Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and his "running dogs"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The term "running dogs" is part of Singapore's history beginning with the Communist uprising, a derogatory term in Chinese, which the Communists used for those who collaborated with the British. It means a servile person or a lackey, who runs around for his master like a dog for personal gain.

Lee Kuan Yew today runs a government comprised entirely of these despicable running dogs, men and women who have no conviction, principles or strong beliefs about anything. In today's Singapore one enters politics to sing Lee Kuan Yew's tune, which means career advancement, money and security; not because anyone had any individual ideas about anything.

Lee Kuan Yew's PAP Centers, Resident Committees, Citizen Consultative Committees, the Peoples Association, colloquially called grass roots organizations, are all organizations to which these running dogs make a bee line for, where they will grovel and lick his boots, in the hope they will be recognized by him and the hope of the consequential benefits and largess that will follow; bums all of them who have no shame or the slightest of self respect.

In Singapore lawyers have no views about the law except that espoused by the Lee government; civil servants have no qualms about persecuting opposition politicians in housing, jobs and careers; and judges have no independent ideas about the law except to do as Lee Kuan Yew demands. In Singapore the label great lawyer or judge does not mean the subject of the praise has any skill or wisdom, it simply means that the individual is a thoroughly trusted lackey of Lee Kuan Yew, willing to do any trick that is demanded of him.

A government such as this, depending on one man alone brings to mind what is happening in Egypt. Hosni Mubarak has been Egypt's Lee Kuan Yew for 30 years, controlling the press, the judiciary, curtailing human rights and basically ruling over the Egyptians as the slaves of a Pharaoh. Just as the saying Egypt is the Nile and the Nile is Egypt, you could also say that Egypt is up till now Mubarak and Mubarak is Egypt, or so we thought.

But look at the situation now, something we could not even dream even a couple of years ago. Mubarak is about to be overthrown and suddenly people wonder what is going to happen to Egypt without him. Mubarak's fingers were at the pulse of every Egyptian organ of state and no one could move without him. I fear Egypt will descend into chaos once he goes.

I fear, the fate of Egypt will be exactly the same for Singapore when Lee Kuan Yew is either pushed out or kicks the bucket. Everything and everybody in Singapore functions at Lee Kuan Yew's behest just as it is in Egypt under Mubarak. No one in Singapore has any personal initiative or any self respect as any individual capable of acting independently. Success does not come with individual effort alone, it comes with Lee Kuan Yew's endorsement.

It is the same with all dictatorships. When the dictator goes, the running dogs are incapable of suddenly adopting leadership roles, as their entire lives were spent doing nothing but licking the dictator's boots.

I am sure a great many Singaporeans are aware of this looming danger on Lee's impending demise or his overthrow, which explains why so many Singaporeans are leaving the island with whatever they have before it is too late. Foreigners have now overtaken local Singaporeans in numbers in their own island, making Singapore now an unstable dysfunctional society where people come to work temporarily for a few years for some money before leaving. I am sure just as I do, many are watching the effects of this constantly changing Singaporean population and whether the pressures on it would be so great that it will collapse alltogether.

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Anonymous said...

yes,we definately need a change. however, if there are so many different parties that are contesting in the election, and everyone has a different way of ruling,different opinions and outlook.how is the country going to run when these parties do no collaborate. why not just let the pap regime continue even if its cruel,selfish, tryannical?whats more, the pap has more experience than these democratic demanding parties whereby they do not have any experience in ruling sg. still, we absolutely need to vote out the pap but the big predicament is will the country do better with the governance of the other parties? will there be a frenzy rush for the parties to get into power?will it be chaotic?even if they do will they rule well?should the pap continue ruling? I think that our politics is now in a stalemate. i ponder what's the best solution for the future of our homeland...

Anonymous said...

gopalan can you tell me ur opinion please?