Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew, America's perfect son

Ladies and Gentlemen,

American foreign policy alas, is something I am not very proud about but understandable nevertheless. Ultimately we see that for all the talk of human rights and liberty that America claims to cherish, it is always quite another tune when it comes to foreign policy, which is, whatever needs to be done in America's interest goes. Human rights and such highfalutin things are really always secondary.

I remember when Hilary Clinton had not too long ago planning to go to China for talks when a journalist asked her if she would press human rights and the case of the Dalai Lama. Her answer was not unexpected. She said that human rights was on the list of matters to discuss, but not necessarily at the top. We also have to consider she said, the growing trade between the US and China.

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, the life expediency there is less than 40 years old, it has the highest rates of illiteracy and one in every 4 children or so never reach the age of 5. And what is particularly important is the fact there is no oil in Afghanistan! So why in Heaven's is America spending billions every month if not every day to keep the war going on there? The only reason I can think of is the fact that they made a mistake having sent troops there in the first place and once they began taking casualties, it was a question of pride which prevents them from just pulling out.

And recently Obama has declared that he is going to withdraw the troops by 2014. Is this not a striking reminder of what they did in Vietnam? The fact is, just as in Vietnam, they are now certain they have lost the war. So what better way to find a way out of this mess and calling it something else than a defeat. Which is exactly what they did in Vietnam. There they knew the war was lost. So in 1973 they claim to train the Vietnamese army to fight the Vietcong, reach some sort of an armistice in Paris and graciously pull out. When their Vietnamese army were soon roundly defeated by the Vietcong in 1975, they could cleverly say that it was not they who lost but the Vietnamese army, who they trained the best they can. So it was not a defeat of the US Army at all but a defeat of the Vietnamese Army.

They seems to be planning the same thing for Afghanistan. They know they have no chance to win. They simply cannot take on the Taliban. So what does Obama do? He does the same as what they did in Vietnam. He says he is training the Afghan army and the US is pulling out all troops by 2014. So when the Afghan army is routed by the Taliban a few years after 2014, which we know will happen, the Americans will sing the same tune they sang in Vietnam. "We did all we could. We trained the Afghan army as best we can. It is not our fault they were defeated. You have to blame the Afghan army."

Coming to Lee Kuan Yew, I read he was awarded the Lincoln medal recently by the Americans. I tell you, the Americans would be prepared to shower every medal possible that is available out there on Lee Kuan Yew; why, because Lee Kuan Yew is good for American business, and that is frankly the bottom line of it all. Human rights does not matter, nothing else matters.

Some other dictators come to mind. Mobutu Sese Seku, or formerly Joseph Mobutu was the Belgian Congolese leader who in 1965, was resisting Patrice Lumumba who had leanings to the Soviet Union. The Americans and the French not only propped up Mobutu even though he was the biggest thief imaginable, they also helped to murder Lumumba, all because Mobutu was in the American interest. And not just that throughout Mobutu's corrupt rule, he was protected by the French and Belgian armies each time there was threat to his government.

Then you have medals upon medals bestowed upon the late Shah of Iran and the overthrow of Iran's true democratic leader Mossadeq in 1954. And then you have every other tyrant and dictator in Latin America who are all propped up because they are pleasing to American business and the elimination of perfectly honest leaders such as Salvatore Allende of Chile who thought it right that workers should be given their fair share.

It is not that the State Department or rather the CIA is not aware that Lee Kuan Yew is a ruthless dictator, of course they know this. But it so happens that Lee Kuan Yew is a good friend of America which means it is good for American business. So of course Lee Kuan yew gets the medals, and it should be no surprise to anyone.

In the past there was a saying about British Prime Minister Margaret Thather that she was so obedient to the American President Ronald Reagan that if Reagan were to ask Thather to jump, her question would be "How high"! I think the same can be said of 89 year old Lee Kuan Yew. If Obama were to ask Lee to jump, he would similarly ask "How high", that is if he still can with this wobbly legs.

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Anonymous said...

You were mistaken. The Americans did not confer the Lincoln Medal to the sick old man. He BOUGHT it through giving a large donation to the Ford Theatre. http://fordstheatre.com/home/support-us
Old man know that he is going to die soon, so he is trying to change history perception of him by using $$$. Ford Theatre is not associated with the US government at all. It's a private group that can easily be bought by large doantion.

Please look at the past recipients in this list
Past recipients are singers, actors, directors songwriters, directors. Old man Lee stands up like a sore, he is the one of the few politician, while the others are mainly artists. He bought the medal using the corrupted money that he got from Singapore. That is plain wrong!!!

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous above who says "You were mistaken" we are not sure whether what you say is true one way or another. Even if so, he has received several other medals from the US, either US government connected or otherwise. It should be quite obvious that the US favors those who are their friends.

Anonymous said...

None of the awards that the sick old man received is from the US government. If you examine the awards carefully, they are really awards that can be "bought" through large amount of cash donation. Another example is the Woodrow Wilson Award, which is from a non profit organization that relies heavily on public donation, ie http://www.wilsoncenter.org/donate-now

The sick old man has an expert media team in Singapore, which are masters at manipulating public opinion. They are good at stringing together a few unrelated events that seems to indcate the the awards are from the government. For example, when LKY went to received the Woodrow Wilson Award in 2006, he also visited a few state officials. The syncopantic CNA would of course take him shaking hands with these officials, and published in in Singapore, giving the impression taht it was a US government award. It clearly is not. If you examine carefully all the other cases, you will find similar tactics too. Tactics of associations. It is not only US. Sick old man also bought awards from various other groups all over the world too. He even bought a doctorate in law from the Australian National Univeristy in 2007. In 2009, he bought a lifetime award from the US Asean Business Council. That award was given to him because of financial incentives that he offered. It was a pure business transaction between LKY and the Business Council, but it was extensively publcised to the media (through Singapore News Releases) that the award was because of his great leadership. You already know how unreliable the 154th ranked Singapore Press is. It was say anything to please it's political master, and decieved many people in the world too.

Anonymous said...

LKY has a long history of megalomanical self-aggrandization, and this is facilitated by the subservient and sycophantic Singapore press.
Please discount at least 90% of what you read from CNA, Today, etc. They try to portray LKY commanding respect from leaders all over the world as an expert in Asian politics. They try to show how all the other leaders seek advice and counsel from LKY.
I'll let you all decide how much of all that is true. To be honest, most world leaders dont even know that LKY exist!!! Years ago, CNA used to continuously play a video clip of LKY addressing the US congress. It shows LKY walking in, then it shows a video of all the US senators standing up, and then it shows LKY giving a speech. These were 3 separate video clips "strung together". Later on, inside information leaked out that they were disjointed clips. The US senators were all standing up for the US pledge of allegiance!!! This clip used to be played as an intro to the nightly news in Singapore for several months. Wow, that is DISHONESTY AT ITS PEAK!!!

Anonymous said...

Apple co-founder: Apple could never have happened in Singapore.
But, Lee Kuan Yew's son can become a general at 32!

Apple could never have happened in a formal culture of Singapore, said Wozniak:

Look at societies like Singapore where bad behaviour is not tolerated and can get you extreme punishments: Where are the creative people? Where are the great artists, where are the great musicians, where are the great writers?

All the creative elements seem to disappear. Though, of course, everybody is educated and has a good job and nice pay and a car.

Thinking for yourself is creativity and that's goes right down to what we were talking about dress, the clothing that you wear - you wear what you want to wear.

Anonymous said...

11:39 am December 16, 2011
guykawasaki wrote:

As a wise man once said, “Israel has five million people, six million entrepreneurs, and fifteen million opinions.

Singapore has five million people, six entrepreneurs, and one opinion.”

Where got creativity?

That's the last thing LKY wants from his 'digits'.

Anonymous said...


This explains

Anonymous said...

LKY always boasted in his early days, that he has triple distinctions and PM Wilson an ordinary degree. In his prime LKY was outwitted by Adele Koh in the World Socialist Conf. in brussels. His defeat cost the PAP membership of the Socialist International. He promptly barred her from singapore. However she outwitted him again by getting her husband(PM of south Australia) invited to Singapore. LKY was forced to shake her hands! It is obvious LKY is a psycopath. He, as MP for Tanjong Pagar is not there for his constituents. He is travelling the world on government money. By the way, he stays in a huge mansion off Cluny road, on land alienated to him in the early 80's. Goh Keng Swee got into trouble for disagreeing with this. LKY is the mirror image of Dr Mahathir of Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Where got creativity?

In Singapore Creativity = LKY and his family. No one else has the brains to create.

So, LKY is the Creator. Bigger than God.

The whole island is his kingdom.

And his disciples will keep building temples in his name.

LKY is bigger than Christ. And, like the Buddha, he will be venerated across the ages.

All bow before his altar, and thank the almighty LKY for the good blessings that he single-handedly has brought to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

SMRT in chaos, again.

Thanks to the incompetence of LKY's son and this bunch of cretins at SMRT (wonder how many of them belong to the PAP?)