Saturday, May 21, 2011

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew insults our intelligence, Ting Pei Ling.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew's PAP have been so long in power that today they couldn't care less what you think, even if they get a silly child to rule over you. I am of course referring to Ting Pei Ling, the 27 year old Chinese woman (more a childish girl than anything) who has been recently elected into Parliament to govern over the residents of Marine Parade GRC.

In no other country would a government insult the intelligence of their citizens by doing this, but after all in Singapore, they can do anything they want. So whether you like it or not, this 27 year old girl is now going to sit in Parliament and talk about great things on your behalf, even if she has nothing much in her head.

Marine Parade GRC is a group constituency which means about 5 political constituencies combine as one and stand together, which means that if a party wins, they take all 5 seats and if not they lose all.

One of the people standing in it was Goh Chock Tong, the former Prime Minister and now a Senior Minister. As the chances of the government winning with a strong candidate such as Goh is good, Lee's PAP included this woman Ting Pei Ling in the group since had she stood alone, her chances of winning would have been slim.

Ting Pei Ling as I mentioned is a Chinese Singapore woman. You can see several images of her on the Internet, appearing more like a child than a woman of 27. This is natural among the Chinese as even grown women look no older than children, also their women being less bodily endowed than Western, Indian or Malay women of that age. To guess, I believe it is because of the general dislike of milk among the Chinese whereas Indian and Westerners drink a great more of it.

Ting Pei Ling other than just being 27 years of age does not appear to have any great accomplishments. Firstly I am not sure how a 27 year old woman can possibly have the knowledge or experience to sit in Parliament and represent Singaporeans. Before the sudden announcement by the PAP, which is always the case, no one had ever heard of this child.

It has been reported that she was some sort of a manager and had studied for a degree of some sort from the National University of Singapore. She has been a member of Lee Kuan Yew's PAP and has helped out at their offices at the constituencies for some years.

But there is one important piece of intelligence that points to her selection. She is married to the secretary of the Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew's son. So if one could guess this 27 year old woman's selection who does not appear to have any particular ability one way or another, it is probably nepotism; her connection to Lee Kuan Yew's son's office.

But it is not just her, every single person selected by the PAP to rule over you does not appear to have any political ability or experience one way or the other. And none of them showed any interest in it either, except for a few days or months before the elections. They are usually all scholars from good universities either local or abroad on scholarships, and immediately thereafter fielded as politicians to speak in Parliament concerning your lives.

As for the opposition, the situation is no better. There are of course many in the island who not only have excellent credentials but are also very interested to lead Singapore, but of course there is one insurmountable problem, fear.

Lee Kuan Yew has made it very clear that he is not interested in any real multi party system, because according to him, if that was the case, he cannot rule effectively.

Examples of the hounding and merciless persecution of Chee Soon Juan and erstwhile JB Jeyaretnam is still fresh in their minds. Very soon, I will be disbarred for having the audacity to criticize one of his judges. If I ever step into Singapore, I will undoubtedly be re-arrested.

All these examples of the Chinese chicken being killed to frighten the Chinese monkeys has been very effective (from the Chinese saying, kill a chicken to frighten the monkeys)

So the result is no one dares to openly challenge the Lee Kuan Yew oligarchy, no one appears to care for politics in Singapore expect those who want to profit themselves by joining the PAP, which leaves sycophants and toadies like this small woman to speak for you in your Parliament.

Of course, it is your choice. If you don't mind being insulted this way, stay on in Singapore and do nothing. Otherwise pack up your bags and leave to some other country where you would be shown some respect or else even better cast off that fear and stand up like real men and women.

I am attaching a video link on Ting Pei Ling. I promise you, you will be shocked.
There were many others showing her complete silliness but they appear to have been taken down, undoubtedly through fear of what Lee Kuan Yew may do to them or even threats.

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Anonymous said...

They have come up with this Salary Review Committee comprising all PAP pple!

Workers Party MP or any member of the opposition should insist to be included in this committee as well!

SDP should press for representation!

Anonymous said...

But the NSP put up a 24 year old girl to run and it was well recieved by the voters.

Are you discriminating age in america?

Anonymous said...

This is a silly strategy by the clots to position this kiddy in parliament. What substantial positive
contribution can she offer, except to be a parrot and a script robot? The best she can try do is to win the majority younger immatured voters to her favour in the next GE.

Gopalan's wellwisher said...


Why do you insist on ruining your momentum of the last few months? You came up with excellent articles and stuff in the past and now this???? Yes, question Ms Ting’s credentials, but do it the proper way and rely on facts, not prejudices.

Just because she is 27 years old, that is not an automatic disqualifier. There are many 45, 55, 60, 70 and even 90 year old morons in the PAP….Age is not a factor and should NEVER have been mentioned. Some people in their 20s make great leaders…. Look at history. Next, why does her physical appearance matter? So what if she looks like a child or whatever? So what? Are you going to judge a person’s competencies based on looks? Next, why comment on her race’s consumption of milk? How is that relevant to her standing for elections? So what if Chinese drink milk or soy milk? Is that relevant to a person’s competencies? Of course not! Thoroughly useless comment and you are only alienating the Chinese readers you have with such comments….

Yes, you brought up good points like her speeches, her status as the wife of PM’s secretary. That is what should have been the sole focus, not the rubbish you espoused above.

Gopalan, you have a weird pattern. Months and months of great articles, lucid speeches and rebuttals, then suddenly, boom, some foolishness to cloud your lucid flow of before. A while ago, you created a hoax that LKY died. Sorry, your reasoning to show the fragility of Singapore is not a good reason. It only alienated people who were once your followers from you, since you lied! It totally wiped out your credibility!

Now this new attack on Ms Ting with redundant arguments Please stop this for your own sake. Focus on lucid arguments and facts, not this rubbish... Do you want to continue losing followers?

Now, are you going to publish this letter or censor it, Singapore style?

Anonymous said...

Yes, most Singaporeans feel the same way as you. We feel insulted to have someone like her represent us. Since the first day I learnt about her I had no respect and since then she has been unable to prove us otherwise. In fact there are Facebook pages which garnered 50k, 60k likes to ask her to step down. Of course, like PAP always does, they turn deaf on us.

But she is the best example to showcase what PAP is. Nepotistic. Parrots. Brainless. Above all, in love with money. She will be an asset to the opposition.

Anonymous said...

After the "watershed" election results, PAP can claim to listen to the people, change the cabinet lineup, review the ministers' salary, and even appear to repent from its past mistakes.
But I am willing to bet that nothing will change in PAP. The corruption, nepotism and collusion will continue, behind the scrutiny of the people's eyes. It is not difficult to hoodwink the people - there are excellent examples from their counterparts in Burma, Zimbabwe and China.

A decade on, I am reading Singapore news to keep myself updated with my birth country, but I have no wish to visit Singapore anymore because I do not like the feeling of fear associate with my birth land.

Leaving Singapore remains my best decision I have made.

Becoming unSingaporean has made me a better person - less petty, more humorous, less serious, no more long faces and learning human compassion.

Anonymous said...

The bastards in PAP headed by its corrupt leaders Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong are again using their running dogs in TNP (The New Paper) and Shin Min Daily to attack and smear Nicole Seah who is the NSP candidate who contested in Marine Parade against Goh Chok Tong and the useless bimbo Tin Pei Ling.

Netizens are fighting back through the internet as the prostitutes cum reporters in the mainstream media will not print anti-pap articles.

Anonymous said...

Tin Pei Ling's election may serve an useful purpose.

Tin Pei Ling's presence in parliament will remind the voters of how flawed the political process is in Singapore.

It will continue to weaken the PAP, and guarantee an opposition win in the Marine Parade GRC at the next election (GCT is unlikely to run or may not still be effective in 2016.)


What happens if Tin Pei Ling were to resign?

Will there be a by-election for her seat, or will the whole GRC be subject to a by-election.

Anonymous said...

She is married to the secretary of the Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew's son.

And, now she will make




$900,000 till the next elections.

Using Lee Kuan Yew's logic, since Tin Pei Ling represents the Marine Parade GRC and they will benefit most from her wisdom and service, can the voters there pay this woman's salary (internship fee?).

Should the voters in the Marine Parade GRC be assessed a special tax, the moron tax, for voting this child into power.

The voters in the Marine Parade GRC will have “five years to live and repent” their decision.

Now, I wonder who said that. Can someone shed some light.

Anonymous said...

Tin Pei Ling's selection/election proves that Lee Kuan Yew and his 'digits' only want what Devan Nair called 'Department Store Dummies'.

But, I thought department store dummies had tits.

Another wellwisher said...

I agree with Gopalan's wellwisher's comments.

A blur-collar worker said...

I like your post. May I borrow this space to ponder over what your reader wrote.

referring to the "passionate" plead by your blog reader "Gopalan's wellwisher" for Tin Pei Ling, I think he is missing the point when he wrote "since you lied! It totally wiped out your credibility!"

I always think that PAP is good at using motherhood statements and alluring lies to tease Singaporeans into thinking what a wonderful world Singaporeans live in.

But does your dear reader ever question PAP's credibility? No.

But when we look at Chee Soon Juan, how many of us put on a different set of glasses and look at him differently.

All these compartmentalised thinking is part our human prejudice and a learnt response as a result of PAP innoculation since birth.

Back to the reader, if you are facing hardship, do you trust Tin Pei Ling to represent your interest in parliament? I won't. She does not have a track record of serving the people, eg as a youth PAP member, helping the community. Dr Chee is still out there serving the people even though he is not an MP.

Anonymous said...

Comments by Gopalan's wellwisher

Yes, Gopalan's comments about Tin Pei Ling's anatomy were crude and uncalled for.

But, all is fair is politics, especially when you are dealing with a despot.

A despot that uses the courts to silence his opponents.

A despot that gerrynamders elections.

A despot that controls your CPF money but wont tell you, or even the President Ong Teng Cheong, his boss, of details of these investments.

A despot that appoints his son as supreme commander of the military.

A despot who appoints his son as Prime Minister.

So, all is fair when dealing with such a despot and his department store dummy.

Anonymous said...

Tin Pei Ling, not TING.