Saturday, February 16, 2008

In a country like Singapore where the entire news media is both owned and controlled by the government, what do you believe and not believe?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In Singapore where all news media both print, radio and TV is not only owned but entirely controlled by Singapore Government under Lee Kuan Yew's orders, what does one believe and not believe?

Singapore Newspapers and Printing Presses Act mandates by law that all news media within Singapore to be approved by the government. If not, they face a fine and jail sentence.

Foreign news establishments sell their news in Singapore but at a price. The government places all sorts of conditions on them, such as requiring them to deposit with the government a security bond in the sum of several hundreds of thousands of US dollars; which will be forfeited in the event it is found to have criticized Singapore.

No criticism of the government is permitted. Presently the Hong Kong newspaper Far Eastern Economic Review is banned by law in Singapore; the possession of the newspaper within Singapore renders the person fined and imprisoned at the notorious Changi Prison where prisoners are routinely beaten (caned) and executed by hanging!

I understand this offence does not carry the brutal punishment of being beaten with a stick; in the naked buttocks; which is routinely administered to those committing other types of offenses; resulting the said buttocks being turned into a tangled mess of blood and bloodied broken flesh, and the prisoner becoming unconscious and sometimes dies, as a result of the beating!

This is the infamous punishment of caning, a legalized form of brutality for which Singapore; this so called first world country; has become world famous; Singapore, a place of death and unimaginable state sanctioned brutality!

The question being posed is this. In a country such as Singapore where the entire local news media is both controlled and owned by the government, and where foreign news organizations have little or no access to local news; or the need to report on local Singapore affairs, reading the censored local press, what is one to believe or not believe.

We know for instance there is a massive brain drain out of Singapore, as a result of educated Singaporeans not wanting to continue living in a dictatorship; which makes the situation gravely serious, given the small population of the country; just 3 million. Is the legal service in Singapore, for instance, able to function with this huge on going attrition in loss of manpower, resulting from the resignations and lack of new entrants?

On this issue of the on going brain drain of educated Singaporeans to Australia, Canada and the USA, is the Singapore Civil Service able to continue in a satisfactory manner without the necessary manpower due to massive resignations?

Are the Communists from China who are being encouraged to replace the educated departing Singaporeans, able to carry out their work satisfactorily, given their inability at English and total lack of understanding of Singaporean affairs? Do the Indians from India commissioned to these jobs fare any better since they too suffer from the same disadvantages?

Is there any point in continuing to provide a high level of modern education to Singapore children since they will all soon after leave Singapore for Australia anyway, thereby benefiting Australia with their skills? What is the point of providing highly qualified labor to Australia at Singapore’s expense?

Since the problem of emigration is insurmountable and hopeless, should not emigration be made illegal and turn Singapore into fortress like former East Berlin, and punish anyone trying to escape by beatings and hanging at Singapore’s notorious jail as a deterrent to prevent more escapes? Or would such action turn out to be counter productive resulting in not less but more attempts to escape from Singapore’s island paradise?

With the lack of sufficient children being born in Singapore, not even at the replacement level, is the Singapore military being sufficiently staffed and if so are they using Communists from China for this purpose? If the are indeed using Communists from China, is not the security of not only Singapore but the entire region being threatened by the infiltration of hard core Communists into the armed forces of Singapore?

Since Singaporeans have been told that they will not be paid any retirement until they die or become 85 years old, whichever comes later, is this because the Singapore Central Provident Fund has run out of money and is the altruism put forward by the government merely an attempt to hide the bitter truth; being the bankruptcy of the CPF?

Has the computer disk drive industry in Singapore finally died a natural death resulting from high labor costs and how many thousands of Malay Indian and Chinese housewives in assembly line jobs been retrenched?

What is the honest rate of unemployment and by the way, suicides being a related issue, how many take their own lives in Singapore due to poverty misery and hopelessness?

Has it now become time after all for either Lee Kuan Yew or his son whom he placed as Prime Minister to give the famous Churchill speech: “I have nothing to offer but blood toil tears and sweat?"

Is the situation indeed very bad and has the time come for Singaporeans able to manage it to abandon ship, that is to take their money and run to Australia before it is too late?

With these huge imports of Communists in Singapore, I understand up to a million if not more, should the philosophy and doctrine be changed to comport with Communism so as not to confuse both the Chinese communists in our midst or Singaporeans?

With the present political system of one party PAP rule, what need is there for Parliamentary debates or Members of Parliament. Would not the government function even better if we left all decisions to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and his son assisted by their millionaire cabinet ministers without the need for wasteful parliamentary debates?

Is the Singapore government becoming bankrupt and is there hope for any future for Singaporeans, Chinese Communists in Singapore, and Indians from India, local Indians and local Malays.

As the Singapore media has been silent on why the government does not permit Malays from Malaysia to immigrate to Singapore, what is the reason for this discrimination against the Malays? Why are Indians from India preferred over Malays? After all were not the Malays present in Singapore even before Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho ever stepping foot in the island?

These are questions which we will never know because we do not have a free press in Singapore. Many would think, even rightly, that this is the time to pack your suitcases for Sydney Australia. After all, you do not want to wait till the country files for bankruptcy, at which time it will be too late.

Make hay while the sun shines, or as a Singaporean may say, eat Char Kuey Teow or Mama (not to be confused with the Chinese Peidu Mama) Mee Goreng while you can.

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Anonymous said...

If the government allows Malays from Malaysia and Indonesia to migrate to Singapore, it will only defeat the purpose of keeping the Malay population in check. Malay Singaporeans have a much higher birth rates than the Chinese. Even then, you will only end up with a more divided Chinese population. Tensions are bound to arise whether it is between races or within races. The polls in 2011 will tell whether Singaporeans are comfortable with the ever increasing foreigners living in the midst. Right now the population is hovering around 4.7 million and most of us think this is too crowded ! Can u imagine the kind of life we will live when the population reaches 6.5 million. Remember that Singapore is only an island. There is a limit to how many humans it can accommodate.

Gopalan Nair said...

Hello Muhamad Nur,

As you are aware the government is unlawfully trying to boost the Chinese population without lawful basis, why do you accept this without objection? It is your country, is it not?

No point in waiting for any elections in 2011 or whatever date. Lee is determined to rule over you. Unless you take the matter into your own hands in peaceful protest.

Since you are aware, do something about it.

Lee is as much afraid of you as you are of him. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

what election, Mr Gopalan?

All the opposition voters have migrated, more FTs in Singapore who will of course vote PAP.

LKY should thanks to the brain drain, his authority and control of the regime is total. No smart people around to give him trouble - see just what one Dr Chee can do to make his life hell?

Anonymous said...

All the zoning in Singapore has been rezone after an election result .Finally all the zone become a PAP area and left with one/two zone to compete like Low and Chiam.In another word they will be winner as all this zone is pass with no need to go for election.BIG SCAM.Is for the Sgporean to decide for themshelve.Sorry cannot help as I have left for good because seeing this happenning.The real democracy to come PAP should forget Zoning and mandate everyone to vote and You will see the real result of the people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Gopalan,
Its not that I do not want to do anything about this situation. Its just a temporary obstacles. As the saying goes, 'What goes around, comes around'. Inflating a population through immigration will offer only short term solutions. But in the long term, 100% of the Malays will still have their roots here while the majority of Chinese have their roots overseas. No one knows where their loyalty lies. Once they stop coming in 30 years (due to China's wages being equal to Singapore)thats when you will see a different Singapore. Patience will solve all wounds. Let us have the final laugh. Singapore is meant to be a Malay country. God Willing.