Sunday, December 11, 2011

Singapore's opposition blog "Temasek Revealed" reports "Lee Kuan Yew very sick and admitted to hospital"

12/11/2011/last para edited

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have just received information on a Singapore opposition blog which reports that Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew has been admitted to an unnamed hospital very sick,

This would come either as good news or bad news depending on the way you look. Of course for those sycophants and bootlickers who hang around him singing praises and propping lee's dictatorship in return for millions of dollars or $3.7 million a year each to be exact, this would come as bad news indeed. Their leader and benefactor who hands out largess for doing his bidding may be no more, and so goes their golden spoon of lifelong luxury.

As for the opposition by which I mean Dr. Chee Soon Juan and his courageous friends who are pushing on despite all odds, it is good news indeed. Why, because Singapore as it is under Lee Kuan Yew with a few loyal bootlickers running the show is not a viable model long term, certainly not for an island state which is presumably sophisticated and intelligent. The only reason why they have lasted so long is simply because Lee has been careful not to go overboard with his repression, as there are no shootings such as in Iran and DRC Congo.

If Singaporeans have tolerated the abuse of the law to silence dissent, muzzling the media and outlawing any form of dissent, it is because the bulk of Singapore citizenry may not be as educated to understand these concepts, but it is undeniable that there are also the large swathe of highly discerning citizens who consider all these repressive policies totally unacceptable. This time, if Lee dies dies we will see their ascent and appearance demanding justice.

If Lee were to die now, he will be doing it at a very bad time. The European economy and the American economy upon which Singapore is almost totally reliant is presently on very shaky ground. If Lee were to go, and they were contemplating pulling out of Singapore during these hard times, what better excuse to give than to say Singapore is unstable, because any stability so far in Singapore is today rightly or wrongly attributed to Lee's presence.

I would direct the reader to the faux paus, which I wrote earlier in this blog claiming Lee had a serious heart attack and was admitted to hospital. It was false but I deliberately wrote it to test the water if that were to happen. I was told there there was great uncertainty in the Singapore economy and in fact the stock market had even dropped slightly as a result. The next day, to ally the fears of the Singapore public, the Singapore Prime Minister's Office put out a report that Lee Kuan Yew was alive and well and was in London England, whether this was true or not is any one's guess. The next day, the Lee Kuan Yew government being so outraged by my having put out this false alarm, Minister Liu Tuck Yew went to Singapore Parliament to condemn my action and stated that the Singapore government would not officially respond, because according to him "I should be treated with the contempt I deserve". Frankly I failed to understand his remark, since his publicly referring to me in Parliament was, I thought, a government condemnation of my actions. But I guess, when you are above the law and invincible in Lee Kuan Yew's government, you can say anything silly and still get away with it. After all you are not accountable to anyone except Lee Kuan Yew.

But the point I am making here is this. If indeed Lee Kuan Yew were to kick the bucket, which by all signals, is going to happen very soon, I believe Singapore would the very next minute become completely unstable and by comparison, Iraq would be a bastion of stability. Why, because foreign investment would begin to flow out like the vast Amazon river; foreign companies will close shop; money launderers who have their money in the island will pull them out; the brain drain which is alredy large will become even larger; Chee Soon Juan and his friends will think it safe enough to organize nationwide peaceful protests; and there will be born the Arab Spring, no the Singapore Spring.

K Shanmugam, the Singapore Minister for Law, the Tamil bootlicker who hangs around Lee Kuan Yew for the goodies he throws at him would probably be packing and moving off to Tamil Nadu, India to be among the others who look like him, and hoping that those demanding vengeance would not be searching for him in that Tamil city. Lee Kuan Yew's son, whose father is no longer around to give him the support and protection he needs would probably be in Beijing China because had he gone to any other European or American city, his actions would begin to haunt him through demands for justice in those countries, as Europeans and Americans are not docile Singaporeans.

Lee's compliant judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who so shamelessly abuses the law in Singapore under her master Lee's protection, would now be wondering where in the world could she go and be safe. In her case the only country where she would probably be safe is again China.

Yes, many things are going to happen. Lee Kuan Yew is a staggering 89 years old and at this age, it is customary for people to die, and there is nothing unusual about that.

My only hope is that Singapore will not suffer too much upheaval if Lee were to go, that they would soon recover and would rise from the ashes, like a Sphinx, from the dictatorship as a new democratic Singapore like Spain which rose to democracy eventually from the demise of Franco.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Disbarred from practicing law in Lee's Singapore and refused entry to the island for criticizing Singapore's judiciary.
Actively practicing law in California and in good standing at the California Bar.
Member in good standing as a lawyer in England and Wales (Barrister).
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Anonymous said...

Yes absolutely true.
LKY is on his deathbed I am sorry to say.
He is living on borrowed time for many years.
Let Singapore prosper but the guilty incarcerated for a long long time after due process of course.

Anonymous said...

sure or not ?? i will believe it when i see his funeral on tv.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance! Pity if the old dog dies before seeing his family lineage keel over one by one due to his bad karma.

Anonymous said...

If he kicked the bucket just like that, it's just too comfortable and easy. Don't deserve it.
However, it's also been too long to wait for this day.

mycroft said...

Actually LKY just turned 88 this September I understand. As you probably know, eight's the luckiest number to the superstitious Cantonese and they pay absurd amounts of money for anything bearing a string of 8s like a car number plate, a telephone number or a home address. Well it might be lucky for some but let's hope that ironically for the old scoundrel it proves a fatal combination, the proverbial straw to snap a nasty self-serving villain's back.

In a way, you could say Lady Luck has smiled upon this moral bankrupt and charlatan all of his charmed life and permitted him to live the lifestyle of an emperor while filling the daily lives of millions of ordinary Singaporean sheeple with nameless, nagging dread for generations. Regrettably, he will probably even get to die in bed surrounded by his loved ones in the land of his birth, unlike those whom he cruelly persecuted, exiled and ruined with his trumped-up charges and his abusive 'rule of law'. Whoever said life was fair?

But let us not look the gift horse in its mouth. With a bit of luck Lucifer will finally recall his own servant and way past sell-by date Harry will join his 89-year old Dragon Lady at the barbecue pit to a resounding chorus of 'Good riddance to half a century of bad rubbish'. Then we might finally set about repairing the immense wound to the soul of our people and uninstall his bequest of a once-jaunty land now drowning in a flood of aliens and in danger of spiritual extinction.

Anonymous said...

He is so obviously a villain but many Singaporeans do not realize it. He has to repay many of the victims many of whom are already dead.

Anonymous said...

On the one hand, I want Lee Kuan Yew to die quickly so that PAP singapore island will be caught unaware, shocked and I can celebrate earlier.

But I also hope that he suffers long before joining Libya Gadaffi, in order to make up for the horrors of his hidden evil treatments of those he disagrees with. How many of those innocents have to die outside their homeland? Stripped of their citizenship, and out of the minds of main street ignorant Singaporeans.

A country like Australia would have been able to accommodate these diverse political views or these accused given a chance to defend themselves.

But whether Lee Kuan Yew suffers or not is less important than making him realise his follies and reversing his past decisions. Only this will heal a country that is too scared to move forward.

But knowing Lee, he will not do that, and Singapore will be ruined by the greedy who seek to take advantage of a late Lee's "laws".

Anonymous said...

I have been following the news for a while until I left Singapore for overseas. Honestly, I think and sincerely believe that many Singaporeans abroad will be celebrating this , should it ever happen. But that is still not going to make a major difference as long as the power structure remains. The son is just as bad and even more ineffective than the father, not to mention that he lacks his bite or sting(depending on how you see it). The only 2 choices left for Singaporeans are these: 1. LEAVE, or 2. if they stay on , then RESIST and fight for rights.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous who says "I have been following the news for a while until I left Singapore for overseas", I think when the Big Boy goes it is not going to be business as usual. The people are sufficiently upset about so many things that if there is not yet an outpouring of discontent, it is certainly at the brim. With his demise, it must change. You see, far too many people will leave, resisit and become troublemakers. You simply cannot govern once stability is ruffled beyond a certain point. Afterall you need people to carry out your orders and you need co-operation from those very people. For change, the horizon may be prettier than we think.

mycroft said...

Yes, Lee senior's passing will be the trigger for genuine regime change. LKY tried to make his wife's favourite son in his own image but failed because his dud genes produced a dysfunctional family of weaklings with some serious character flaws and an unfounded sense of entitlement.

Clumsy Junior's first instinct in a crisis is to duck behind the parapet and hide until the threat is dealt with by others and it is obvious to all that he has neither the charisma nor the cunning ruthlessness of his father. Singaporeans know he possesses no real leadership qualities and is in his position through shameless nepotism, not merit. It will not be long before he trips over his own feet and is toppled by a palace coup. Then the fun will begin.

Ivan Lopez said...

Hi GN,

I think after LKY dies, the other faction of the PAP will try and transition to a welfare state as that is the only way their 3.7m each will not get ripped apart by civil war. That means no more cases where the elederly are just left to die in poky little back rooms. Very good news for people like a 70+ evicted illegal hawker I used to know who is now living on yong en (the charity)'s buck. And also maybe finally some human rights can return.