Saturday, June 13, 2009

Singapore Island. Is there any hope?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With the following existing facts, can the island of Singapore get anywhere?

The small island has the same man, the dictator Lee Kuan Yew in power since 1959! Either he is so good that no one else can do any better or it is because he will promptly jail, impoverish and bankrupt his opponents leaving no contenders. You know the answer.

The island is a one party state. There are 82 members in Parliament belonging to the dictator's party and 2 miserable oppositionists who are there in name only, for window dressing. Were they true oppositionists; they too would be sued bankrupted and jailed by the dictator's corrupt judiciary, which they obviously want to avoid. There are also a number of members nominated by the dictator in Parliament who will ask questions to give the impression of sincerity when in fact they are again mere window dressing, again to give the impression of free debate. In any case in a supposedly representative Parliament, these men have no place, being nominees.

The media is entirely owned and controlled by the dictator; every newspaper, every radio or TV station. You are not allowed to print and sell any newspaper unless you have a license from the dictator. And if what you intend to write is not pleasing to the dictator’s ears, no license for you. Therefore what you get in the island is mere government propaganda.

To succeed in politics, you have to be part of the dictator's political party. All the dictator's politicians are there only to line their own pockets and secure their careers. If you are not prepared to sell your conscience to the dictator's wishes thereby being thoroughly dishonest and unprincipled, you have no opportunity in politics.

As a result the dictator only manages to secure second rate citizens since those who are honest decent and capable would abhor any association with him, his political party or government. Examples of such corrupt men and women are Davinder Singh, the lawyer who successfully sues for profit, the dictator's opponents for defamation of character and Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who impoverishes and bankrupts his opponents in her court by bending the law. The aversion of the people to this dictator’s government, in an already small island with a small population, results in a serious shortage of political and professional talent for the governance of the island; a serious impediment to progress.

The entire population of the island has completely lost all respect for the dictator and his government institutions. The law has been thoroughly discredited and so has the civil service which favors friends and supporters of the dictator and discriminates against his opponents.

Not wanting to offend the mighty dictator and suffer the consequences of his wrath, the majority of the islanders shut themselves off from any political activity unless they are the few dishonest ones, such as the abovementioned. The average islander has no opinion about anything except for his daily work. They go around each day as unopinionated living ghosts, having nothing to say about anything. You can appreciate this is the only way to survive in the small island where your livelihood and career can be destroyed overnight if your independent thinking was made public.

This shutting off the majority of the population through fear of reprisals if their independent thinking was known leaves insufficient people participating in the political and social debate of the island; leaving only the dictator and his obedient servants to do all the thinking for the entire island.

In fact, as can be expected, upright decent human beings who understand the needs of the country are in the majority and only a few are willing to live in dishonesty and shame as the aforesaid Davinder Singh and Judge Belinda Ang, while the best and most capable citizens are silenced and marginalized; unable to use their skills and education for the good of the island. The best example is Dr. Chee Soon Juan and the handful of the dictator’s political opponents. Then there is the huge silent majority of very capable people who prefer to live in obscurity, whose talent is wasted for the island.

There is a growing exodus of most capable of the islanders leaving permanently to settle abroad, particularly Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In order to emigrate one has to have skills and usually a tertiary education. This means the very best islanders leave for good since without qualifications you will not be accepted overseas. It has been reported about a year ago that as many as 1000 Singaporeans give up their citizenship each year and the number who take up permanent residence abroad is as many as 1000 every month. In order to replace these valuable islanders, the dictator tries to replace them with human imports from China and India. It must be obvious the Chinese human imports are second rate, not knowing any English and the Indians only come temporarily waiting to leave for Australia or other places given the chance.

The entire island lives daily in a state of fear of the dictator. He has made sure to widely publicize his reprisals and vindictiveness against his political opponents like Dr. Chee Soon Juan, giving extensive coverage of the punishments meted out in his state controlled press. Since this sends an effective message across the entire island not to criticize the dictator and the dire consequences otherwise, you have an entire island living in fear and what he can do to you if you don’t obey.

The administration of the law in Singapore has been thoroughly discredited. It is well known that the dictator uses corrupt judges and policemen to illegally arrest political opponents and through dishonest lawyers such as Davinder Singh and corrupt judges such as Belinda Ang Saw Ean, promptly destroyed. As a result the credibility of the islands’ government institutions are thoroughly discredited in the minds of the islanders.

For instance, no one wants to become a lawyer and the few who go into the profession are devoid of any principle. The law profession in the island unlike in every other country in the world is progressively shrinking. Compared to 10 years ago, when the profession had a mere 3,000 members, a number already too low for an island population of 4.5 million, today it has progressively shrunk to less than 2500! And the profession continues to shrink!

Given the untenable shortage of lawyers, since you don't have to be a lawyer to represent someone in arbitration, the government is now actively asking people not to engage lawyers and arbitrate their cases instead. Since legal principles are not necessary in arbitration, the island is turning into a lawless country without laws. What ultimately matters is what the dictator demands.

The island is turning into a Chinese dominated country in every respect, with Malays and Indians, although supposedly equal citizens marginalized and discriminated against. For instance, they cannot live anywhere they want in the island's HDB government owned apartments (almost 90% of the people cannot afford private homes). Malays and Indians are allowed to live only where the dictator permits them. The Chinese majority discriminates against them in jobs and there is a deep seated hatred by the Malays and Indians against the Chinese dictator, his family and collaborators.

Through the immigration policy of the island, the island remains a Chinese majority state. Even though the Malays would have been the majority race in the island because of their increased reproductively being Muslims, the dictator being of the Chinese race ensures a Chinese majority by bringing in ever increasing numbers from Communist China to prevent this ever happening. The Malays being Muslims are also not permitted to serve in sensitive positions in the military or are they allowed to serve as fighter pilots. The fear of course is that they will not drop bombs over Malaysia which Singapore sees as an enemy in the event of a war.

The dictator completely suppresses Malay rights to which they are entitled being the original inhabitants of the island before any Chinese or Indian ever came to it. The dictator takes advantage of the tolerance of the Malays by suppressing them even more, and depriving them of the rights which they are entitled at least as any other citizen of Singapore. Today Malays, being the real sons of Singapore are left doing menial jobs such as drivers and messenger boys, with the Chinese having taken over the country entirely.

Through the threat of detention without trial, a law which exists in Singapore, the dictator effectively silences any debate on racial issues. As a result of fear, there is absolutely no chance of anyone airing these grievances publicly in the island. Had I written his within Singapore, I would have been arrested and imprisoned like I was in 2008 for questioning the independence of the judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean. The only reason I can write this is because I am in California.

The dictator, as he controls the press writes self praise on a daily basis in it. One day the propaganda sheet will say it is the best city in the world. Next day it will say it has the best legal profession. Third day, it will say that it has the best civil servants and this self praise will go on daily like clockwork. The plan is to hoodwink Singaporeans and the rest of the world into thinking Singapore is something other than the small intolerant dictatorial island that it is. But with the Internet the truth gets out.

Today the major newspapers and governments of the United States, Europe and the rest of the world have finally realized the truth of what the island truly is; a small dictatorial island with a tin pot tyrant strutting around the chicken coop, threatening and intimidating everyone. Unlike in the past, the cat is finally out of the bag as they say.

In these pathetic circumstances prevailing in the island for the dictator Lee Kuan Yew, tell me what do you think? Is there hope for the island? Gopalan Nair, writing from Fremont, California; a man that has been barred from entering Singapore without the dictator's written consent.

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Migrant said...

It's sad, so sad
It's a sad, sad situation
And it's getting more and more absurd

evile said...

in Spore not only is there tyranny of the majority but also tyranny of the minorities no wonder we are so screwed all the way