Thursday, February 3, 2011

Singaporeans should act before it is too late

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Is it not enough for Singaporeans to be reminded daily of Singapore's descent into oblivion; that native Singaporeans are dying, there are no children being born, that almost to the man everyone who can is leaving the island, that foreigners will or have already replaced the local population, that very soon there will be no more real Singaporeans left!

For a small island nation like Singapore, you will be surprised how many live outside. There is one if not several Singapore associations in Wellington New Zealand, Auckland New Zealand, Sydney Australia, Melbourne, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. I won't be surprised if there is a Singapore Association in Vladivostok, Eastern Siberia, Asiatic Russia!

The situation is precarious as anyone with eyes can see. It is so bad, it is now most certainly terminal. Like global warming Singapore's descent into total destruction is now almost beyond salvation, having passed the threshold of no return. Unless Singaporeans do something about it, the island is going to the dogs. It is literally descending into oblivion.

Today, if only you took the trouble to find out, you will know how dire the situation is. In Singapore's civil service, in an island where English is supposed to be the official business language, you have new Chinese immigrant workers incapable of even understanding simple English, because all the English speakers have gone. Can you imagine what this means? Official correspondence and memos are either not being sent or they are being sent illegible, because the civil servants lack sufficient English knowledge. Police officers are unable to write reports for lack of English.

This was not the situation in Singapore even as recently as 15 years ago, when the best and the brightest of Singapore's educated joined the Singapore Civil Service, a service modelled on that of the British. Today in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, it has been thoroughly discredited and seen as Lee Kuan Yew's tool to destroy his political opponents, resulting in massive resignations from it's ranks.

With huge numbers of Singaporean educated leaving, Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore finds it hard to replace those who left, given the fact that Lee does not want English speakers from Australia and the Western world for fear they may not be as submissive for his tastes, since Lee's ideal Singaporean is one who timidly submits to his dictates like a slave or an idiot.

With the diminishing talent pool of Chinese with English proficiency to cater for Lee Kuan Yew's political agenda, the point has reached now when there are simply not enough English speaking Chinese anywhere in the world whom he could use in Singapore.

You understand what this means of course. The remaining Singaporeans, who are themselves declining in numbers due to massive emigration and insufficient childbirth leave behind only those unskilled and uneducated who will simply not be accepted anywhere else. Increasing numbers of unskilled and unqualified Singaporeans mean productivity and competitiveness declining and Singapore as what we knew literally dispppearing into oblivion.

And here is my message to Dr. Chee and the others who care for Singapore. If you care for Singapore, do something tangible now. Merely writing the blog Singapore Democrat is all well and good, but that is not enough. Singapore is disappearing before your very eyes.

It is quite clear that the PAP cannot and will not do anything to save Singapore. They are destroying it by bringing in hordes of unskilled foreigners who do not improve the quality of Singapore at all. At the same time, they are doing nothing to stop massive brain drain which is almost completely emptying the island of it's skilled people.

If Dr. Chee did nothing more than writing blog articles and contesting elections for his party members, he knows he is will not get anywhere. Since Dr. Chee, as he himself has stated, wants history to judge him, persisting on doing the same is not going to achieve it. Instead of history crediting him with moving Singapore to democracy, it will say that he did nothing different for his entire political career except to fight elections which he consistently lost, write articles in his blog and to allow Lee Kuan Yew to repeatedly punish him.

Dr. Chee has always blamed Lee Kuan Yew for his inflexibility and inability to move with the times; capable of being Machiavelli and nothing more. It is true Lee Kuan Yew is guilty of that. But Dr. Chee is also guilty of the same mistake. For 30 years or so, all he has done is to contest elections which he invariably loses due to Lee's dirty tricks and nothing else. Surely if what he has done for 30 years has not worked, it is time he changed his game plan.

I do not believe that Singaporeans are so stupid as not to realize how they live as slaves under Lee Kuan Yew. I do not believe that Singaporeans are not aware that Lee Kuan Yew is insulting their intelligence by denying them their fundamental human rights. I do not believe that the entire Singapore population is a spineless gutless society of people like the minions who lick Lee Kuan Yew's boots for a living, such as K Shanmugam, the Tamil Minister for Law.

If Dr. Chee really wants history to look upon him as a man who stood up for Singapore, not just as a man who wrote blogs and contested elections which he knows he will lose, then he has to get off his seat and into some action. He has to publicly protest the injustices under which he and his fellow Singaporeans suffer. Of course there is a possibly that Singaporeans may not accept this and think of him more of a trouble maker than a statesman. But Dr. Chee knows and the world knows that in the present circumstances in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, the path of peaceful protest and civil disobedience is the only choice for meaningful change.

I may be wrong but this is what I believe. A man acts not because it produces results, he acts because it was right. When a man acts on what is right, it may not produce immediate results, but I am sure of one thing. It is the fastest path to victory which is absolutely certain.

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