Sunday, June 7, 2009

Singapore Island Judge Judith Prakash leaving the island?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One can never be sure of any news from the state controlled press of Singapore Island. That much can be said not only of that island but every other country that controls it's press. This has not come from newspapers there but from my friends there. What I have heard is this. This judge Judith Prakash has already indicated to her masters Lee Kuan Yew that she is quitting from her judgeship. I also understand she has already made preparations to move to Australia. Which part I do not know.

The state controlled press in the island has not reported this. If any reader can confirm this one way or another, I will be gratified.

If this is in fact true, is this the beginning of a mass resignation from the people near Lee Kuan Yew. Is the writing finally on the wall? Is it not safe to stay around any longer, with 200,000 unemployed, with Mr. Seng, the Lee Kuan Yew Member of Parliament doused with paraffin and set on fire, with a man threatening another of the tyrant's colleague with death and other forms of grave threats!

I am sure if this news about this judge from that island is true, the islanders as well as all have a right to know. Is the tide finally turning?

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if you, being a lawyer, are aware or interested in this Singapore court case. If so, I hope you can write about and highlight this new method by PAP of detaining its dissidents without trial and yet without invoking ISA, as evident in said court case. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Whichever part of Australia she move to, she will probably whine non-stop at the Australian laws and its implementation of the justice system.

Perhaps, she will realised just how little she know about her profession.

Anonymous said...

What is the implication of Singapore lawyers/judges migrating to other countries?

Do you think they have the capability to influence their legal system and turn it into a horrible Singapore system?


mycroft said...

Well, much as I would like to believe Prakash's departure is a signal that the rats are deserting a sinking ship, I'm afraid that one swallow doesn't make a summer.

She could be pushing off for entirely personal reasons of course and even if she's seen the light her leaving matters little.

It won't be till we see the likes of Walter Woon, Belinda Ang and the Chief Justice hastily packing their bags for foreign parts that we can be sure that the tide is finally turning for the beleaguered Joe Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam/Sir

Thank you for your email of 25 June 2009 to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, concerning Ms Judith Prakash. The Minister has asked that I reply on his behalf.

I appreciate and understand your concern regarding the decision in Singapore to jail three men for contempt of court for wearing T-shirts depicting kangaroos in judges robes. However, it would not be appropriate for me to comment on judicial processes in other countries.

All applications for a visa to Australia are carefully considered against the relevant legislative requirements which include health, character and security requirements.

The character requirements of the Migration Act 1958 also require visa applicants to satisfy decision makers that, among other things, there is not a significant risk that they will vilify, incite discord in, or represent a danger to the Australian community or a segment of the Australian community.

If any of these requirements were not met Ms Judith Prakash would not have been granted an Australian visa.

Thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of the Minister.

Yours sincerely
Ken McArthur
A/g Assistant Secretary
Compliance and Integrity Support Branch
14 July 2009