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Seelan Palay not only mocks Lee Kuan Yew, he flaunts it with glee!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You have to read the article in the Singapore Democrat,, Dr. Chee Soon Juan's website, who is Lee Kuan Yew's enemy number one, "Seelan Palay under investigation for One Nation under Lee" of June 25, 2009.

What you will see is the beaming face of Seelan Palay, a Singapore human rights activist, grinning from ear to ear with delight, immediately after he attended a police station in the island republic, accused of allegedly insulting the Singapore dictator or something equally silly as expected of Lee Kuan Yew and his minions.

The film as you will see is not only completely innocuous, it is a very truthful account of the human rights violations and injustices perpetrated by the strongman against his people in the island.

As is routine practice there, Lee Kuan Yew's police are yet again going after a young man who is merely showing non violent peaceful dissent against his one party rule. This time, the dictator's police are interrogating human rights activist and film producer, Seelan Palay, for privately showing this film on May 17, 2008 at a hotel; a film which he personally produced and directed. The film was, to say the least, critical of the strongman and the way he runs the country. It can be freely watched on Internet youtube.

The article itself narrates verbatim the policeman's questions and Seelan's mocking, defiant answers. To almost all the questions put to him by the policeman, he not only refuses to answer, but appears to ask the police to go to Hell! The comedy of it all is not only his willingness to show his smiling face just after his police interrogation session, as if he had just knocked out the policeman in a boxing match; he goes on to mock and sneer him by publishing the questions and answers verbatim, telling the public that he cared two hoots for this police officer or for his master Lee Kuan Yew!

It is this sort of reaction from the people, who are expected to live in fear and obedience, that intolerably peeves Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's supreme strongman. In the past, Lee Kuan Yew's "digits" (this is what he has called Singapore citizens) whenever he arrests or questions them, froze with fear and immediately rolled over in submission. But now, quite often, when he abuses the law to silence them, the reaction appears the opposite. They no longer appear cowed and submissive, silenced and kicked into oblivion; instead they appear overjoyed at making Lee Kuan Yew look silly, by smiling and celebrating, as if they had just gone to a party!

The reaction to Lee's strong handedness appears changing . Instead of being ashamed, frightened and going away quietly, they are literally laughing at Lee Kuan Yew; telling him very clearly that he has a stupid set of laws (laws that deny fundamental human rights), and they have not the slightest of respect for it.

Dr. Chee Soon Juan, the human rights fighter, of the Singapore Democratic Party has been bankrupted and punished in more ways than one. Instead of quietly going away, he continues to expose the dictatorship for what it is, an intolerant dictatorship, by writing daily in his blog which is now read by almost every Singaporean who can read! And all Lee can do is to look silly and stand idly by. It seems, he has finally given up going after Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

Recently we had a number of young activists who were sent to jail because, believe it or not, they wore T Shirts emblazoned with a picture of a kangaroo in the vicinity of the High Court Singapore (the Kangaroo T Shirt Case). Lee Kuan Yew's compliant judge Judith Prakash appears to have been offended and she sent the 3 people to jail. I understand this woman is not taking any more cases and is in the process of leaving for Australia for good! Perhaps she can't take the heat anymore. She has now been known the world over as the "Kangaroo Judge". How appropriate that she is going of all coutnries to Australia, the only place in the world with kangaroos!

But I have digressed. What I should have said was that after the 3, John Tan, Izrizal and Shafi, the "kangaroo T shirt culprits" were released from Lee Kuan Yew's prison, the Queenstown, they were garlanded by a welcoming party and were seen singing songs and carried about as if they had just won first prize in the lottery! I understand they sang some kangaroo songs, filmed all of it and put in on Youtube. You can see their jubilation and merriment on the Internet.

It has been the same for each and every human rights activist which Lee Kuan Yew routinely sends to jail for violating his completely illegal laws; laws intended not to uphold the rule of law but to squarely break it.

You would recall that I myself was sent to jail for 3 months for pointing out the bias of judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean. When I was released from that prison, there was the usual welcoming party but since I had an American passport, I was whisked off to Singapore Immigration in a prison van. Otherwise I too would have had the opportunity for some merriment and party outside the prison.

Lee Kuan Yew's trying to intimidate guys like Seelan Palay is becoming a joke. No one cares for his politically motivated laws to stifle dissent. It is strange that his million dollar ministers do not see this. The dictator has for too long tried to abuse his powers to silence his people. Now they don't care anymore.

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Yes, the lion cub has indeed let out his first roar.

Go Seelan!

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For how long more will LKY go on with his antics.
Some people like LKY just have no shame.

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I didn't know LKY operated a successful black market business selling tapioca-based glue called Stikfas.Also having taken Chinese and Japanese lessons since 1942, he was able to collaborate as a transcriber of Allied wire reports for the Japanese, as well as being the English-language editor on the Japanese Hodobu (an information or propaganda department) from 1943 to 1944.
Source : Wikipedia
Very different from the image painted in Alex Josey's book about LKY