Monday, May 30, 2011

Singapore. Minister Lui Tuck Yew sighted again.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

No, it was not a rare sighting of the 5 headed Malayan brown bear, long thought extinct, found blissfully walking along Avenue 7 by a resident in Woodlands, in the northern part of Singapore yesterday.

It was in fact a sighting, even more rare, in the Singaporean sense, of a Minister Politician with Lee Kuan Yew's ruling party, seen on the subway in the island, as it's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times of May 30, 2011 reports in the story "Lui Tuck Yew seen riding public transport again".

In any other country this would not have been news at all, but it would have been if PAP Minister Lui had molested 5 under aged girls in broad daylight along Avenue 7 at Woodlands Singapore. Simply riding a street car like other Singaporeans is simply not news, whether it was Mr. Lui or his father Lui Meng Meng (I am guessing the name).

This Singapore story seen fit to be printed in bold and splashed across the state controlled major newspaper only underpins yet again what everybody can see for themselves, it is one Singapore for the elites and members of Lee Kuan Yew's ruling party, and quite another for the ordinary Joe Blokes eking out a living in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

Lui Tuck Yew, in the Singaporean sense was not expected to ride the train like any other ordinary mortal, because in the Singapore of today, he is simply not any other ordinary mortal.

He was supposed to ride in one of his several chauffeur driven Rolls Royce's as befitting what he is paid, in fact nothing less that $4 million dollars a year and triple that amount in hidden bonuses and perks, just as every other government leader in tiny Singapore is paid, the highest recorded salaries in the world.

Lui's riding the train only proves one thing, he is not only a thief by paying himself tax papers money in the millions, he is also a miser because he wants to save even that little money, relatively speaking, of gasoline money to travel in one of his several Rolls Royces. I suppose he only uses it periodically for travel to the Singapore branch of his Swiss bank to check whether all the deposits have been correctly posted.

I am attaching below the Straits Times report:

NEW Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew was once again spotted taking the public transportation. This time, he was seen riding a MRT train during morning rush hour on Monday.

A commuter identified only as Nat snapped photos of the minister after seeing him in the crowded train, and posted them on citizen journalism website STOMP.

Nat said: 'I snapped pictures of him on the train this morning at 7.45am, on the North South line heading towards Jurong East at Bukit Gombak. Welcome to the crowd!'

Mr Lui was last week seen riding a public bus last Tuesday, and photos of the sighting were also posted on STOMP.

The story on STOMP on Monday drew a mixed reaction, however, with 35 per cent of feedback expressing scepticism as of 11.20am.

However, the general sentiment in the comments section seemed largely positive. Said STOMPer thnufilo: 'Hurray, Mr Lui Tuck Yew is so down to earth. At least he did both bus and mrt. He's one of us!'

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mycroft said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Ex-mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, used to take the Tube every single day to work (he doesn't hold a driver's licence) and nobody batted an eye. His successor and current mayor, Boris Johnson, often cycles to his office and it's no big deal until he falls off and makes everyone laugh. Only a people with a slave mentality would consider it an extraordinary event that the bloody Minister of Transport should condescend to soil his golden feet on the same sardine-can public transport which the low-class scum who pay his wages have to endure every day.

It does smack of desperation for S'pore's state-controlled media to make such a song and dance over what was clearly a staged event which copycatted WP's Chen Show Mao being snapped taking the MRT (despite his being a millionaire lawyer who could easily afford his own limousine). Fail.

Anonymous said...

Embarassing and pathetic ..isn't it? Singaporean are just so happy when a minister take public transport and just by doing that, now they are considered ONE OF US. No effort to needed to change any policies for the need and benefit of Singaporean. Just take public transport. $5 out of his million dollars salary.

tearsunderstars said...

I think it is because Worker's Party member Chen Show Mao took public transport before that, and someone spotted him on the MRT and took a photo of him. To the people it means being humble and down-to-earth. Lui is simply copying and wayang-ing in order to gain support. It is only a pathetic attempt at pretense.

Anonymous said...

With 64 jobs, will this PAP person every have time to take public transport.

Yeo Guat Kwang

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew's son named Chairman of GIC, Succeeding His Father.

San Francisco Chronicle, 31 May 2011
May 31 (Bloomberg) -- Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was named chairman of Government of Singapore Investment Corp., which manages more than $100 billion of the island's assets, succeeding his father Lee Kuan Yew.
The elder Lee will be senior adviser to the sovereign wealth fund and the changes are effective June 1, according to an E-MAILED statement today.

Way to go and keep control of the coffers in the family.

Was anyone consulted about this appointment?

Were alternative candidates proposed?

Can the erstwhile Netizens provide some answers.