Sunday, December 19, 2010

Singaporeans going nude, a step in the right direction

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state controlled newspaper, or propaganda sheet, the Straits Times online edition of Dec 18, 2010 has the story "More people going nude". It says the number of people going naked in public there has increased, a phenomenon most improbable for a strait laced island where even Playboy is banned.

The report says on Sunday an unidentified man in his 20s, went to MacDonald's in Queensway naked. On Thursday, a tattooed man sat on a pavement in Ang Mo Kio for several hours before being arrested.

In another report in this paper of Dec 17, 2010 titled "Woman arrested for boarding bus in the buff", a 50 year old woman fully dressed, at a bus stop, quietly took off all her clothes, baring all, and carefully put them in her basket before boarding Bus 22 naked! Given her age of 50 years, one may say there is nothing very much to see, but still quite an acheivement, surely.

I would not blame anyone accusing me of being some sort of an exhibitionist from the title of this post, but I can assure you I am not.

Nevertheless I think it is a step in the right direction because I don't think the nudity is because they have suddenly become ultra liberals or sun worshippers, rather I think the reasons lie elsewhere; perhaps a protest of sorts against the repression they live under Lee Kuan Yew's one party Stalinist state.

Though I may be completely wrong, the reason I think is this. Singaporeans know they are living under a dictatorship pure and simple, with no free press, no independent judiciary, with no right to free speech or expression, or the right to peacefully assemble. In other words they know they have no rights at all.

While they want to protest these injustices, they dare not, because to do it in Singapore is nothing short of suicidal, resulting in dismissal from jobs (take Dr. Chee Soon Juan's case of dismissal from professorship), demotion in careers, and life long persecution at the hands of this merciless octogenarian. So instead of protesting against human rights denials, they instead do it indirectly, through public nudity, which they know does not result in the painful punishments they would otherwise suffer.

Deliberately going out in public naked, I think, is a form of protest against the government's excesses and repression. And if my thinking is correct on this, it should be welcome because protesting this way, would very probably lead to the real thing, protesting openly for their rights, with their clothes on this time. That I hope is the case here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan,

Would you care to address the SGX takeover of ASX?

On several occasions you stated in your blog post that Australian's are people with pride. So how do you explain this deal?


Anonymous said...

the old lady must be stressed and worried about her cpf money being held till she uplorry.the young guy is just nuts la.

Anonymous said...

It definitely sound like testing the political water.

Move aside WiliLeaks, meet SingaNaked - there is nothing to hide, Emperor Lee Kuan Yew wear no clothes as well.

No need to hide behind the authoritative uniform, show your true self.

Anonymous said...

Apparently there were 105 reported cases of offenders going nude in the first 6 months of 2010 alone.

This decline in morality is bespoke of LKY's colony in transcient nudism, a nation that is morally bankrupt. Many of the offenders did it because of economic pressures to gain attention of the authorities on their plight. Believe me they have not done it out of naturism but out of economic altruism. They are the economically marginalised people in LKY's colony.

Its the easiest and non-violent manner to intentionally commit an offence to draw attention to their economic plight. They are beggars in disguise, so in LKY's colony there are no beggars in the true sense of the word. Its the ugly side of Singapore and these people also knows how to save face not been labeled a beggar. It is painful but true. So let the truth be known LKY.

Stop charading it as quoted in AANR

According to American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR)

"Self-esteem is enhanced in the nudist world, where body acceptance is the norm. Conversation seems to come easier. Many report the “time warp” phenomenon. A one day respite spent clothes-free seems to relax people more than an entire weekend elsewhere. Without clothes, stress seems to melt away."

The truth is these economically marginalised people are protesting against the LKY junta.

Anonymous said...

Yes Gopalan

It will be good if you can do a blog on the SGX-ASX deal. In whose national interest, Singapore or Australia is such a deal? How cunning is Lee Kuan Yew in such a deal? If the deal have the blessings of China? The straight talking Australians will be taken for a ride, you bet. The Aussies will lose their kitty in corporate tax collections with Singapore being a conduit to tax havens like Cayman Islands. The Aussies are stupid to do a deal like this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right regarding the blogging of this ASX-SGX deal, moreover the biggest blow will be on a decent nation like New Zealand because local and foreign investors in NZ will be looking at SG or Aust for opportunities should the deal go through. This would even further generate more hostilities and animosity towards Singaporeans.

I bet Temasek Holdings and China is behind this deal. How could Australians be dumb enough to even entertain this deal but anyway the Aust Parliament and the Treasurer has to lift the ban on such deals and as far as the opposition is concerned in Australia, they are going to put up a tough fight, PM Julia has only 1 seat majority that's why she won the election so she better be cautious.

Anonymous said...

You do not need a thesis to refute the acquisition of ASX. The reasons are:

(1) ASX is not a pure "commercial entity". It is also governed by local law to regulate its own interest. The law may change if the Aussie find out they have a bad deal. The premium paid by Singaporeans may evaporate!
(2) ASX is closely linked to national interest. Do you think the Aussie will let you take it and eat it. They have their responsibility in guarding their own interest; Singapore must gaurd its own interest too.
(3) Take over ASX hurts the feeling of Aussie ordinary people. If you want to make money from people, you must not hurt their feeling, to start with.

From a dejected Singaporean

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew have all the pieces lined up for this SGX acquisition.

The CEO of Singapore Airlines Chew Choon Seng is now the CEO of SGX. He's got Temasek Holdings restructured with 3 Presidents working under Ho Ching so that they can take the flaks and not having to call for a resignation of Ho Ching in the future.

Its the mining giants and Qantas that Singapore and China are after. What they could not do by the front door, they do it through the back door. It was lost face when the Qantas deal was paralysed 2 years ago. All the private capital pumping money into its acquisition. Lee Kuan Yew was behind all this. He wanted Qantas so badly.

Now before his coffin close he wants to see SGX succeed in swallowing up ASX. This feeds his ego.

Anonymous said...

To first comment poster:

I guess SGX took over ASX because it paid too high price for it.

This would mean it is likely the deal would not turn into profit at least not in the short future. it's even likely the deal will result in another loss perhaps.

The only thing I can conceive why the proud Australians are letting Singapore to come in.

Anonymous said...


Soiled panties for sale.. sex with 12-year-old girl .. a public bus ride with a naked woman: These recent headlines herald the advent of a more sexually liberal city. By Seah Chiang Nee.
Jan 1, 2011

A USEFUL message to greet the New Year today in Singapore could have read something like this:

“Caution! Visitors to this island are advised to be careful of a mysterious syndrome that drives victims to shed off all their clothes in public.”

It could be timely preparation, given the recent surge of such happenings as a more liberal generation leaves its mark on this once prudish city.

The government had long hoped for a new vibrancy to push Singapore into the ranks of a top world city. Well, in recent years, it has got a little of that wish – but not all to its liking.

As promiscuity rises, one phenomenon has almost everyone scratching his head.

Amidst reports of a teenage girl selling her soiled underwear online and a young trainee teacher having sex with a 12 and a 15-year-old girl, interest centred on public nudity, including the following cases: -

* A man in his 20s went buck naked into a fast-food outlet to buy coffee (his custom was refused);

* A middle-aged man found sitting nude on a suburban pavement; and

* A middle-aged woman took off all her clothes and boarded a public bus, rejecting a jacket to cover up. The driver ordered her to sit at the back with the women, away from the men until her arrest.

They all happened in the past two weeks, their video shots instantly producing up to 50,000 hits online.

Meanwhile, Felicia, a teenager offered to sell her used underwear for up to S$45 a pair.

“All the panties will be worn by me for at least 12 hours,” she pledged. Total sales - 12 pairs!

The most famous streak was that of a Singaporean A*Star (biotech research) scholar and her Swedish schoolmate, who were fined after they strolled stark naked through Holland Village last year.

“Those crazy Singaporeans can’t seem to keep their pants on in public lately,” expatriate Jeff Mills wrote before Christmas Day.

“The country best known for semiconductor wafers and caning has seen a rash of indecent exposure and slow streaking cases recently.”

Adding to the tempo was the first reported case of a 30-year-old Filipino maid offering to appear in the nude on webcam sex for money on the Net.

And last week a China girl who drowned while swimming naked at a rich man’s house several months ago was pronounced an accident.

At about the same time a nude 19-year-old girl was rescued clinging onto the second floor window of a hotel.

She explained she ended there by accident after a Christmas Eve bash with some girl friends.

The trend of indecent exposure has been rising since 2007.

Today an average of one case is reported every other day despite the threat of S$2,000 fine or up to three months in jail.

According to published figures, there were 105 cases in the first six months of 2010, compared with 166 for 2009, 146 in 2008 and 136 in 2007.