Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Singapore. Desperate Singaporeans turn to violence. The caged animal syndrome

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One thing that appears to become alarmingly common in Singapore; unprovoked and unpredictable violence on the increase. Sometime ago, Singaporeans read of one disgruntled citizen, I remember his name as Mr. Yeo, who suddenly went up to his Member of Parliament at a Meet the People Session holding a can of paint thinner or gasoline I am not sure which, deliberately doused him with it, and set him alight, all in plain sight of hundreds of others who were there!

That MP suffered third degree burns and is permanently crippled as a result. He was lucky even to be alive.

A few days ago, I had read of another Singaporean who deliberately rammed his car into a number of police cars, was promptly arrested and jailed.

Several other citizens have sent threatening letters to their Members of Parliament threatening to kill them, all of them having been since arrested and jailed.

Today, the Singapore state controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition has a story of a taxi driver who deliberately rammed his taxi into a number of other Comfort Delgado taxis and was duly arrested. He too will spend time in jail.

Also today, MP Seng Han Tong made an apology of sorts for publicly stating on a video that the nationwide train breakdown that just happened and the total breakdown of communication to get things right was because Malays and Indians who drove the trains did not speak good English. Seng on the other hand is an ethnic Chinese. But he fails to realize that his English was no better and from my observation, was worse than anyone's I ever met! Hardly intelligible even as English!(MP Seng Han Thong apologizes for SMRT staff comment, Straits Times, Dec 22, 2011). I am sure this has angered so many Indians and Malays that one should not be surprised if someone among them went straight to the nearest Lee Kuan Yew Member of Parliament tomorrow and gave him a real bashing.

Surely any reader can appreciate that this sort of unprovoked spontaneous violence among Singaporeans is similar to the behaviour of caged animals, who you would sometimes see trying to tear down the walls or bars of their cage, or crying out or roaring incessantly. It is obvious they do this because they are so desperate and hopeless in their cages that they react in this sort of unprovoked spontaneous violence in their hopelessness and desperation to get out.

This is what Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew fails to understand. If you deny human beings any resort to redress their grievance, they too, like the caged animals at some point, become desperate and hopeless and in their desperation, they lash out any way they can.

Singaporeans as the reader should be very well aware, live no better than caged animals in this sense. They live totally at the mercy of the Lee government and have no means of seeking redress for grievances.

For instance, the Singapore government, in their almighty powers can raise the HDB apartment rents anytime they want regardless of what the people think.

They can increase taxi rental charges and anytime they want regardless of how many lose their livelihoods and families and children suffer.

The courts can send anyone to prison for any amount of time which you cannot question.

The government can racially discriminate against any Malay or Indian which they do daily which again is unassailable.

In other words, you live entirely at the mercy of Lee Kuan Yew and his friends at the top who wield almighty powers over you, leaving you powerless, voiceless, disenfranchised, a piece of garbage, no better than a caged animal.

I am no psychologist but I believe that when man is pushed to the wall this way, they reach a point when they retaliate in unpredictable and sometimes violent ways. Which is what is happening to the average Singaporean, which it appears million dollar man Lee Kuan Yew and his friends do not appear to know.

In Western countries people are given rights and the means to challenge authority when they feel their rights are trammelled upon. This gives them a sense of security and peace of mind, because they know that the moment they are trodden upon by anyone, they have a grievance procedure in place to put the offender in his place. Singapore does not have this. It is a place where each and every one lives under license of Lee Kuan Yew and his friends. This is not the human way. It is the caged animal way, for want of a better description.

As time progresses, since Lee Kuan Yew is determined to think he is God himself, you are going to see more Mr. Yeos pouring gasoline over arrogant Members of Parliament, and bashing police cars for no rime or reason. They have begun to behave like caged animals, hopeless and desperate.

By the way Dr. Chee Soon Juan of the Singapore Democratic Party is a psychologist. The reader could write to him on my prognosis, that of a layman which I am.

Gopalan Nair
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mycroft said...

Tsk, tsk, what is that they say about people who live in glass houses? At 6:10 into this rather cheesy state-sponsored 'blogtv show', you can listen for yourself to the MP Seng Han Thong blurting out in his stuttering sing-song Singaporean Chinese accent that "some of the staff because they are Malay, they are Indian, they cannot converse in English good, well enough..."

The nerve of the guy! While ironically giving away his own shortcomings in English grammar and pronunciation he actually believes he speaks good English and 'Malays, Indians' do not. This is an MP no less, put into Parliament to represent his multiracial constituents but unwittingly exposing the intrinsic racist conditioning laid down by his arch-racist leader, Harry Lee. (Recall Lee's adamant refusal to countenance his daughter ever marrying her Indian boyfriend which led to father and daughter becoming estranged for years before eventually being reconciled when he suffered his first heart attack).

This Seng Han Thong is the very MP who was doused with thinner and torched two years ago by a disgruntled member of his constituency at a community club event. Obviously his assailant, taxi driver Ong Kah Chua, didn't give a rat's ass that Harry's Ten Commandments expressly forbids violence against government servants and in particular, MPs. Did Seng take any lessons from his warm encounter with angered citizenry? It seems not.

Anonymous said...

mycroft's above comment is excellent.

A desperate Govt mouthpiece has to use publish this article to deter would-be migrants.

A lot of Singaporeans migrating to nearby Australia are now frequent flyers - going back to Singapore regularly to keep in touch culturally while return to Australia to live.

There are also Singaporeans who do not go back, like Singapore-Indian-Muslims professionals who suffered much racism in the red-dot island. The only people who claim that Singapore is not racist are the ones who are most afraid of racism in Australia.

Some of these political ignorant people are horrified at how the Aussie Opposition Leader can criticise the govt without going to jail.

I wonder what other sort of mal-adjusted materially-rich but pitiful-existent Singaporeans did the closed society of Lee Kuan Yew produce.

Anonymous said...

So people of Singapore need to pass LKY's test before they can buy mutual funds for their retirement.

Given that they cannot rely on CPF (managed by LKY and his daughter-in-law) people have to invest on their own in mutual funds. But, LKY makes even this difficult.

Speaking about his d-i-l, how did this woman, who trained as an ELECTRICAL ENGINEER, get to manage all the People's hard-earned wealth?

What test did she pass? Having a vagina that LKY's son get's access to is not sufficient.

Anonymous said...

Further to Anon Thu Dec 22, 07:46:00 PM PST

Singaporean PR Peter Breitkreutz, 45, with his Shanghai-born wife and two sons, who were born here.

Two sons!! Will they do National Service or return to Australia before then. I suspect kids already have the Aussie passports ready.

Singapore is a stop-over for most people.

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan

"PAP Member of Parliament, Mr Seng Han Thong’s, racially offensive remarks about woes of train service breakdowns made worse by Malay and Indian SMRT employees’ because of their poor command of the English language is a symptom of a larger problem within the ruling party."

Anonymous said...

Someone is hard at work at Lee Kuan Yew Watch(Blogsite) wooing at Dr Lee Wei Ling and also seeking blessings for LKY.
Do visit the Blogsite.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair,

New word for yesterday flood in Orchard by the Straits Time.


I wonder what happened to the storm drainage system for tropical heavy rain prone Singapore.