Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lee Kuan Yew's son, the Singapore Prime Minister wants to make it another hub!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times, which Reporters Without Borders placed 157th position in the world for being almost the least free, has this story on Sept 29, 2009 on it's online edition "Institute to Groom Talent". This time, just as Lee's son's many previous grandiose castles in the air, he has started a new initiative to "bring together business schools, corporate universities and professional services firms devoted to leadership and talent development"!

As expected the article is very badly written (but what can you expect from a state controlled newspaper not much different from those in Burma?) obviously because they are unable to recruit good writers, but trying hard nevertheless to understand, it appears to be an attempt by him to nurture and advance business and leadership talent!

Unless the education and training is conducted entirely in Mandarin Chinese, I think it would be rather difficult to attract anyone to Singapore, let alone keep them there sufficiently to train them!

You see, anyone who can read English would very soon find out that such as political party known as the Singapore Democratic Party exists. They are also going to find out that it's leader Dr. Chee has been fined $400,000.00 this last time, not counting the earlier times, by a Singapore judge all because he criticized Singapore's leader Lee Kuan Yew. They are also going to find out that such a man known as Gopalan Nair was sent to jail for 3 months for, among other things, criticizing that same judge Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for corruption and bias in a court case.

And finding this out, however much Lee Kuan Yew or his son tried to keep this hidden, they will find out that Singapore has a corrupt judiciary, the politicians are corrupt and there is no human rights at all. And once they discovered that, they would be asking themselves what in Heavens are they doing in Singapore trying to improve on leadership and talent! They might as well be in Rangoon, Burma!

And once they find out the truth, not only will they leave Singapore as fast as they came, they will also turn out to become first class ambassadors for the bad news that Singapore is.

If Lee Kuan Yew's son, who his father handpicked for Prime Minister did not know, Singapore is losing it's talent at such a scale, it is already destroying the country. Not too long ago in a survey, 2 out of 3 young people said, if given a chance they would emigrate. Only 2 moths ago, Goh Chock Tong, teary eyed admitted that Singapore is losing it's talent at such a rate that 2 in 3 students who go abroad never return. And what is worse, the birth rate has shrunk to a level below replacement.

"Singapore Dissident" has been working hard to spread the truth about Singapore, which is, an authoritarian dictatorship that has no free press, free speech or an independent judiciary. And it is hoped that all those who come to Singapore by mistake, hoodwinked by the Singapore government that it is something else, will hopefully read this blog and the others and realize the truth.

The only alternative for this administration is to lure more and more Chinese speaking conformists and crawlers from mainland China to populate the country. Without the necessary qualities, they will be no real replacement for those Singaporeans with talent and an English education who have left.

And coming back to Lee Kuan Yew's son's Human Capital Summit, nothing will be heard about it anymore, as is the story of all his other plans.

Lee Kuan Yew's greatest mistake was to misuse the judiciary. This discredited the entire country. A country which has lost it's reputation for integrity will lose everything. It is no longer trustworthy.

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Anonymous said...

Singapore is also a hub for fellow political dictators and dodgy businesspeople to park their ill-gotten money and receive medical treatments.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is a disease it's a cancer that weakened every man who embraced it then brought down the whole system and country under its weight.

This government from hell who has been playing God for far too long perhaps because of the billions in their bank account is the country's worst liability.

Before trying to recruit talents you should get rid of the rotten apples inside first. Start with that Lee Kuan Yew and his entire family.


Anonymous said...

keep up the good effort.

Spread the word around.

Karma said...

Beloved Sporeans, please circulate SDP newspapers to all yr friends, relatives or even to Malaysians.

All must know the evil leader LKY true colors. If possible hand over a copy of holy bible to him and ask him to repent as his old days are numbered.

Well done Nair and SDP. Change we will...

Ex-Foreign Talent said...

I'm an expat who left Singapore for good years ago. I happen to speak Chinese and struck up a conversation with a mainland Chinese airport terminal janitor from Anhui, over some cigarettes out the front of T2. I assumed that he would be happy to be in Singapore, earning good money and being able to experience a comparatively liberal (!) society.

On the contrary, he said. He hated it. He didn't understand how the poor and elderly were left to fend for themselves on the streets in such a wealthy city, the lack of real community support, and the obvious aviarce of public officials and the expense of their own people.

He couldn't wait to get back to China where, despite what you might say about its government, people looked out for and helped each other and the gap between the most and the least was conceivable to the lay person without the aid of base 10 mathematics.

As to the relevance to this post? if the governmnent wants to import a society of 'foreign talents', it will avoid building and developing the social support networks that would allow 'domestic talents' to emerge. Ultimately, 'talents' (foreign and domestic) will leave to join communities which they can participate in , support and be supported by.

Where will this end? well, I'd make some kind of crack about the consequences of building on imported sand, but Singapore's already established itself as a pioneer in this field.

Keep up the good work, Gopalan. Singaporeans are the most talented, intelligent people I have ever worked with; all they lack is courage, and the faith that Singapore will not sink if the Lees are no longer at the helm.

Lee Bok Koon said...

PAP is making Singapore NOW A FUCKING HUB of the world. Every evening from 3.30 pm onwards to 2.30am you can find thousands of girls of fun lining the road and lorongs soliciting man for a good fuck for a fee. You can also find thousands of men from all over the world there looking for a girl to enjoy a good fuck for a charge. The prices are competitively priced from S$40.00 to S$100.00 for a fucking session including room, toilet and towel used.

Anonymous said...

Maybe use should be made of publicity by the media world wide about Singapore . Newspapers and Journalists often do very good enquiries about countries ,governments and politicians.Words should be dropped in the right quarters to start investigations into Singapore and the way its run etc , and kill all the publicity about it being a clean green and democratic city .