Friday, February 4, 2011

The problem with disbarring Gopalan Nair in Singapore

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wonder whether the Singapore government and their state controlled Law Society have actually thought out the wider ramifications of disbarring Gopalan Nair in Singapore, for criticizing Singapore judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean in this blog among others.

Gopalan Nair has been charged in Singapore with criticizing judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean over her judgement in awarding crippling large monetary award of several hundreds of thousands of dollars, in the politically based case of Lee Kuan Yew, the Singapore strongman suing his victim, the opposition politician Dr. Chee Soon Juan in 2008.

Additionally Gopalan Nair is also charged with behaving in a rowdy manner in public in Singapore on July 4, 2008, and shouting racial slurs at a Malay policeman in public, accusations which he denies in it's entirety, as well as reneging on a promise he gave to a Singapore judge in Singapore after he returned to California, as well as writing another blog in the same vein as the Belinda Ang Saw Ean blog from the US attacking another Singapore judge Judith Prakash (Kangaroo Judge) for her abuse of the law to punish free speech.

I have no doubt that I, Gopalan Nair, will be disbarred in Singapore, as we all know the modus operandi of Lee Kuan Yew's government which is to use the law to to silence dissent or better described in the ancient Chinese parable of killing a chicken to silence all the moneys, meaning, I am Lee's chicken, and the Singaporeans his monkeys.

We all agree that Lee Kuan Yew can do anything he wants in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. But have they ever considered that Gopalan Nair is presently also a member of English and Welsh Bars, being on the Rolls of Barristers of England and Wales; as well as an Attorney at Law licenced to practice in California and the US Federal Courts.

As a licenced California lawyer, are the Singapore authorities aware that I am supposed to report any Attorney related discipline or any other finding of misconduct in any part of the world to the State Bar of California, which renders me liable to discipline in California for misconduct anywhere in the world?

I have no doubt that these proceedings against me will not render me liable at the Bar of England and Wales or the State Bar of California. If ever England and Wales or California were to be pushed to make a finding on these events, it is more than probable that I would be commended rather than punished for having the courage to stand up to Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and their corrupt legal system and judiciary.

So I wonder what the Singaporean authorities would do in a situation where I am disbarred from practicing law in Singapore, the ultimate punishment for the most egregious conduct on the part of lawyers whereas the legal professions of England and Wales nor California takes no action at all!

How will Singapore justify their finding of guilt and punishment against me? Would they be arguing that the Singapore standard of Attorney discipline is much higher than either England Wales or California and that is why Gopalan Nair is disbarred there but faces no discipline anywhere else? Or would they argue that England Wales or California all have weak discipline rules and their lawyers are all thugs and crooks while Singaporean lawyers are saints?

Also, it would be interesting to see how these proceedings against Gopalan Nair in Singapore will impact Singapore legal system's credibility. Would the world in fact buy Singapore's argument that this is how lawyers should or should not behave or will Singapore once again have egg in their face, as was the case when the International Bar Association humiliated and gave them a categorical beating when they reported in their 72 page decision some years ago that Singapore's courts are merely Kangaroo Courts which put away Lee Kuan Yew's critics to perpetuate his one party state rule?

I would of course be reporting in this blog the arguments put forward by the Singaporean judges for disbarring me which would make interesting reading for anyone interested in the goings on of Uniquely Singapore as they call themselves.

I have a feeling that the Singaporean authorities responsible for commencing these legal proceedings from as far back as May 2008, today regret their actions as they never expected the way in which it has turned out. Perhaps they realize this time, they picked the wrong victim whom they should have best left alone.

After arresting me for writing the blog in Singapore in May 2008, instead of just giving up, which I think they expected me to do, I kept the issue alive for a full six months in Singapore; enough time for the entire world to slowly realize what was being done in Singapore in the name of the law.

Not satisfied with that, after returning to California I have continued to write about their misuse of the law, which I expect prompted them to commence these disciplinary proceedings.

I am not sure but if I can guess, whoever's pea brained idea it was to start this thing against me in the first place, regrets very much starting what they did. Perhaps it would have been much better for them to just quietly deport me in May 2008, the moment I wrote the Belinda Ang Saw Ean blog, without all this, as that way they would have been at least partially saved from the huge worldwide embarrassment they now suffer.

Among others, I wonder whether my impending Singaporean disbarment would have any impact on Lee Kuan Yew's ambition of making Singapore, fist the legal hub of South East Asia, then Asia and then the World!

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mycroft said...

The best laid plans of mice and PAP come a cropper again! As soon as you are disbarred by the lick-spittle S'pore Law Society, do report their action with haste to the Bar of England and Wales and the State Bar of California.

When the inevitable 'no case to answer' letter arrives from these worthy organisations, publish it juxtaposed against the disbarment letter from the SLS. Should make for a few chortles from the legal fraternity outside of Lee's kangaroos and maybe some embarrassment if they're still capable of that emotion.

You probably know that a Singapore lawyer has called for an extraordinary AGM to vote that the SLS be given the chop on the grounds that it does sweet bugger-all except provide cushy perks for its management committee.