Sunday, December 12, 2010

Singapore's democracy an endangered species

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean once had the Dodo bird, which the islanders hunted into extinction. Today that extinct bird is the island's national symbol.

Singapore's original inhabitants were the Malays, while the British colonists brought into the island huge numbers of Chinese and Indians workers. The Malays who should have protested this overrunning of their island instead did nothing to complain. Today the Malays are not quite the Dodo birds of Mauritius but they are almost extinct, marginalized, discriminated and neglected. Today, there are no more than 13% of them in the island who primarily work as office boys and coolies for the Chinese who have become their masters, a tragic irony in the island which had initially belonged to them. Not too distant in the future, the fate of the Dodo bird may well befall them too. And perhaps, after they are extinct, they too, like the Mauritian bird, can be made the symbol of Singapore.

And it is the same with democracy, the most important asset that Singaporeans should cherish and protect. But over the years with the Lee Kuan Yew regime, we see the gradual erosion of democracy in the island, which is the right of the people enshrined in the Constitution.

But today, as the government takes away the right to free speech, the right to free press, the right to assembly and the right to peaceful protest, no one complains, while the country slowly descends into an utter police state. The Singapore Democratic Party, the only organization with any credibility for standing up for freedom does nothing substantial, except to write never ending articles in their newspaper the Singapore Democrats which Lee Kuan Yew promptly ignores. They have a lot of valuable information in their website and periodically hold rallies and make speeches at Hong Lim Park, the one place which Lee Kuan Yew permits for public speaking, rallies which are invariably attended to by a handful of the usual suspects.

And this regular boring round of activities goes on ad nasuem. The website articles, the speeches and rallies at Hong Lim Park and nothing more. The government on their part, does whatever they want towards further tightening the laws against their people, and publish their actions in their state controlled press. The Singapore Democratic Party similarly regularly condemns these transgressions over their rights, which Lee Kuaan Ye promptly ignores.

And then we hear of a handful of young men and women from the Singapore Democratic Party sent overseas for democracy training exercises in collaboration from those of other countries. And then these young men, having been wiser by their experience, make even more speeches which the public promptly ignores.

And then we are back to square one again.

At least I have something to say about Dr. Chee's Singapore Democratic Party. As for the others, they are simply dead, who will come alive just before the elections and immediately thereafter become dead again.

I am sure the reader will see the frustration in my writing. I am sure you are aware of the following, which is, the SDP is also completely aware of the disadvantage of doing nothing to challenge the dictatorship; they are aware that merely making speeches and holding rallies at Hong Lim Park is not going to do it, and they are aware that some other drastic action has to be taken to make the change.

One thing I know is that there are a number of people in Singapore who want change. And change does not need millions of people to bring it about, all it takes is a handful to break these unjust laws and openly protest inviting arrest. The arrests will publicize the cause and the others who are equally yearning for change will follow. And when the few more join hands, then the multitude will also follow.

We have to provoke Lee Kuan Yew's government to retaliate and use violence on us, and when we are arrested, more will follow and then there will be the unstoppable flood. And then there has to be change. This has to be done from within Singapore not outside. And when the violence and repression becomes known to the world, others around the world can join in to eventually topple this regime.

At this moment all I can do is to write and keep this blog alive and a thorn on Lee Kuan Yew's side. I want to see change in the island and it pains me to see nothing happening. Speeches and more speeches is not going to do the trick. Provoking the Singapore government into violence will.

As for the elections, don't hold your breath. Lee Kuan Yew and friends will win again, by hook or by crook.

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Anonymous said...

singaporeans will not protest unless there is widespread unemployment.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous of Dec 12,0857,
I know that. What I am asking is for the few who are committed to do it, and the rest will follow. At least that is my hope.

Anonymous said...

Many $ingaporean$ belong to the LKY cult. They are been breed to work work work for peanut$ nut$ nut$.

They have no idea how democracy works. They are peaceful people who will keep the harmony - because democracy = riots/uncertainty/no jobs

Perhaps it is a human trait. I heard a Malaysian talking about the good old innocent years. Salary $1100, Car $11,000 and house $21,000. He pity the younger generation.

Perhaps, Singapore youngsters are the hope. Without parents' help, they will be the new working poor who will be ripe for political reform.

Singapore just cannot afford a expensive PAP govt anymore.

Anonymous said...

Actually LKY is dying, neuron by neuron. His own mistakes will lead to his auto-self-destruction. So there is really no need to do anything. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans don't hold lofty inspirations thanks to Lee Kuan Yew.

Terrified people make their own cell.
They are more a slave than precious critical human being. Too cowardly to make any stand or even think right.


Anonymous said...

Will not work, look at neighbour Burma, how the regime deals with the protestors and futher more Singaporeans are well fed and complacent.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is a dirty word in Singapore. To LKY democracy existed pre LKY's era when he was a left wing trade unionist's lawyer. He was then shouting "Merdeka" After he came into power democracy took a different turn. It became "Money-lah" lining his pockets and his cronies. Imagine his salary increased from $36,000 a year to $3.7 million today.

Anonymous said...

People in Singapore live in fear of the government. Rebellion is not within their vocabulary.

Living in fear over the long-term have caused the people to be psychopathics or manifest characteristics of schizophrenia. This is mass mental torture by LKY. Perhaps a case should be brought to the International Court of Jusctice for the psychiatric crimes committed by LKY or Gopalan you may wish to lodge a complaint with the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights.

Anonymous said...

You brave man. You don't need a visa to enter Singapore.

Come to JB, and have someone smuggle into Singapore by boat. You can then lead the protestors.

Come on. What's a few months in LKY's prison.

Anonymous said...

Entering Singapore illegally is an offence punishable inter-alia with mandatory caning. Unless Gopalan wish to have a few lashes to his back this is not an option.

Anonymous said...

Pls dont blame LKY. Singaporeans are by nature stupid. Singaporeans themselves should take the entire responsibility for creating LKY.

Anonymous said...

"You brave man. You don't need a visa to enter Singapore.

Come to JB, and have someone smuggle into Singapore by boat. You can then lead the protestors.

Come on. What's a few months in LKY's prison."

Are you out of your freaking mind?
Mr. Nair does not need to waste his time and energy in Stinkgapore.

His blog is enough and the real version of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have reached a point of no return by divesting its powers at the ballot boxes to LKY and his cronies. An air of indifference to politics, "boh chap" and just earn the $. This is the generic atypical of most Singaporeans.

The people will only wake up if the PAP is dissolved. Get a plane in and down the Marina Bay Sands skyscrapers to change the Singapore skyline and politics.

Anonymous said...

Democracy to LKY is the freedom of speech to malign other governments in the region. Read the Wikileak remarks. They reportedly included senior officials saying Kuala Lumpur lacked competent leadership and as a result, "the situation in neighbouring Malaysia is confused and dangerous".

There is freedom of speech in relation to speaking about other countries except Singapore. What the fish is that.

Anonymous said...

Tag on this link and enjoy reading

One of the age old habits of Singaporeans inculcated by the LKY junta is to talk about everybody else except oneself. This is the hallmark of every Singaporean today i.e. to exercise free speech to talk about others except themselves. And even then a favourite caveat as an afterthought "Off the record, don't quote me"

From the wikileaks exchanges it is very evident of such a trait in the senior foreign affairs officials exchange with other diplomats. This is the LKY rubberstamp inherent in all his bootlickers.

This is the way they trade ahead of the curve. To put others down and lift your own ego up. Shame on you Singaporeans. No perfume of Arabia will wash away this trait so ingrained in their mentality.

Anonymous said...

Wikileaks have opened up the floodgates of the true freedom of speech hidden behind diplomatic immunity. Let the floodgates remain open and truth shall prevail in all aspects of the human chatter. This will lead to greated freedom of speech, the liberties of the individual and consequentially democracy.

Let the freedom of speech be promulgated in spirit and letter of the Constitution.