Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Straits Times, Singapore's propaganda department goes into full gear

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Predictably Singapore's propaganda department, Lee Kuan Yew's state owned and controlled newspaper the Straits Times on line edition of Feb 1, 2011 reports "Over 90% of Singaporeans happy with quality of life". Not surprising at all why the very very good news just now. After all the national elections are just around the corner and it is time to ratchet up the good news. This is how all one party state dictatorships like Singapore function around the world.

It says "Singaporeans have higher levels of confidence in the country's future and economy......", "When asked if they were satisfied with the way Singapore was being run, 96% said "yes"', etc etc. All very nice indeed, but the truth is, just as in dictatorships around the world, completely opposite. It is like the former Soviet newspapers Pravda and Izvestia churning out the good news in elephant size portions. In fact there was a joke in Russia those days. Pravda in Russian meant "truth" and Izvestia meant "news". The joke was, there is no truth in Pravda and no news in Izvestia, because when wheat production has dropped rock bottom, they would say there was a bumper harvest; when unemployment was at 50%, they would say there was a shortage of workers; when people were going hungry, they would say they were having holidays in San Tropez!

You could say the same about Singapore's state controlled Straits Times; there is neither any "truth" or "news" in it. What else can you expect from a State Controlled newspaper anyway, except propaganda? This government report is from Reach, Lee Kuan Yew's feedback arm. I wonder what response you would have got from Dr. Chee Soon Juan if he was asked the same questions, not so rosy I suppose.

I am tempted to use stronger language when describing the nonsense being put out but I must refrain.

Let me ask Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew these questions. If indeed 90% of Singaporeans are happy with how things are going on there then can he explain the following?

1. Why are 2 people on average jumping off high rise buildings or jumping onto oncoming trains to commit suicide? Why?
2. Why are Singaporeans having the lowest fertility rate in the world, where Singaporeans are almost disappearing by the day, not by pestilence, not by wars, but because no once wants to bring up a family there. Why?
3. Why are almost every single Singaporean, capable of doing so, leaving the island permanently for settlement in the West. Why?
4. Why are almost 80% of the students surveyed recently said they would prefer to live abroad if given the chance. Why?
5. Why are the children of almost every single judge, civil servant, teacher, businessmen either living or studying abroad and refusing to return to Singapore. Why?
6. Why is Lee Kuan Yew's grandson living overseas and refusing to return to Singapore. Why?
7. Why are the 4 daughters of Singapore Kangaroo Judge Judith Prakash all living overseas and not in Singapore. Why?
8. Why is Gopalan Nair, the Singapore Dissident, living in the United States and relinquished his Singapore Citizenship for that of the USA. Why?
9. Why are the multitude of Singaporean students now studying in New Zealand, USA and Australia simply refusing to return to Singapore on completion of their studies. Why?
10. Why is it that the most talented people in the world prefer to move to the West while Singapore only gets those whom no other country wants, without any knowledge of even English? Why?

Are all these things happening because 90% of Singaporeans simply love Singapore as the state controlled propaganda department so proudly says? Do you take us all for a bunch of morons?

The truth is simply the opposite. The people of Singapore simply detest the lives they live and are all clamouring to get out of that "paradise".

My message to Singaporeans before the elections is this. It is the duty of every person who loves freedom to obstruct baulk harm and disrupt the Lee Kuan Yew government as much as possible.

If you agree, then do anything you can to harm the Lee Kuan Yew government . Place any impediment you can in their way. Vote for the opposition. If not spoil the vote but never vote PAP. If for some reason you cannot do either and since voting is compulsory, simply leave the island before election day so you don't have to vote.

Otherwise send your children abroad for an education and tell them not to return. Don't have any babies at all if you live in Singapore, as the paucity of a population hurts the Lee Kuan Yew government the most. If you can emigrate overseas for your own good and future, as there is no future under Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. If you are abroad, discredit the Lee Kuan Yew government at every oppurtunity, to your friends colleagues both publicly and privately.

In other words, if you cherish freedom, try and hurt the Lee Kuan Yew government anyway you can, either from within Singapore or outside.

We all want to see the fall of this dictatorship and each one of us, in your own way can contribute to it's fall. What is happening to Hosni Mubarak and his son should happen to Lee Kuan Yew and son. Work at it my friends. We will after all see the back of Lee Kuan Yew one way or another.

We have to make Lee Kuan Yew realize that he cannot run Singapore on propaganda alone. He has to have the co-operation of the people which we should deny him.

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