Sunday, May 15, 2011

Law Society of Singapore vs Gopalan Nair, absolute boredom

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As I had accurately predicted, since the Singapore elections have just been over, Singapore Law Society have started their nonsense again of trying to have me disbarred.

You can see why they waited for the elections to be over before commencing further action, I hope. These proceedings against me are so nonsensical and clearly a misuse of the law to silence dissent, that a few more thousand votes would have gone to the opposition with a few more seats lost.

So to avoid further shame, they wait till the elections are over. As it is, they have suffered their greatest loss in votes and support since the last 52 years, with a GRC and an SMC lost.

Their lawyer has now sent me numerous files, about 15 or so, through the Email which has reached me all garbled and unreadable. In total they amount to over 10,000 pages!

You know, I don't even want to waste my time reading that nonsense. Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore Law Society thinks, very stupidly, that merely sending out about 10,00 pages or so (in fact that is how long their case is) at me, somehow their case being the idiocy that it is, will suddenly make some sense.

What I am going to do of course is to state among the other defenses that I have against this tomfoolery is to say that I have not been properly served with the papers, since they have all reached me garbled.

For the reader who has been following these pages, let me remind you of what this is all about.

1. In 2008, more than 3 years ago, when I was in Singapore, I wrote a blog in Singapore Dissident (May 29, 2008) after attending Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean's disgraceful performance as a judge in a court where she disgracefully forgot her job, and punished Lee Kuan Yew's political opponent Chee Soon Juan purely to silence him and destroy his political career, by ordering him to pay several hundreds of thousands of dollars to Lee.

There could not have been a greater travesty of justice than that.

The word "to prostitute" means someone who abuses his position for a dishonest purpose. I said in the blog "Belinda Ang Saw Ean prostituted herself in her position as a judge by being nothing more than an employee of Lee Kuan Yew and his son". I will say that again, thank you very much. In fact I had said it many times. And those words accurately descibe her disgraceful conduct from May 26 to May 28 2008 in the High Court in Singapore, where I was present as an observer.

2. On July 4 2008, in Singapore I was accosted by some strangers, wearing ordinary clothes, claiming they were policemen and demanded to know what I was doing. I refused. I was physically assaulted for that and suffered injuries. I was arrested. It turns out they are policemen. They charged me for cursing at them. I have denied the charges. I did not yell or curse at them. In any case, you don't disbar a lawyer for cursing at policemen.

3. While in court for charge 2 above, I told the court among other things that it was nothing but a kangaroo court and these charges were politically motivated. I stand by what I said. It was in fact a kangaroo court.

4. When they threw me in prison for 3 months for the Belinda Ang Blogging case, I was taken to court again and charged with contempt of court for my statements in para 3. The judge offered to drop the charges if I was apologized and promised to take down 2 blog posts about the judge in para 3, and not to criticize Singapore judges or their government again. In order not to prolong my stay in jail, I apologized and took down the blog posts and gave the undertaking they wanted. However I had no intention of ever keeping my promise to these bullies.

5. After I returned to the US, I wrote in this blog that I was withdrawing my undertaking given to the Singapore judge in para 4 and re posted the the blogs which I had taken down. I have continued my attacks against Singapore's corrupt judiciary and their government.

6. In addition to the Belinda Ang charge and the yelling at police charge, they are also charging me for reneging on my undertaking to the Singapore judge (para 4) and re posting the blogs.

7. Finally there is one more charge similar to the Belinda Ang charge in respect of another Singapore judge Judith Prakash in the Kangaroo Court Tshirt case. She sent 3 activists to jail just because they were found in the vicinity of the courts wearing Tshirts with pictures of kangaroos.

And for the above Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore courts are going to disbar me. And that I tell you is going to be hilarious.

In a way, I am glad Singapore is proceeding with these thoroughly political charges against me now after 3 years since the incident as it will undoubtedly have the effect of alienating even more Singaporeans against this Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship and pushing them to the opposition camp. In that way, I will be doing the Singapore opposition another favor through this case.

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Anonymous said...

youre an amazing man for being brave enough to stand up against lky regime. good for you for leaving that minute country where people care more for PRADA than their freedom.