Thursday, March 12, 2009

The dirty tricks of the government of Singapore.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If there is one thing that Lee Kuan Yew is afraid of is the prospect of mass protests as was the case in Philippines that brought down Ferdinand Marcos. If only that happened in Singapore even if it was on a scale of just one tenth of it, it would be goodbye to Lee Kuan Yew's government. That is why whatever they do, they must stop protests at any cost, never mind the Constitution of Singapore expressly guaranteeing that right.

The days when even a segment of Singapore was supportive of the regime are long over. Today there is just one thing that keeps the people from the necks of the Singapore government, and that is fear. Fear of arrest and certain prosecution and conviction before Lee's corrupt judges. I had given one example of such a judge in this blog; Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who recently ordered Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Lee's arch political opponent to pay $410,000.00 in damages to him.

With the worrying prospect of protests in Singapore Lee does everything he can to stop it any any cost. That is why throughout the history of Singapore, there have never been protests, except in the 1960s, something that is common in every democratic country in the world.

On March 15, 2008 in front of Singapore Parliament, the unthinkable happened. 17 young men and women, an unprecedented number throughout the history of Singapore, stood peacefully with placards and signs protesting against the steep rises in food prices. They were harming no one. They were in the way of no one. They were a danger to no one. Yet Lee Kuan Yew ordered his police to come down hard on them and arresting everyone of them and charging them with criminal offenses, when no offense was committed. The point was not that no offense was committed. The point was that Lee Kuan Yew cannot tolerate even the slightest sign of public dissatisfaction because it may gain in strength which will result in his having to say goodbye.

The trial of these 17 started as early as September of 2008. It has been dragging on even till today and we do not know how long it will go. This means of course that the defendants will be burdened with hardships in more ways than one. They will have to take time off work for this extended period, which may mean loss of jobs, which means financial hardship not only for them but for their entire family. This small minded and heartless government deliberately does this, punishing them indirectly, so as to force these citizens to give up their just cause.

At the same time, while they hurt these defendants by deliberately prolonging these trials, it serves no purpose for them to let the general public know their dirty tricks. So they order the state controlled press not to report anything about this important ongoing trial so that others will not know the pain they cause their own citizens, and the dirty tricks they use.

With 2 of the 17 having pled guilty for personal reasons, the remaining 15 refuse to give up despite being tied down with this trial over several months and continue to put up a valiant fight against these unjust laws. And as this trial drags on, if the remaining 15 stand their ground till the end, which we know will be jail terms for sure, they would have won this fight against this dictatorship. They would have shown that there are some people that you just cannot take for granted.

It was the same in my case. When I wrote the blog post in this blog on May 29, 2008, I was arrested on May 31, 2008. The first thing Lee Kuan Yew's goons did was to take my passport. They then made sure that the trial date was way off, in fact 6 months away on Sept 08, 2008, meaning that I had to stay in Singapore for this entire duration, neglecting my office and business in California. The idea was of course that hopefully I will be financially ruined and would be at a loss to criticise this government in this blog thereafter. But luckily for me, this turned out not to be the case. After all I live in America. And I happen to be a lawyer by training. In America, one can always bounce back from adversity. It is not for nothing they call America the Land of the Brave.

Reading the Singapore Democratic Party Website, Dr. Chee Soon Juan and his brave activists are deliberately being kept away from their work by these never ending trials, which has been going on since September last year. My view is this. It does not do much good fighting these trumped up false criminal charges for which no one cares. Nothing is lost and everything is gained by spending as little time in these corrupt courts before these corrupt judges.

Therefore I feel the best course of action in fighting these unjust laws is plead guilty at the first opportunity. This will deny Lee Kuan Yew his dirty trick by prolonging the trials over months and years, and giving you more time to do real political work. Of course Lee Kuan Yew's newspapers will have a field day trumpeting the fact that you succumbed and admitted guilt. So what? You could write a blog post the next day denying you were guilty of anything and did so only to save time. Singaporeans already know the satire and charade which is these kangaroo courts and you would come out of it fine. But immediately after that, you must do it again and go through a second round of arrests and show trials. This way, instead of they wearing you out, you will they.

Keep this in mind. Lee Kuan Yew is now very weak in the eyes of the world. He cannot behave the way Burma does whether he likes it or not. All that is going to happen is a few days in Queenstown Prison, that's all. The reason why Lee Kuan Yew is a toothless tiger is because if he acted tough, there will be no one left in Singapore except for bicycle messengers and hawkers. The rest would have moved to Australia.

That is why, peaceful protesters in Singapore get 7 days in jail. Not like Nay Phone Latt, the Burmese blogger who was recently sent to jail for 20 years! Not that Lee Kuan Yew does not like sending you in for 20 years! It is because he just cannot!

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Anonymous said...


You know I would not whine and complain as much as I am now if Singapore was founded not based on lies and hypocrisy. I mean a formal switch to kingdomship would make me go quiet. And I would take my persecution and torture in Singapore an understandable experience.

A king is a law unto himself in his own kingdom afterall.

emperor, empress, princes and princesses to replace SM, MM, PM, DPM, CEOs, etc

Anonymous said...

An online outcry has broken out over rumours that two staff from the Northwest Community Development Council (CDC) received bonuses of eight months last year, including the 13th month bonus.

When asked about the matter at an event for needy families on Saturday, Northwest CDC’s mayor, Dr Teo Ho Pin, said bonuses and salaries of CDC staff are decided by the People’s Association (PA) and, in the case of officers, the Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

Anonymous said...

An online outcry has broken out over rumours that two staff from the Northwest Community Development Council (CDC) received bonuses of eight months last year, including the 13th month bonus.

It all started on March 1 when someone raised the matter on’s forum. Soon enough, it was hot news on various blogs.

When asked about the matter at an event for needy families on Saturday, Northwest CDC’s mayor, Dr Teo Ho Pin, said bonuses and salaries of CDC staff are decided by the People’s Association (PA) and, in the case of officers, the Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

Anonymous said...

I cant see a single Singaporean on MRT train cabins these days.

and they think i am dumb enough to pick up the riffle to defend singapore ... they must be dreaming.

It's uniquely Singaporean that there are no Singaporeans in Singapore?


How to be loyal to a country that doesn't treasure its citizens?

Anonymous said...

For years we have been told that we must pay for top talents of the world. Without the top talents, we would lag behind. We accepted that because we thought that the world was too complex for ordinary mortals to manage without the handing over the reins to the talents and experts.

But where are the experts now?

Instead of bringing prosperity and wealth, the financial experts are the main cause of the economic catastrophe that we are witnessing now. Now we know that top talents, when they make a mess, can really create havoc and bring a lot misery to common people by causing them to lose their life-savings. Though experts have appeared to try and find a solution to the crises, we know they are as helpless as every one of us.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous marc 15,07, 11.00pm,
Well said my friend. Very well said.

Anonymous said...

The fear for the Singapore government is that one day that chatter may erupt into a ‘roar' against the Lee Regime-

is the reason for all this jail terms/confinements/fines etc etc and big cemetry we have in Singapore !

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong....

I don't know my prime minister!

The elite class........nothing much to talk about him!

Anonymous said...

The current system is a camouflage by old leaders to retain their leadership through proxies.

By the current practice, new leaders are beholden to the old leaders and subservient to their wills. They cannot be called leaders

Anonymous said...

I always read your blogs from a distance. much respects from us.

More to share.

Anonymous said...

Sinkaporeans open your eyes to see what world class leaders in Stinkapore have done to us?????????????

Problems, red tapes everywhere???is ths the type of country we want to live in ruled by the lee regime/papees???

Anonymous said...

Yo, let the ugly truth be known. I'm sick of this 'oh-it's-a-nice-clean-orderly-well-behaved-citizens-happy-country' fake crap. Nice on the surface, boiling below

We have been and are living under a tyrant/FamiLee!

The whole world must know!

“Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.” Papyees earning big fat salaries pls take note!

Anonymous said...

People fear Lee.
Now, people fear Lee's force.

This force consist of media, police, justice system, defence force, telecommunication, well, everything.

So that after Lee kick the bucket, his puppet son will be able to continue the dynasty.

Except is dynasty will be weakened by fear. A nation that cannot move forward because of fear and self preservation.