Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Singapore PAP's greatest enemy, the Internet.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today's greatest leveller between the powerful and the weak, the oppressed and the oppressors is just one thing, modern mass communication and the Internet.

Sun Tzu, the Chinese military strategist, although he wrote about actual warfare, his wisdom is equally true in politics. His belief was the need to weaken the enemy, before the battle, in this case Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP, by dissatisfaction and disaffection as the foundation upon which you build towards battle.

When the people are unhappy, they will obviously be more willing to resist and through resistance, our forces, the opposition would overrun them easily.

And that is exactly what this blog Singapore Dissident and the other blogs as well as democracy activists and everyone else are doing. We are pointing out the evils of Lees' despotic regime. When the people are made to realize the injustices being meted to them, they begin to feel unhappiness.

With unhappiness, they refuse to vote for the PAP at elections, emigrate to other western countries, refuse to have children; all insurmountable problems that Lee Kuan Yew faces today.

As the truth about Singapore is spread around the world, western investors refuse to invest there, they pull out their investments and international banks relocate to other Asian countries from Singapore.

Given the lack of the rule of law and the realization that Singaporean judges are mere servants of the government and distort to law to punish political detractors and favor the ruling party, they lose arbitration business and more and more lawyers lose income and thrown out of work. Today, Singapore has no more than 3000 lawyers for a city of 5 million!

So one thing is certain. Today you simply cannot run roughshod over the people. Even if the Internet alone cannot overthrow governments today, they can definitely cause the people to hate them and this hate and dissatisfaction will eventually with time overcome the state.

No matter which way you look at it, states can only function with the support and respect of their people. Without it they cannot except of course for closed societies like North Korea which Singapore is not, and cannot be.

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FJY said...

Even North Korea is not functioning well enough.

Anonymous said...

Please tell your friends about this.

Netizens organize ‘Black Sunday’ on 29 May to register unhappiness at TPL

The event will be held at:
- Time: Sunday, May 29 · 12:00pm – 2:00pm

- Location: Starbucks, Parkway Parade, Marine Parade

More Info Wear a black top or a black dress to register our unhappiness!

Please take note that there will be no petition-signing, speeches or other activities held at the venues. It is simply an informal gathering of like-minded friends to have a chit-chat over a cuppa of coffee.

Anonymous said...

Who is Chan Chun Sing?

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew wrote in his autobiography published in 1997.

“Between being loved and being feared, I have always believed Machiavelli was right. If nobody is afraid of me, I’m meaningless.”

Lee Kuan Yew, be very afraid of the Internet.

It is coming to get you, and it will be worse that the devil waiting to greet you on the other side.

Anonymous said...

Social Media in Singapore Politics: It’s Serious Business Folks!

Wait until 2016, or act now using this powerful tool to question the powerful despot and his son and his henchmen.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous May 26, 1029,

Good to hear of your organizing this gathering against the silly girl Tin Pei Ling, the PAP appointee who is going to rule over you.

By the way, why the rider that there should be no petitioning signing sppeches or other activities! Why? Are you afraid to sign petitions and makes speeches but not afraid to gather around and talk in private like cowards?

You are a bunch of sissies, sorry to say, and if it was I, it would be disgrace to attend such a function with the likes of you. My advice is not to go to this stupidity.

My advice, stay away from these rabbits. Organize something where you not only wear black clothes but also have some guts underneath them.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Gopalan Nair, are you not aware that police here have received numerous public complaints and reports against those who have made remarks that may have offended the complainant or the P.A.P?
Soon you will all witness the wrath of the Police Action Party.
The Witch-Hunt has begun.
If they are not able to get them one by one they will take a few heads first for public display. This will drive the intended message home to instill fear and terror in the people. In your own words, Mr Gopalan "kill a few chickens to frighten the monkeys",
Don't forget this is P.A.P Singapore and is not U.S.A and other countries where is freedom of speech and Democracy.

Dr.Pain Killer.

Refer to Straits Times Page A10 of 27/5/2011

Gopalan Nair said...

Even if what you say is true about the witch hunt, about which I have my doubts, since what I hear, and what I see of more open widespread dissent unlike before; still, if you continue living in fear, I am afraid, you might as well throw in the towel now, regardless USA or PAP.

No Jasmine Please, We are Singaporeans said...

Dear Sir,

Isn't it good that Singaporeans are taking baby steps to test the System.

It would be nice if there is a "Blue Sunday" and not a BLACK SUNDAY. (Why? LKY not dead yet, no need to use black to celebrate so soon)

Back to BLUE SUNDAY. This way, our men in blue can participate as well. Remember to bring Singapore Orchid for each policeman who turn up to join the fun. If the police bring camcorder to record Singaporeans big day out, we can also bring cancorders and cameras to take pictures with them together, and post to Youtube. In this way, police from other countries can also see what fun their peers in Singapore are up to.

Singaporeans so educated, should not let the school fees go to waste. Shoould know how to defend our actions against 'O' levels police. (eg Are police doing the right thing ? Do they behave like FIRST WORLD country police or worse than China? Even in China, the people there dare to teach and challenge the police how to do policing.)

Beneath the surface, Singaporeans are controlled by SingaporeKGB and living like USSR slaves. Maybe I am right?

Anonymous said...

Mr.Gopalan Sir,
Thank you for your latest blog "Singapore P.A.P greatest enemy, the Internet. It is one of the best so far and I do appreciate and like it.
Do continue with this difficult battle for the free and democratic Singapore. Be assured that you have my full support and encouragement all the way to the final victory.
I would like to lead you to the website blog "Temasek Review Emeritus" on 'Congratulations To Temasek Review Emeritus' . In the very early hours of this morning I suddenly woke up from sleep and began to write this posting:
" This ferocious Beast has finally come to destroy and devour all those who had angered him. Others like him will follow with great wind, thunder and lightning......".C.Y.H 2011
Mr.Gopalan, may I present and dedicate this posting to you. I hope you will like it and find it relevant. Until next time, thank you Sir.27/5/2011.

Anonymous said...

Subject: Who are those ministers salary review committee members

Gerald Ee is PAP man.

John De Payva - NTUC President, what's there to say. Definitely PAP man.

Fang Ai Lian - former Nominated Member of Parliament, PAP woman.

Stephen Lee - SIA Chairman, what's there to say? Definitely PAP man.

Po'ad Shaik Abu Bakar Matter - Presidential Advisers, PAP man.

George Quek - Breadtalk CEO, gotten off with extremely light fine $4,000 for drink driving and crashing his Porsche into a stationary police car at a road block. Time to return favour? PAP man.

Lucien Wong - Allen & Gledhill Managing Partner and director of SPH. A&G acted for Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Hsien Loong and Goh Chok Tong in suing the oppositions bankrupt. PAP man.

Wong Ngit Liong - Venture CEO, still unknown.

How can anyone call this review committe independent of PAP? More PAP wayang.

Jordon Ong said...

If most singaporeans shout "PAP are losers! Fuck you PAP! Screw you PAP! You suck! You are a piece of shit! You are a piece of shitty motherfucking piece of retarded shit PAP! You are the devil, who ruined our lives! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!!!!!11!!1!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!11" at the same time, then the PAP will be forced to resign. Seven digits make a million. 5 million digits make 10^(5000000-1).

Anonymous said...

HI Gopalan;

Even with the Internet, the Malays who are the worst affected group in Singapore, are still "daft". They claim to be super users of on-line social networking like Facebook, still are blind to see all the injustices inflicted by the their fellow Chinese Singaporeans, and also their own government.

The Malay cabby, road sweeper, security guard etc... continue to vote in the PAP. How do we tell them otherwise? Please someone, tell me how!

Even the slightly educated ones, refuse to emigrate out of Singapore. They prefer to live in oppression both in work and life just for the sake of proximity to family and relatives. But you know what, they only see each other for 10 minutes once a year during Hari Raya.

I have tried to tell them that with today's communication technologies like phones, SMS, email, Skype etc...its so easy to get in touch with your loved ones. But yet they would not even consider emigration.

After emigrating, don't they know that they can sponsor their siblings, parents over too? I have done so and am enjoying life in beautiful Canada, where if I am unsuccessful for a certain job, its because there is someone else who is better suited for it, not because I'm Malay. When I meet fellow Singaporeans in Canada who is Chinese, they ask me, "How did you manage to emigrate?". They express incredulous that a Malay can emigrate.

The racial discrimination against Malays in Singapore from the Chinese is a fact. But the Internet has also exposed how the Chinese cried foul when discrimination is applied to them in Australia, for example. Yet they sweep it under the floor and claim ignorance when shown they do the same to the minorities in Singapore. This discrimination sadly was propagated by our very own PAP government.

Gopalan, The Malay minority in Singapore cannot hope to change the PAP on their own. With your clout, please help me open their eyes to push them to the idea of emigration, or at least vote an opposition to stop our discrimination and oppression. The Internet has not been able to do it.

Anonymous said...

Social media challenges Singapore's rulers

"Bread and butter issues such as rising cost of living, housing process, immigration policy and income-inequality have fuelled widespread dissatisfaction."

Anonymous said...

Another big evidence of KANGAROO COURT in action!!!!

Alan Shadrake has lost his appeal & start his 6 weeks jail. I will be interested to know if Lee Kuan Yew's bootlickers fear the despot more or fear their faces & names publicly shown on the internet.

Jordon Ong said...

You should make another LKY/LHL heart attack hoax.