Monday, October 12, 2009

My Singapore Disciplinary Proceedings. Am I not allowed to defend myself!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I will be posting in this blog, the papers that have been mailed to me by Singapore Law Society in the disciplinary proceedings against me. As you can see, the Singapore authorities are reading this blog carefully and they know it's contents. Just to make sure they don't try to avoid the obvious, I am sending this letter to them by mail as well today.

Gopalan Nair
Attorneys at Law
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538

Ms. Audrey Lim
Disciplinary Tribunal
Disciplinary Tribunal Secretariat
1 Supreme Court Lane,
Singapore 178879

Your Tel: Singapore 6332 4040 and Singapore 6332 4060
Your Ref: DT/SEC/12/2009

My ref: Singapore dissident
Oct 12, 2009

Dear Ms Audrey Lim

Thank you for your letter dated Oct 8, 2009 informing me that a disciplinary tribunal has been set up to hear charges against me, that Mr. Toh Kian Sing , Singapore's Senior Counsel (defines a senior Singapore lawyer) and Mr. Tan Jee Ming, Advocate and Solicitor (the name for Singapore lawyers) are the members of this tribunal.

You have also asked me for the name of my lawyer. I will not be appointing a lawyer and will represent myself.

Earlier newspaper reports from Singapore's state controlled press had, while reporting on this case, said that "I will be invited to attend the hearing".

When I was repatriated from Singapore with my American passport last year, I was specifically informed by Singaporean Immigration Officers that I can no longer enter Singapore without a visa, that I would have to receive your government's permission in writing, which I assume is a visa, before I can enter the country. (Ordinarily US citizens are allowed to enter without a visa)

Since I was born there, it would be good if I can come to Singapore once more on a short visit, and look up some of my friends and visit the places I used to frequent as a boy; while I take care of this disciplinary matter as well.

Please let me know whether I have an opportunity to represent myself in these proceedings and will your Singapore Immigration Authorities give me a visa for this purpose.

Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Gopalan Nair


Anonymous said...

You can't be serious to come to Stinkapore?

The minute u step on this land the Lee Regime will catch you and bring you to Changi Prison!

That is the end!

Anonymous said...

Hi gopalan,
Please be very careful.
They will arrest you and throw you into prison for a bit longer this time.

I hope you cover your base well this time around.
I would suggest you write to all the organisations of the world and inform them your purpose.

This will put the judiciary and Singapore authorities on the spot light of the world.

Best of luck

Anonymous said...

Don't fall for the kangaroo's trap.

These kangaroos always have self-interest meanings behind their words. The world has seen how our kangaroos can twist words and define words in Uniquely singapore style. Never trust Kangaroo.

"You are invited to attend the hearing"

Their hearing is already been made. Don't waste time and risk to attend. They may invite you to attend the hearing in Changi Prison. After hearing, they just send you to prison with fabricated and nonsensical charge. It is not that you have not experienced before.

Anonymous said...

A PM called Lee
Of troublemakers was free
He squashed all dissenters
By not letting them enter
Or sending them to Changi.

JamesTan said...

Good for you, Gopalan.

It is time to discipline the Singapore Law Society.

I think the organisation just flunk the law exams.

I believe all civil rights lawyers and Anmesty International Australia will be very interested in your case.

The Rule-of-law in Singapore has returned to the Stone Age.

I doubt a blood infusion from the Hong Kong Law Society will help Singapore's peak legal body. It is terminal.

So God help them!

Anonymous said...

GN, you put up two articles again on your blog that you were ordered to take down after your arrest in Singapore.

Don't you think that they will arrest you for that? Please remember that most Singaporeans will not be thinking of you as a hero when that happens; they'll think you are stupid, and this is the truth.

Why walk into their trap. You have nothing else to do in Singapore. make them look like the fools taht they from that distance.

You are of no service to anyone behind bars.

JamesTan said...


After reading Anon (Tue Oct 13, 09:34:00 AM PDT) on "they'll think you are stupid, and this is the truth.", I find that a number of Singaporeans are still trapped in their own mental political prison. (No offence to Anon Oct 13)

A regular diet of good things the PAP do, and the bad news from overseas, help to nourish this mental prison.

But, I hope this writer realises that a number of the "foreign talents" that the PAP govt invites into Singapore do not have this mental barrier of PAP as the supreme lord master. They just go to Singapore for economic reasons. Those from the developing countries may long for a stable govt like Singapore and stay on for good. But for those "foreign talents" who have a brush with authorities, they are moving on.

There are "foreign talents" who are taking jobs away from spoilt Singaporeans.

There are also Singlish speaking non-Singaporean migrants in Australia. They left Singapore because they find Singaporeans crude, racist, dumb, stupid, boostful and "slow". The system lack human compassion and people cannot live in a dignified way.

So, is it stupid to let the whole world know of Singapore's Third World Trap of the legal system manipulating Singaporeans.

I find the LEEgal system holding back Singapore from becoming a truly respected First World country.

Anonymous said...

For he who fights and runs away
May live to fight another day;
But he who is in battle slain
Can never rise and fight again.

Oliver Goldsmith (1730 - 1774)

The Vietcong defeated the most powerful army in the world using these tactics.

And, they did have the Internet or blogs.

Anonymous said...

Yes go for it.
Ask for a visa.
Now let the monkeys scramble together for a response.

Anonymous said...

Remember, the PAP used an atom bomb to hit Tang Liang Hong.

I wonder what weapon of mass "disgrace" will they use on Mr Nair.

Anonymous said...


I hope you're just teasing the regime about getting a visa.

I'm truly worried for you. Those corrupt bastards have no conscience at all!

With love...