Friday, October 16, 2009

Letter from Thierry Kron, A Frenchman who lives in Switzerland. He seems to like Singapore. People who really don't know the island usually do.

Friday, October 16, 2009 10:54 PM

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Dear Sir,
I was browsing the web and decided to visit Singapore on the net, this is why I click to your blog.

I came back in July from a 2 years stay in Singapore.

I do not understand why you don't let things go and jump over the river.

After 2 years of Singapore, I know it there is no free press and that the People are manipulated, but:Every time I flew in at Changi during those 2 years, after visiting an other country in South East Asia, during the journey from the Airport to my condo, I thought of what Lee Kuan Yew has achieved, there is nothing comparable in the neighboring countries.

I must admit that when I visited Taiwan last may, for a week visit, I was also astonished to see, that democracy, like we know in Europe, also can function in Asia.
I am French, I live in Switzerland, democracy in Europe many times stop things to be done.

There will be a life after MM, I sincerely hope his achievements will continue.

Thierry Kron


Anonymous said...

I think LKY achievements will not be there without the sacrifice of a generation of Singaporeans.

Eg the ones who gave up their land to the govt for $1 for development.

Anonymous said...

The main problem with the limited information processing capacity of humans is that they confuse the photo with the film. It is too early and pretentious to say that 'nothing comparable' has been achieved by its neighbors. Singapore does not even have World Heritage Sites or Nobel Prize nominees. These are the real accomplishments that drive human progress.

Anonymous said...

Good comparison with Taiwan, a country where even an ex-President is charged with blatant corruption...Democracies in Asia are called "Kleptocracies"...where there is constant thievery....and

BTW, to Anonymous on Oct 18 at 9 AM PDT, "Heritage" means that the country has to have had a long history. Do you know for low long has Singapore been in existence? It's not due to its fault that there are no heritage sites in S'pore. And by your accord, only those who win Nobel Prize have contributed to human progress and others have not?

This year's winner Venkatraman Ramakrishnan has said that the work of thousands of people who go unrecognized in the form of an award or a citation is far more valuable than a Nobel prize.

Anonymous said...

Start building one then.

Nobel Prize winners can say that to be humble. They are up there.

People up there have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being humble.

It also avoids belittling the trivial accomplishments of the majority of us here.

Thierry Kron said...

Singapura as a settlement begun in 1400 something, more than 600 years, is that no heritage and history?
I have lived once near Fort Canning and went often for a walk on the path that keeps a written history of Singapore on boards.