than to file an appeal, which they know will be denied again, they have no plans for any other action.

This is the sort of fear under which Singaporeans live today. The government can simply deny any right you may have, and you are powerless to do anything about it.

And that is why, I call upon freedom loving people all over the world to lend a hand to the Singaporeans who are afraid to resist. Australians Englishmen or anyone else should enter Singapore to conduct public protests and civil disobedience. If arrested our foreign friends are unlikely to face any serious punishment other than a swift drive to the airport and deportation. If they did prosecute, it would turn out to be another instance of very bad publicity for the dictatorial regime. Either way, such public protests is plus for the universal cause of freedom by the free people of the world.

If human rights organizations and groups around the world are reading this, please come to Singapore in groups, or even singly, to publicly protest the lack of basic human rights. I am sure the oppressed in Singapore would appreciate what you do for them which they themselves are incapable of doing, while it may turn out to be the catalyst that emboldens Singaporeans to do the same.

Though your help, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel for these Singaporeans who struggle under the yoke of this authoritarian government.

So for those from the free world reading this, combine your next visit to Singapore into an action for civil disobedience against the human rights violations there. If you did this, and it became more frequent, the government would be forced to rethink their hard line stance over their people.

Today this regime simply bull dozes their way over their citizens, knowing they are too weak to resist. It only takes a few concerned foreigners to put them in their place.

And a big thank you to the readers around the world and hope you would would ponder a thought about this plan, which I believe is an important tool in the quest for democracy in Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

A more practical approach is for protesters all over the world to stage protests outside the Singapore Embassy in their respective countries with maximum publicity in the media. Protests in support of Nelson Mandela has notably taken place in London when the South African apartheid government was in power.

Anonymous said...

The poor and the oppressed in Singapore needs to be noticed.

See link:

Anonymous said...

Hey Gopalan,
Organize a demonstration at the Singapore Embassy in DC.

Spread the word.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous,

Orgainsing protests outside Singapore is unlikely to be effective with the present situation. The world is largely unaware of the scale of the repression in Singapore because there is no unrest within the country. With calm previaling in Singapore, protests in world capitals are not going to happen.

In previous South Africa, the ANC was very active within the country with mass protests and civil disobedience, making the world aware of the situation.

First there has to be mounting agitation within Singapore before any action outside will have any effect.

That is why I call for help for the protest movement in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

A post from

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's private remarks about North Koreans being "psychopathic" and its leader Kim Jong Il "a flabby old chap" is one of the leaked documents amongst the more than 250,000 diplomatic cables that will be publicly exposed on WikiLeaks.

These remarks were made during a meeting with US Deputy Secretary James B Steinberg in May last year.

Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a stern statement chastising the leak, saying that disclosing such confidential document would only "serve to sow confusion".

Anonymous said...

There are still overwhelming number of Singaporeans who will want a bad PAP government over an unknown government.

Take me for instance, even if I protest against PAP, my mother will report me to the police, and there will be 16 other relatives who will support her. My 8 or 9 uncles who complains about PAP in coffee shops will pee in their pants going against PAP. They would rather sit on the fence and let me be eaten up by the Singapore dog police.

Just remember, the PAP traitors have a special detention package for those against them.

You were let off lightly because you are American and lawyer.

Singaporeans are falling down anyway - suffering mental problems due to living in a high-stressed repressive society. Luckily for hands-free cellphones, people who are talking to themselves are being ignored.