Saturday, January 14, 2012

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew, a very crooked Confucian

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, unlike other democratic countries, political leadership does not require any leadership qualities at all. This is how it is done. Young children and teenagers in schools compete in examinations, the ones who do the best are given scholarships at Universities abroad, after which they contest parliamentary elections where their winning is guaranteed (I mean anyone opposing Lee is sued bankrupted and jailed and thoroughly discredited) and are thereafter promptly made Ministers to rule over their fellow Singaporeans, like an instant lord or chief.

Thereafter the state controlled newspapers would print daily reports on how good they are, how competent they are, how wise they are, and a whole load of hogwash about them would be flowing out like honey for the ignorant Singaporeans consumption, which even if anyone among them had any doubts about this, would have made no difference to him one way or another since there is nothing he can do about it anyway.

This system is broadly based on the prior Chinese Confucius system of scholar rulers of the "Ming", and "Tang" Dynasties, not to forget the "Chong and Chong Dynasty" which was probably before the building of the Great Wall and the "2 Wongs Don't Make A Right" Dynasty which was probably after the Wall. Confucius's idea was, which I am not now going to accept or deny, was a system where young Chinese peasants would get an education, which would presumably give them wisdom (a sort of enlightened gentleman) and the respect that went with it, which therefore gave them authority to rule over these silly ignorant Chinese peasants. So far so good with the Singapore comparison.

But here is where our Singaporean Lee Kuan Yew becomes a downright rascal. You see, the Confucian scholars were supposed to be honest and serve a righteous ruler. In this philosophy, it was a fundamental requirement that the ruler must be a man of integrity which gives the scholars who serve under him, similar moral authority to govern.

In Singapore on the other hand, we have Lee Kuan Yew the strongman who is in fact a rat. His main concern is not the welfare of his people which Confucius requires, in his his care it is his self interest, or rather $3.7 million a year. You can call it making money, lots of it, which is seen by his shameless corruption evidenced by his salary of $3.7 million a year, 5 times that of the US President. Just like him, these minion scholars (I prefer the term bootlickers) who are made instant Ministers work not for their people but to corruptly enrich themselves similarly in the tune of several millions of tax payers dollars. Another word for this is corruption, which was not supposed to be part of the Confucian equation.

It is funny that the Singapore strongman did not manage to see that this sort of nonsense, literally fooling the Singaporeans in the 21 Century simply cannot work. If Singaporeans are accepting this Confucian nonsense, it is not because they believe in their million dollar leaders, running dogs around Lee Kuan Yew waiting for their million dollar handouts, it is because they have nowhere else to go.

It would not be a mistake to say that the average Singaporean today looks upon their leaders as no better than comedians. But since the media is state controlled, they have the monopoly on the praises heaped upon these downright crooks leaving the real story to be told in the blogs and Internet which Lee Kuan Yew is either unable or unwilling to control.

So day by day, bit by bit, Singapore Dissident and other blogs continue to expose the Singaporean superman and his million dollar scholar minions, making it progressively difficult for this fake Confucian exponent to fool anyone.

And the good news is, the damage is beginning to be felt. This blog Singapore Dissident has continued to condemn the corruption that has been going on there in these unconscionable million dollar salaries which has finally has taken it's toll. We have achieved victory. Lee Kuan Yew has finally admitted, something which he has never done before, that he was wrong in stealing this money, and ordered a study to be done which recommended it's slashing. I wouldn't call it a great victory but at least we have managed to make this tyrant give up part of the loot he grabs from his people.

As we, Singapore Dissident, the blogs and the Singapore Democratic Party continue to shame and expose him, we expect them to give up even more of the corrupt privileges he and his minions enjoy.

Lee Kuan Yew should realize that it is simply not enough to select a few school children who can do nothing else than pass exams, give them high office and everyone else will simply obey. Those days are unfortunately gone. Today we have Gopalan Nairs who simply will not roll over and go away. And printing some garbage in your state controlled press extolling your government is not going to do the trick either. Singapore is not the "2 Wongs Don't Make A Right Dynasty" on the other side of the Great Wall, 1000 years ago.

He should realize that this high handedness hurts him more. One thing I know of Confucius is this. Confucius's sonorous words were, the main quality of any ruler to remain in power is his integrity and moral righteousness. The moment this is lost, the leader fails and his dynasty crumbles. Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew does not seem to realize this. A people this day and age cannot be kept subservient by terror alone, which is evident by the massive brain drain from it's shores, the lowest birth rate in the world, where only second rate fools decide to call it home.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Disbarred from practicing law in Lee's Singapore, imprisoned and refused entry to the island for criticizing Singapore's judiciary in this blog (see blogpost May 29, 2008 Singapore. Judge Belinda Ang's Kangaroo Court)
Actively practicing law in California and in good standing at the California Bar.
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Anonymous said...

These scholars don't even need to win elections. They just follow Mr Lee into parliament.

mycroft said...

LMAO! Did you forget the Lee's tenet that 4 million Chinese can't be Wong? His 3.7 million bucks salary is nothing but a drop in the ocean compared to the immense sums raked in by his family law firm through grabbing the lion's share of conveyancing fees for the 100s upon 1000s of HDB flats built over half a century. Why would a poor buyer of a leasehold flat built and owned by the Govt need to pay for and endure the bureacratic sham of conveyancing? A good question. A lucrative answer.

When as Senior Minister he was caught red-handed profiteering from speculation in property (Nassim Jade, Scott's) together with members of his family, his defence (in Parliament no less, so it's recorded in Hansard) was instructive. In a long-winded bathetic performance, he bragged that accusations of corruption were ludicrous as he had no need of such trilfling sums as the million dollar profits because his wife the Dowager Empress was one of the top five taxpayers in the nation - proof of this was that she had paid in full in cash the $5-6m required for two Nassim Jade apartments. He even had the shameless gall to claim that they were planning on living there upon retirement! Yeah, right, the emperor is all sacrifice and downsizing from his palace to a hut, don't you know.

Of course it was a complete coincidence that estate duty was abolished in Singapore just before his wife died so that probate need not be published for an astounded nation to goggle in disbelief at the stunning wealth accumulated by one of the richest families in the world.

Ronald said...

Mr Nair - You could nearly place a bet at one of "never allowed in Singapore"s casinos. The reduced amount to be paid to the PM, ministers et al will be chickenfeed to what their other, hidden payments will be..