Saturday, June 6, 2009

Singapore island. Time to act.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The small island, Singapore is awash with blogs written by ghost writers (the islanders are afraid to reveal their identity)against the dictator Lee Kuan Yew on the denial of the their rights. By now, at least a segment of people are aware of the serious injustices they suffer. The island government is now clearly on the defensive with huge numbers unemployed and without the means to feed themselves; remember there is no social security or unemployment benefit in the island. And the injustices, serious as they are, are long suffering; the denial of a free press, the denial of the right to speak or assemble, the nepotism of the dictator Lee Kuan Yew, the abuse of the law and human rights, need I go on.

Surely the time is now. Strike while the iron is hot. Strike when Lee Kuan Yew is weak with a failed economy and massive unemployment. By strike I mean, peaceful protests.

The one thing that this dictatorship fears is civil unrest. Being entirely dependant on foreign investment, you can further weaken this administration by showing the Western world that the islanders are protesting their suffering under the yoke of repression. This will have a direct impact on reducing foreign investment on areas that matter such as education and legal services. Western liberal countries will not want to set up colleges in Singapore island, when the fundamental requirement for education; the ability to think and debate freely is absent. As for legal services the message has already been received by western nations through the International Bar Association. After saying clearly that the small island has no rule of law, for legal services, western countries have totally abandoned it.

If protests there are organized, I have no doubt the island, Singapore, would be put on the spot, and with it, the dictator will have to give.

And for real change, one can only look to island's Dr. Chee Soon Juan. The ball is in his court now, and he should use it to his advantage. His blog is excellent in spreading the message and must continue. With it, now, it is essential for peaceful protests and demonstrations on a regular basis, even a daily basis. All it needs is publicity and there would be sufficient islanders who are courageous enough to step up to the call. I wish he will do it, and do it now.

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